Roblox Error Code 267 [Solved]

Written By Steven Arends

Roblox often kicks me out of the game whenever I play Adopt Me continuously for more than five hours.

Does that happen to you also?

Don’t worry. After researching several case studies, I found the accurate information why Roblox keeps  showing me the error message, DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267].

Why am I seeing Error Code 267 in Roblox?

Error Code 267 on Roblox occurs when the game encounters any suspicious activity in your ROBLOX account. This includes attempting to hacking the game, blocking the Roblox game server by the Windows Firewall, or a blank and corrupted game file.



Keep Reading, As I am about to show you the easiest fix for Roblox Error 267 on any gaming platform.

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What is ROBLOX Error Code 267?

ROBLOX Error Code 267 is an error which is displayed when a user gets kicked from a game using a script that basically includes admin commands.

Basically, ROBLOX is not responsible for this error. Rather the main reason behind this error is due to an illegal insertion of script by the game developer.

Whenever a game detects suspicious activity from a player, ROBLOX tries to prevent hacking/ exploiting by simply kicking that player out of the game.

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However, there can also be multiple reasons why you are kicked from the game. In fact, ROBLOX itself provides you with a reason behind it. Some games automatically kick accounts under 30 days old. So, don’t worry. In that case, play another game. Roblox has plenty of games you can even count.


Notice the note carefully. You will see the message saying, You were kicked from this game: Self Moderate, or a message saying, You were kicked from this game: Banned from server or, kicked by server.

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Both of these messages are seen by ROBLOX players when they have a problem with their Windows Firewall or problematic Avast antivirus, Slow Internet Connection or even due to Empty Game data in Roblox.

You often get kicked from a specific game? I have explained the possible reasons below:

Windows Firewall: The result of a low-bandwidth connection or an erratic wireless connection can cause problems in Firewall. Please try to disable  the firewall before launching the Roblox app.

Delayed Internet Connection: If you are playing ROBLOX with a slow internet service, and the game is huge then the game may take time to download the map. A quick solution to solve delayed internet connection is to Download the best quality VPN and connect it to a stronger network connection zone.

Also, check out if Roblox is down or not at the current moment.

Check the Experts Recommended VPN ➜➜

Blank Game: If the game is devoid of stuffs, then the game may not load. The game developer probably didn’t build anything inside the game and so you are seeing the error.

Banned player: If you tried hacking a specific game and get kicked out, you probably are not allowed to play it anymore until you are unbanned. Roblox games contain Admin scripts that executes a Ban command.

You have to immediately contact the game owner to uplift the ban. Keep in mind that, it takes at least 30 days to get a banned account back.

How to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 267

I know you are really frustrated to see the Error Codes every time you try to launch a new game.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10. The only thing that matters is to fix this kicked from the game error.

Here are the steps to fix ROBLOX Error code 267:

1. Use Chrome as Default Browser

The common mistake most ROBLOX users do is opening ROBLOX with an outdated browser. This creates faulty errors while launching ROBLOX. The easiest solution to this problem is updating your browser.

Try using Google Chrome as it is the most trusted Browser around the globe. Go to Help > About Google Chrome. Chrome should automatically check for updates and install the latest version.

2. Reset all Internet Browser Settings

A simple reset of your Internet Options is the best solution for this Error 267. Players found this step working efficiently. To do this Simple Resetting you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Open your default Browser (Google Chrome is suggested).
  2. Click on the gear icon and open Internet options.
  3. Go to Advanced options.
  4. Click on the Reset button and close the browser.
  5. Launch ROBLOX again.

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3. Check the Wireless Connection

I hope you have noticed the Error 267 message carefully. It displays the message saying: DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267].

Check your internet Connection whether the Network is stable or not.

  • Press the Win + I keys to open the Settings window.
  • Select Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Internet Connections.
  • Run the Troubleshooter and let Windows diagnose and fix any Internet related problems.

Try using the Wired Cable on your desktop to see whether the internet is working or not. Reset your internet connection, If required. If the network connection is not the root cause then follow the next step.

Be sure to clear all the cache of your browser while opening the game. Or else it will show the results are not up to date.

This step can also help you in fix roblox error code 260.

