Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft [Exact Locations Revealed]

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So, you traveled to different biomes but couldn’t find the exact location of the buried treasures?

What if I say that the best method to find a buried treasure is by using a treasure map? That’s where this buried treasure finder guide will come in handy.find-buried-treasure-in-minecraft

To find a treasure chest, you have to dig a few blocks first. So, keep reading, as I’ll show you how to locate the treasure chests in Minecraft.

What is a Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasures in Minecraft are hidden treasure chests containing loot such as iron, gold, TNT, and even cooked foods. In fact, buried treasure chests are the only source of the heart of the sea. Buried treasures spawn randomly in different biomes, and you can find one using a treasure map.


You will unlock Treasure Hunter and Me gold achievements once you dig up a buried treasure. These chests are naturally spawned structures mostly found in specific Minecraft biomes such as Beaches and Aquatic Biome.

But where do you get a treasure map to find the treasure? You cannot just go around digging the entirety of Minecraft, right?

Treasure maps contain directions to help you find buried treasure chests. You can find treasure maps, mostly in sunken shipwrecks and ruins underwater.

A shipwreck in Minecraft is a sunken ship found underwater. They look like old destroyed ships like you see in pirate movies. You can find at least one chest in a shipwreck. Among the many chests, you will come across one Map Chest that will contain the Treasure Map.minecraft-corals-shipwreck

In case you come across mobs in a shipwreck, you can always use the Minecraft Kill Commands to destroy all the hostile mobs. Our guide will be of great help to you.

How Deep is Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Usually, the treasure chest is buried 1020 blocks below its location on the map. If the buried treasure is underwater, you need to do some digging as you will most likely find the chest near the seabed. If it is near a beach biome, the chest is usually closer to the surface of the beach.

On Minecraft Java version, buried treasures are usually generated at chunk coordinate 9 on X and Z axis. For the Bedrock edition, the chunk coordinate is 8. This combined with the X spot you see on the map can help you locate the exact position of the chest.


If you are wondering what chunks are, that is how maps are divided in Minecraft. You can turn on chunks (by pressing F3 + G) and then dig your way through the center of the chunk.

Treasure chests are not located very far down the map. Once you locate the exact spot using a map, dig a wider area around the place and you can find the chest easily

Did you know: If you feed Dolphins raw cod or salmon, they can then swim to the treasure’s location. Just follow them, and you will be there in the exact location of the chest.

How to Find a Buried Treasure in Minecraft

To find a buried treasure in Minecraft, look out for a shipwreck or a ruin underwater and obtain a treasure map using a map chest. Now navigate to the location of the treasure chest using the map. Place yourself exactly on top of the X mark on map and dig in to find the buried chest.

Tip: Before going treasure hunting, remember to brew some potion of weakness in Minecraft to kill the hostile mobs easily so that your treasure chest adventure doesn’t get disturbed.

A more detailed instruction on how to do this follows below.

Here are the steps to find the Buried Treasure in Minecraft:

  • Find a shipwreck in ocean biomes, sea, or beach biomes. The shipwreck looks like the ruins of sunken ships. minecraft-sunken-ship
  • Look for a Treasure Map chest in that shipwreck and collect the Treasure Map. minecraft-treasure-map
  • Use the Treasure Map to locate the treasure spot. On the map, your position is marked by a white dot. Walk around with the map open to know which way you need to go.
  • Navigate to the exact location where the cross sign is located on the map. Walk until the X mark and the white dot are at the exact same location.minecraft-treasure-map-chest-location
  • Start digging around the place to find the buried treasure chests. When you find it, it may look something like this. Voila! minecraft-treasure-chest

Depending on its location, it can have sand or gravel stone around it. Open the treasure chest and add the items to your inventory.

What Loots Can You Find Inside the Buried Treasure?

The loot inside each buried treasure chest contains a lot of valuable items, including Iron ingots, Gold ingots, Iron swords, TNT, emeralds, etc. You will also find the heart of the sea that can be used to make conduits.

In the Bedrock Edition, each buried treasure contains items like a Chainmail helmet, Lead, Potion of Regeneration, cake, and many more. A comprehensive list of items that can be found is listed in the table below.

Minecraft Java EditionMinecraft Bedrock Edition
Heart of the SeaHeart of the Sea
Iron IngotIron Ingot
Gold IngotChainmail Helmet
Cooked CodChainmail Leggings
Cooked SalmonChainmail Boots
Potion of Water BreathingChainmail Chestplate
TNTPotion of Water Breathing
DiamondGold Ingot
Leather TunicLead
Iron SwordTNT
Prismarine CrystalPotion of Regeneration
 Prismarine Crystal
 Name Tag
 Music Disk
 Bottle o’ Enchanting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Minecraft’s buried treasure be underwater?

Yes, you can find buried treasure underwater. But normally, they generate in beach biomes. You have to use a treasure map to help you locate it.

Can buried treasure be under gravel?

Yes, you can find buried treasure under gravel or rocks. Because the Buried treasure is programmed to be generated under the sand, clay, gravel, and coral, depending upon the biomes.

Why can’t you find buried treasure in Minecraft?

When you locate a buried treasure, it is a good idea to dig the blocks around the X mark on the map. That way, you can easily locate the treasure chest without digging too deep.

What is the depth of a Minecraft treasure map?

One cannot estimate the exact depth of a Minecraft treasure map. But most of the time, you will find treasure maps within 20 blocks.

Final Thoughts

Finding buried treasure is quite easy once you know how to do it correctly. This article focuses on that, making the process easier for you.

My suggestion would be to have a little patience while digging for the treasure chest. And that sums up this article. Hope you had a great time going through it.

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