ROBLOX Error Code 279 | Complete Fix Under 2 Minutes

So, Roblox is not letting you join any games and shows a Connection Error Message?

Not to worry. With five years of experience in fixing all Roblox error codes, I am assuring you that it will take around two minutes to solve the error code 279 on Roblox.

What is Error Code 279 on Roblox?

Roblox error 279 is basically a connection fail error where the client cannot connect to the game server. If ROBLOX fails to load any games, you will most likely see an error message that says Failed to connect to the Game, ID = 17: Connection attempt failed, Error Code 279.


Fear not. As I'll help you fix error 279 on Roblox in a jiffy.

So, let’s get started by getting the latest roblox download.

What Causes Roblox Error 279?

The main reason behind Roblox error 279, id=17 is Windows Firewall, Browser Extensions, Invalid Port Address, and Antivirus issues. Even this error can take place if ROBLOX experiences a Downtime. There are three IDs for Error code 279 in Roblox. One is ID=17, ID=146, and the other is ID= 148.

ID=17: Connection attempt Failure Error occurs when you attempt to rejoin the same server before ROBLOX disconnects completely from the previous site.

If this error takes place then you might lose the gaming progress. Your saved file will be completely deleted. ROBLOX players have seen this type of random errors most often.


How can I know that ROBLOX failed to connect to the game?

Usually there are some signs through which you can easily understand that you are facing Error Code 279.

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You might notice that while opening a game the loading screen on the website takes longer time than usual or never finishes loading. ROBLOX games will randomly notify you that they have shut down.

I have explained the possible reasons for which you are seeing Failed to connect to the Game ID = 17: Connection attempt failed, Roblox Code 279.

Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall problems are always the root cause for any ROBLOX Errors. Slow internet connection can be the reason for this error.

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Big Game: If you are playing a very big ROBLOX game with a slow internet then chances are that the game might show this error. Due to slow internet, map of games takes time to load. So, give it a little time for loading. If you quit or try to rejoin the server again without proper quitting then, most probably you will see the error.

Empty Game: If the map of the game keeps loading then you have to wait for a while. But if it takes too much time then consider that the game is devoid of stuffs and that game is completely empty. In this case, leave the game and play some other games instead.

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Easiest Fixes for Connection attempt failed ID=17 error code 279

I know you are really frustrated with the grey colored Dialog box notifying you with the Error and roblox servers down message constantly. You can quickly check whether Roblox is Down Today or not.

But don’t worry. This error has fixes just like the other error codes had.

Here are the steps to fix Roblox Error Code 279 on Windows 10:

Step 1: Use Chrome as Default Browser

Playing ROBLOX with an outdated browser or using any untrusted browser as Default browser might be the cause for Error code 279. So, it’s better to use a trusted Browser.

You can make Google Chrome as your Default browser. Still now Google Chrome is the trusted browser around the globe.


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Step 2: Manually Allow ROBLOX through Windows Firewall

Like I told you earlier, Windows Firewall can be the cause for Roblox Error 279, ID=17 connection failed error. So what can you do now?

Well, this may be a bad idea. But wait, I can give you a better option.

First close the Browser and try turning off Windows Firewall for a while and then open games on ROBLOX.

If your problem gets fixed then you don’t need to do anything. But if the issue still persists then try the next steps.

Here are the steps to turn off Windows Firewall:

  1. Open up the Search button and type Windows Defender Firewall.
  2. Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left side of the panel.
  3. Check mark the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall for both Public and Private sections and click OK.

Step 3: Disable Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions like AdBlocker can make you not to play ROBLOX games.

No websites wants you to block their income source right? ROBLOX agrees with it too and so it doesn’t allow players to play games.

So, it’s better to disable Browser Extensions then run the game.

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Step 4: Reset the Default Browser Options

A simple reset of your Internet Options is the best solution for fixing Connection attempt failed ID=17 error code. Players found this step efficient enough and also recommends this step.

Here are the steps to Reset Default Browser options:

  1. Open Google Chrome as Chrome should be your Default choice. 
  2. Open Internet options by clicking the Geared icon.
  3. Open Advanced options and click the Reset Button.
  4. Close the Browser completely and try opening ROBLOX to check if the issue disappears or not.

Step 5: Try Port Forwarding

Opening the required ports for ROBLOX is necessary to avoid this error. Error Code 279 can be caused if the appropriate range of ports is not opened on your network. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before beginning the steps.

Here’s how to do Port Forwarding:

  1. Open your Router control panel and login as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the port forwarding category and enter the IP address of your system.
  3. Enter UDP 49152 65535 port range.
  4. Select UDP as the protocol.
  5. Restart your Router once you are done.
  6. Run ROBLOX and check if the issue persists or not.

Step 6: Disable Antivirus

You might have seen by now that Antiviruses don’t allow you to play certain games.

In that case, please try to disable free antivirus from your PC.

It depends upon you whether you will disable it permanently or temporarily.

Check for the issue if it’s still bothering you or not. If an error occurred, then Reinstall Roblox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why ROBLOX keeps losing connection?

Answer: The reason behind ROBLOX losing connection may be low bandwidth or some Technical issues from ROBLOX itself.

Question: Is ROBLOX a name of a virus?

Answer: ROBLOX is a gaming platform for playing games. However, there is a name of a virus named ROBLOX, which is often misunderstood with the game.

Final Thoughts

ROBLOX error codes are frustrating codes you can ever face.

Imagine you want to play ROBLOX during summer vacation and these Error Code pops up. It would be dreadful.

But don’t worry at all.

By following the fix I provided you in this post, you will be able to fix any connection lost or failure Errors very easily.

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