Fix: Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception Connection refused No Further Information

Written By Steven Arends

Among 90 Million players, 20% people cannot connect to a Minecraft server. Reports show that they fail to connect to the server because of a time out error.

I have also been through this situation man! But, with a hefty 9 hours of non-stop research, I came up with seven easiest steps to fix the Minecraft io.netty error message.

What does$annotatedconnectexception mean? in Minecraft is a Connection Timed Out Error where you cannot connect to a game server. The main cause for the Minecraft connection refused error is the Common IP Connectivity issue. This error can occur on both single-player and multiplayer servers. Use a trusted VPN to get rid of the Abstract Channel Error.


Keep Reading, As I will demonstrate you why Minecraft fails to connect to server and how to fix it immediately.

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How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft

Connection timed out error is not limited to the single player server. If you tried to join the multiplayer server, you will most often see the error message. As I have mentioned earlier, the root cause behind the io error is the IP Connectivity issue.

A couple of other causes include, Backdated JAVA Software, server blocking by the Windows Firewall, and Unstable Software.

Due to the wrong IP of the port, Minecraft error can be triggered in no time. It is seen that, the IP address attached with the correct port is used for forwarding your connection to the client server. In rare cases, the IP changes from time to time and multiple users might get connected within the same IP.

At the beginning, it may seem complicated to you. But, keep reading as you can fix Minecraft abstract channel error in minutes without any confusion.


Here are the steps to fix Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out error:

1. Add Exceptions to Firewall Settings in Minecraft Folder

Adding exceptions in Firewall settings is a best option for fixing connection timed out. As I have mentioned earlier, VPN and Windows Firewall sometimes blocks you from accessing to the Minecraft game server. Add some exceptions in Firewall to avoid abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception connection refused error.

Here are the steps to add exceptions to Firewall Settings:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and click on the Updates & Security option.
  2. Navigate to Windows Security in the left pane and then select Firewall & Network Protection option.
  3. Move down and selectAllow an App through Firewall option.
  4. Click the Change Settings option and select Yes.
  5. Select the Allow another app option again.
  6. Browse to the game installation directory folder and choose the launcher executable.
  7. Repeat Step 5&6 again but this time, browse to the directory folder in which you have the servers of Minecraft installed.
  8. Open the Minecraft servers folder maxwell.
  9. Repeat the process and allow the Java executables located inside the folder.
  10. Repeat step 4 and instead of clicking Allow another app, simply scroll down to the list of Java Platform SE Binary.
  11. Allow all the Java Platform SE Binary options both by Private and Public networks.

Now, you can open the Minecraft launcher to see if the error is solved or not.

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2. Delete Unstable Software 

There are some unstable software, which after installing it on your computer will conflict with the game. You can check the list of the software that aren’t compatible with the Minecraft game in many websites.

You should remove false plugins and add 100% authenticated plugins only. If you don’t know which music plugin is legal and easy to use then, check out the best Minecraft music bots for your server.

One of the incompatible software is the Virtual Ethernet with Hamachi. In this case it would be wise enough to disable or delete the software.

Open Command prompt and type ipconfig. Find a configuration named Virtual Ethernet Connection with Hamachi. Note down the Addresses and go to search panel to delete Virtual Ethernet Software with Hamachi.

Add your IP and port number to the server and solve Minecraft ionetty issue. If you are trying to play with your friends, you can set up a Hamachi server too.

3. Add IP Address and Select the Suitable Working Port

Minecraft connection refused issues will occur if the IP address and port you are using is dynamic in nature. Change your IP address and add it to the Minecraft Launcher in order to fix error.

Here are the steps to add IP Address and select the suitable working port:

  1. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2. Type the command ipconfig and note down your IPV4 Address.
  3. Browse to Minecraft Servers folder>Maxwell> Minecraft Server at the same time and open Server Properties text document.
  4. Note down the Server Port and open up Minecraft and go to the Play Multiplayer option.
  5. Select the server you want to join and select Edit.
  6. Type the IPv4 address and click Done. Connect to a server using this IPv4 address.
  7. Refresh to apply changes.

NB: You can use the MInecraft Resolver tool as well to fix Minecraft out of memory problems.