4. Verify the Browser’s Security Settings

Ensure that the security settings on your browser permits ROBLOX to launch. Sometimes an easy solution like this can help you overcome the Error codes. You can change the security settings of your Browser any time. So, don’t hesitate to surf around your Browser settings.

5. Disable Ad-Blockers

An annoying Ad blocker can stop a game from loading; so make sure you disable them before launching any game in ROBLOX.

Go to Google Chrome Settings and Manage your Extensions. If you are using any AdBlockers, Disable them and relaunch Roblox. This is the simplest solution to your problem.

6. Roblox Error Code 267 bypass

If none of the above steps worked for you, it’s better to go for an Error Code bypass.

Roblox usually fixes the bugs in their updates. it may take a few time but it’s effective.

You will need to reinstall Roblox and then give yourself a latest roblox download. After doing that, install the app in your computer to get it fixed.

Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Roblox Player > Uninstall.

Try launching the game using a better quality VPN this time so that you don’t get the error 267 on ROBLOX ever again. If you want, you can  create a new Roblox account using a new email address. This will flush out any error messages at a single blow.

7. Update Network Drivers

As the error can occur due to poor internet connections, you must keep your drivers up to date.

Search for Device Manager using Windows Cortana. Click on Network Adapters and Manually check if the drivers are up to date or not. There will be a threat icon on the side of the driver for your ease. Automatically update the driver using the web and relaunch Roblox.


Question: What does Roblox error code 279 mean?

Answer: Error code 279 of Roblox means your internet connection was somehow interrupted. This error shows up when your PC is unable to connect to the game server.

Question: How do you fix the Roblox error code 279?

Answer: You can fix Roblox error code 279 by changing your browser’s settings and manually allowing ROBLOX through the firewall, as shown in our separate post on Roblox error code 279.

Question: How long will it take to recover my Roblox account from error code 267 ban?

Answer: If you are banned from only one game, it will require at least 4 weeks to recover your Roblox account.

Final Thoughts

DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267] may seem a problematic error for you. But luckily it has the easiest fixes.

I know it’s quite frustrating when you can’t play your favorite game just because of this randomly seen errors.

Do mention it in the comment section which step worked for you.


    • Se sua conta estiver bloqueada ou banida do servidor roblox, você precisará remover todos os Mods e aguardar alguns dias para se recuperar. Obrigado.

  1. I had been facing this problem for about a week but it’s OK now. The step 2 helped me out. thank you so much!!! woah wooh!!

  2. eu tentei usar todas as dicas mas… ainda sim não funcionou. Aparece q fui kickado do jogo. Vou ser honesto com você, eu jogo um jogo chamado Lumber Tycoon 2, e uso ”scripts” desde 2017, nunca isso havia ocorrido para mim. Acho que terei de esperar 30 dias ‘-‘

    • Lumber Tycoon 2 é um jogo incrível. Tudo bem se você usar scripts. Se você usar alguma das ferramentas de hackers, tente excluí-las e aguarde a resposta do roblox.

  3. well that is wearied because i was really hacking and i wanted something to help
    but roblox didn’t do anything wrong so i deserve it ._.

  4. I tried all the steps but it still says “you have been kicked from the game (Error code:267)”. I have no exploits or scripts on my device. its also only on one game.

    • Hello Jamison, If you encounter the error in just one game then you are lucky. Try not to use any hacking tools and your problem will be fixed soon.

    • Yes, this happens because roblox only encountered problem with that account. you need to wait for about 30 days to get that fixed. Also don’t use hacking tools to get that account usable.

  5. i think i got banned from ro ghoul… error 267 u have been kicked from this game, i don’t know if the ban is perma or temporaly, help me D:

    • Hello Serpi,
      If you are banned from only one game then don’t worry. It will be fixed within a couple of weeks. But make sure that, you remove all the extra mod tools used for the game.

    Będę szczery i powiem że używam executor o nazwie “JJSploit v.5”
    a skrypt jaki używałem to Lumber Tycoon 2 Stalker. Tak gram w Lumber Tycoon 2 i naprawdę uwielbiam tą grę, naprawdę chciałbym zagrać w tą grę choć jeszcze raz. Pomóż mi proszę.
    (mogę nawet usunąć JJsploit).

