ROBLOX Admin Commands List [Obtain & Use Free Commands]

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Do you want to become a Roblox admin and execute commands in-game? Then you are in the exact place.

This article will offer a list of advanced admin commands for Roblox and the way of utilizing those. As a regular on the platform, you can mark my word that you will have a blast when you apply those commands with your co-players.use-roblox-admin-commands-for-free

Without skipping, read till the end and discover numerous epic admin commands hack.

What are Roblox Admin Commands?

The Admin commands are only accessible to the game administrators. Using the Admin commands, you can cleverly manipulate fellow players without them even suspecting a thing. Simply enter and execute these commands in the chatbox, and watch the magic unfold.

Now, you may wonder, if these desirable commands are for free. And you’ll be glad to hear that they cost absolutely nothing. However, the journey to obtain them can be a bit complicated.

Now let’s talk about the Administrator Badge.

Within the Roblox universe, players can obtain the infamous Administrator badge when they get the role of game admin. This badge is accessible to all, free of charge.

When you get the admin badge, it grants you access to the incredible Admin Commands. Alternatively, you may gain command privileges when an existing admin makes you an administrator.

Of course, tracking down an admin and requesting access directly is a daunting task. So, just become an Admin yourself.

But as I’ve said becoming an admin requires a lot of work and you need to be very careful, otherwise, you’ll get the error code 267.

List of Admin Commands for Roblox

Admin command is not just for fun only. You can get access to various stuff inside the game also. After getting the Admin Command Activation Pass, you can execute admin commands by typing ;cmds in the in-game chatbox.

There are some cool commands in ROBLOX. Currently, you can use 200 ROBLOX commands, including custom commands, batch commands, anti-exploit commands, and bans.

Here is the list of Roblox Admin Commands:

;jumpYou will jump.
;sparkleCreates a sparkling effect around the player.
;unsparkleEliminates the sparkle effect.
;ffIt will create a force field around the player.
;unFfEradicates the force field.
;killKills player.
;loopkillKills a player repeatedly.
;fireStarts a fire around your player.
;unfireEliminates the fire.
;smokeCreates a smoky effect around the player.
;unsmokeTurns off the smoky effect.
;bigheadMakes the player’s head bigger than usual.
;miniheadMakes the player’s head smaller than usual.
;normalheadGets back the original head size.
;sitMakes the player sit in a position.
;tripMakes the player trip over for no reason.
;visibleThe player becomes visible to everyone.
;invisibleThe player becomes invisible to everyone.
;godmodeThe player becomes deadly and impossible to kill.
;ungodmodeThe player returns back to their previous form.
;kickKicks a player out of the game, just like banning.
;fixFixes a broken script.
;jailPuts the player in jail.
;unjailCancels the effects of jailing a player.
;respawnBrings the player back to life. Respawns at the same place the player died.
;removetoolsRemoves the player’s tools without letting them know.
;zombifyTurns a player into an infectious zombie who can’t kill others.
;freezeFreezes the player in place for a certain period of time.
;explodeMakes the player explode in a second.
;mergeAllows you to control another player. They will feel like they were hacked.

The Commands are easy to redeem, and once it is executed properly, you can access cool features in ROBLOX. You can also have fun with other players using these Codes without even letting them know.

Additionally, apart from some popular Roblox admin commands scripts, several users claim that when playing their favorite games on Roblox.

Here are some more funny Roblox admin commands:

  • ;god me
  • ;respawn me
  • ;explode me
  • ;zombify me
  • ;freeze me
  • ;sparkle me
  • ;jump me
  • ;rich me
  • ;banana me

However, don’t bother others to leave the game. Because they may end up reporting you. As a result, players lose the ability to use the command script and face other Roblox errors.

My favorite command is the ;jump code. It Makes your character jump so high that you can easily escape the prison in Jailbreak and never get caught.

Fun Fact: The first user to create admin commands is Person299. In fact, he was the first Roblox user to execute a command script in 2008.

How Do You Get the Admin Commands for Roblox?

You need Admin Pass or permission from Admin to use Admin Commands. Only then you will get access to use the Admin Commands in-game. I will show you two ways to get access to Admin Pass.