4. Reset Your Modem/Router

Resetting the router is the most straightforward solution. If  your Internet Modem/router causes problems then you are most likely to notice Minecraft error. You should always check your internet connection before trying to connect to the server.

Try powering off your Router for a couple of minutes and power back on to restart your Router. If that doesn’t work then reset all the settings of your router and set it up freshly. Try to connect to a server after resetting the router.



5. Use a Trusted VPN Connection Source

Want to play Minecraft on your lunchbreak but you keep finding it blocked? Quickly Check out the best VPNs for Minecraft to gain access to the server.

It is possible that Minecraft is banned in your region. Windows Firewall sometimes blocks Minecraft servers and for this reason you will not be able to connect to the server. Same goes for VPN. Changing servers frequently using VPN’s may block the Host server.

You can try using trusted VPN apps that doesn’t block your Minecraft game server. Simply changing the region may help you overcome

6. Update Java software

Minecraft requires the latest version of JAVA in order to work properly. If you are trying to connect to the server with an outdated Java software, the missing elements will conflict with Minecraft. As a result, you will see connection refused no further information. connection timed out no further information error is seen on windows 10 more specifically. A Learn  to Mod  account is necessary to join a Minecraft server. connectexception minecraft error means that you do not have any Learn To Mod account. It can be fixed by updating the JAVA software to its current latest version.

Also, Allocate more RAM to Minecraft for a fast and upgraded gameplay.

7. Reinstall Minecraft

Sometimes your Game data is seen corrupted and it causes you a lot of problems like  connection timed out error. Uninstalling Minecraft and simply giving it a fresh installation will help you to fix the error.

To uninstall Minecraft, you need to navigate to Control Panel> Uninstall a Program> select minecraft to uninstall.

Get the latest version of Minecraft and try to connect to the game server to fix io netty channel abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception.

Final Thoughts

Connection refused: no further information error is a big problem for Minecraft fans. If you are able to fix failed to connect to server error once, then you will never face this error again. In case, if none of the above steps worked for you then I would suggest you to fix your LAN card to see if this error vanishes or not.

Do mention in the comment section below which step worked for you.


  1. I cannot find the maxwell folder, where should it be? I made a bukkit server folder but when I enter it all there is are the folder for the custom world I put in, a folder for logs and a folder for plugins.

    • Notice that, in one of the bukkit server folders of yours there should be a java file. Allow that file through Windows Firewall.

  2. the instructions for allowing minecraft to pass the firewall are very confusing and I’m lost at step 6, can you please help?

    • Ya sure, At first go to Allow an App through Firewall option and then Allow the following Minecraft Files:
      Minecraft Launcher
      Java Executables
      After you allowed the apps, delete Virtual Ethernet Connection with Hamachi file.

    • Try the Step 3, Add Ip address with a Suitable working port. Then Delete the unknown incompatible software (if any) on your PC. Use any trusted VPN (in this case, I will recommend you to use the trusted VPN in this post). Launch the game again. Thank you.

  3. How you you add java executables as exceptions to windows firewall? Windows isn’t giving me the option to select .jar files.

    • Here are the steps you should follow to allow java files through Firewall:
      1. Go to Control panel > System And Security > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings.
      2. Click on Inbound Settings Option at the left side pane.
      3. Select Add new rule at the right side pane.
      4. Select Programs and click Next.
      5. Browse the java files from Program path.
      6. Select next and check mark the allow connection button.
      7. Check mark Domain, Public, Private and click on next.
      8. Add any name (example: Java) and description to it.
      And that’s done. You now allowed Java through Firewall.

  4. Can anyone help me? I had to restart my laptop 2 days ago due to a corrupt touchpad driver and obviously I lost all my dowloaded files. now im suddenly getting this error on my friends server after I reinstalled minecraft. Ive disabled my firewall and antivirus, my computer doesnt have hamachi so thats not the problem. I dont own the server/didnt set it up so I cant change the server IP to connect (if im understanding that step right) the server worked perfectly fine before the computer restart, we’ve been on that server for just over a year

    Please help

    Ps my friend can connect with no issues

  5. Eu estou tentando jogar com meu irmão, ele esta conectado a mesma internet que eu, porem não aparece para entrar no servidor dele, você sabe oque fazer?


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