    • OK przyjacielu, nie ma problemu. Musisz usunąć wszystkie te narzędzia, a następnie wypróbować dostarczone przez nas poprawki. Jeśli któryś z tych kroków działa, dobrze jest przejść. Jeśli nie, poczekaj kilka tygodni, grając w inne gry, a mam nadzieję, że roblox pozwoli ci ponownie zagrać w tę grę.

  7. So i have to wait 30 days if its just 1 game and nothings working? i think 30 days passed already ngl. but maybe its like 29 days so… is it more than 30 days sometimes?

  8. I was playing Blotch, and meditating to get a Shikai, then suddenly a guy named takak something else, just attacked me, stop for 5 sec and i got banned. Now i can’t play the game again, but it’s only the Blotch.

  9. I got up to reinstalling roblox but it still doesn’t work……… I can’t play any games anymore, except at someone else’s house….

  10. I was banned from CBRO for no reason, and the developers still haven’t unbanned me. It was said that the ban would be lifted in the next update, but I am still unbanned after 1 week.

  11. I created an account so I could play a game with my friend. But when trying to connect, I’m kicked and told that my account is to young of an age?

    • It doesn’t matter whether you play ROBLOX on Google or the app. In both cases you have the same ID. If you are still facing problem, go to the Help and Support section of ROBLOX and describe your problem. If ROBLOX can help you with the ban issues then your problem will be fixed. If not then, you have to create a new ID.

  12. algo raro me pasaba cuando entraba al juego me dejo entrar pero cuando me sali y volvi a entrar me salio el error 267 y otra ves entre y si me deja no entiendo es un bug?

    • No es un error. Estás enfrentando el código de error ROBLOX 267. Prueba las soluciones que mencioné en esta publicación.

  13. I got “You were kicked from this game: Frame timeout (Error code: 267)” What does “Frame Timeout” mean? Should I follow the same steps?

    • Your game got freezed due to game script timeout error. Did your game just broke? Try switching devices for playing ROBLOX. Hope this helps.

  14. I’ve got message Disconected : You were kicked from this game:Type Argument2 Here(Error Code:267), i can not fix, help me bro

  15. It says “you were kicked from the game: Not whitelisted (code error 267)” or something like that, It might be because i was afk for too long but does that mean im banned forever or just temporary?

  16. A roblox game “A bizarre day” keeps kicking me with this error, saying my account is too new, aint I need to wait 30 days. This is my first account and I don’t know why this happens.

    • This is because either your ROBLOX game is country locked or, your ROBLOX account is having issues to connect with the game server.

  17. in no work it says you were kicked from the game: you disconnected while roblox was having issues saving your data please retry in a minute
    I tried all the fixes and it has been 7 hours

  18. It didnt work for me. I was playing a bizzare day, then, I was kicked. Then it says “You were kicked from the game. For gaining sam” Then I saw ROBLOX error code 267. So I googled it and saw this. This didnt help me that much though.

    • Hello, Try playing Bizzare day with a trusted VPN source (You can use the recommended one in this post) and then log in to your ROBLOX account to check if it works or not.

  19. There was an admin in the game at the time, and it said I was banned, will it go away on its own or what? P.S it said error code 267, I paid Roblox for the game too, sooooooo

    • I haven’t tried it on an iPad, but could you please try these steps on yours and comment if it worked? If not, then I have to find an alternative solution to your problem.

  20. I got this error in a game and it said : ‘you are banned’. Idk how I got banned I was just afk and when I came back I saw this message. I’m a mobile player too so idk

  21. i got roblox error 267 , i don’t understand what this mean: you were kicked from this game:basic admin trello ban [AS]you have been ban from this game contact admin/owner if you think is an error (error code:267)i understand i have been baned but i don’t know if is permanent or temporaly , and i make some reseach and there is no admin on dss3 that are named trello ban but is the name of an web site that have no link with roblox i need help to understand that message. pls

    • Okay, so here are the steps you need to follow:
      1. Try logging out and in again.
      2. Try using a third party APP like VPN to bypass ROBLOX ban

  22. меня забанили в игре за использование читов на 21000000000000000 дней то мне делать????

    • Это много дней, человек. Создание новой учетной записи будет лучшим решением для вас.


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