Here are the steps to get admin commands in Roblox:

1. Use ROBUX

The easiest way to get Admin commands is to buy ADMIN PASS using ROBUX. I know you don’t want to use money. But there’s no other choice. You have to.

Don’t know how to use ROBUX to get Admin Commands? Don’t worry. Go to the Store section of the game page beside About and buy that pass. It will take about 900 ROBUX. Then use the commands as I instructed you.

Moreover, if you are wondering how many dollars for 100 ROBUX? Well, it depends on which country you are in.

2. Search the Commands List

In case you don’t want to spend any money, you can still use the Admin commands. The only caveat is that you’ll just have to play the games with Admin Pass. But don’t worry; you’ll be able to find lots of games to play.

Here are the steps to get ROBLOX Admin Command scripts for free:

  • Go to the ROBLOX search bar. Search for HD Admin (by Forever HD).
  • Add HD Admin to your inventory.
  • Open ROBLOX Studio.
  • Navigate to Toolbox > Models > My models and Select HD Admin.
  • Go to File and click Publish to ROBLOX.
  • Copy the link and open the game until you get the ROBLOX Admin Rank.
  • Open any game that has the Admin Pass and type your commands in the chatbox.

Now you can use the free admin command Roblox. But when Roblox doesn’t respond as expected, you must check whether Roblox is down or not.

How to Use Admin Command on Roblox


To use the Roblox Admin commands, open the chatbox by typing the slash (/) symbol. Then enter your command followed by a semicolon (;), e.g, ;jump. After the command, provide the player name on whom you want to execute the command. Type me for executing the command on yourself.

Here’s how to use Admin Commands in Roblox for free:

  • Open ROBLOX and search for that game that has the Admin Pass by checking it inside the Store section under that specific game photo.
  • Enter the game which has the Admin Pass.
  • Type / to open the chatbox.
  • Type the specific Admin command you want to use.
  • Put a semicolon mark (;) before each command. For example, ;freeze me to freeze yourself or if you want to use the command on anyone else, then just type ;freeze [USERNAME].

Not only that but after you access the Admin Pass, you will get upgrades for your Avatar in the Avatar dialog.

How to Customize Admin Commands in Roblox Using Kohl’s Admin Infinite

You can make custom admin commands using Kohl’s command. By doing so, you can run your own commands in the chat system. The Kohl’s Admin allows you to change visual effects and change the time of day, play music, and even teleport players to different games.

Here are the steps to make custom commands with Kohl’s Admin Infinite:

  • Open Roblox Studio > Select a template > Go to View > Toolbox. roblox-studio-toolbox-s
  • Search for Kohl’s admin infinite in the model category on the toolbox search option. kohls-admin-roblox
  • Sort the search results by Most Taken and select Kohls Admin by Script. kohl-admin-scripth
  • Go to Explorer, and you will see Kohl’s Admin infinite package model.
  • Click on the arrow, and under Credit, open Settings.
  • Type the name of the player you want to ban on the fifth line of the admin script. Example: ‘Owner090’. ban-using-kohl-admin

You can also change some settings of the game just by putting a username inside quotation marks.

One thing to remember is that if you add custom commands improperly, you will lose the ability to use the command script.


Can Another Player hack the Admin Commands in Roblox?

No, another player cannot hack the Roblox Admin commands. ROBLOX doesn’t allow Admin Command hacking. If you see anyone using the admin commands but don’t have the Administrator badge, simply report them, and Roblox will take the necessary actions.

How safe are Admin Commands Roblox?

The Admin commands for Roblox are safe to execute as long as you are an administrator of the game where you are running the commands. So, you won’t get banned if you use the Admin Commands by purchasing the Admin Pass or by playing games where the Admin Pass is available.

What is a godly admin in Roblox?

Godly admin in Roblox lets you execute admin commands not just in a particular game but on all the players in the whole server. If you are a Godly admin, you can use the ;kill all command to kill everyone in the server instantly.

Final Thoughts

Admin Commands are used just for fun and just for upgrading your Avatar. You won’t be banned if you use these commands on other people.

But I would recommend you not to annoy any players as they will report you.

You don’t want to be kicked from your favorite game, do you?

Do mention in the comment section which admin Commands you thought to be the best of all.

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