Minecraft Biomes : All Biomes List in One Place [2024 Chart]

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Biomes in Minecraft are places with diverse geographical features. Mainly Biomes separate every Minecraft generated world into a whole new environment.

As a Minecraft player, I wanted to explore as many biomes as possible. But, I didn’t know how many biomes were present in my Minecraft map. With intensive research, I narrowed down a complete list of these biomes.

How many biomes are there in Minecraft?


There are approximately 79 different biomes, including 67 Overworld biomes, 5 Nether biomes, 5 End biomes, and 2 new biomes in Minecraft. The biomes are divided into five basic categories (Lush, Snowy, Cold, Dry, and Ocean). All of these Biomes can be enlisted onto your server.

Keep reading, As I will provide you with an entire list of available biomes in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft Biomes: A-Z List

Exploring several biomes is a hobby of all Minecraft players. To spice up your exploration, I will provide you with a complete list of biomes, including the biome ID. Use a biome finder to locate the biomes you didn’t visit yet.

Here is the list of all biomes available in Minecraft:

Biome NameBiome IDAdded on Version (JAVA)
Nether Wastes81.16
The End91.8
Frozen Ocean101.8
Frozen River111.13
Snowy Tundra121.0.0
Hills, Extreme Hills13, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28, 31, 33, 156, 161, 1691.1
Mushroom Fields141.0.0
Mushroom Field Shore151.0.0
Mountain Edge201.8
Jungle Edge231.2.1
Deep Ocean Biome241.7.2
Stone Shore251.7.2
Snowy Beach261.0.0
Birch Forest271.7.2
Dark Forest291.7.2
Snowy Taiga301.1
Giant Tree Taiga321.3.1
Wooded Mountains341.7.2
Plateau36, 391.13
Badlands, Mesa Biome371.7.2
Wooded Badlands Plateau381.13
Small End Islands401.8
End Midlands411.8
End Highlands421.8
End Barrens431.8
Warm Ocean441.13
Lukewarm Ocean451.13
Cold Ocean461.13
Deep Warm Ocean471.13
Deep Lukewarm Ocean481.13
Deep Cold Ocean491.13
Deep Frozen Ocean501.8
Desert Lakes1301.2.0
Gravelly Mountains1311.1.0
Flower Forest1321.1.0
Taiga Mountains1331.3.1
Swamp Hills1341.7.2
Ice Spikes1401.10
Modified Jungle1491.2.1
Modified Jungle Edge1511.2.1
Tall Birch Forest1551.11
Dark Forest Hills1571.7.2
Snowy Taiga Mountains1581.0.0
Giant Spruce Taiga1601.3.1
Gravelly Mountains+1621.7.2
Shattered Savanna1631.7.2
Shattered Savanna Plateau1641.7.2
Eroded Badlands1651.9
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau1661.9
Modified Badlands Plateau1671.9
Bamboo Jungle1681.14
Soul Sand Valley1701.16
Crimson Forest1711.16
Warped Forest1721.16
Basalt Deltas1731.16
  • Ocean Biomes

The ocean Biomes are a common aquatic biome consisting of water and loots. You can go to a depth of roughly Y=45 if you are exploring the ocean. Ocean biome is famous for its incredible looking underwater ruins and ocean monuments.

The ocean floor consists of gravel, 30 blocks deep. So, underwater adventure is much more challenging in this biome.


Ocean Biome contains Underwater ruins that differ from large villages to single ruined huts according to sizes. They are ordinary and arrive in cold and warm variations. Ocean biomes are the best place for loots. Seeing loots in oceanic ruins is like a miracle.

Ocean biomes include lukewarm ocean, warm ocean, deep ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, cold ocean, deep cold ocean, frozen ocean, and deep-frozen ocean. Ocean biomes typically extend up to 30,000 blocks. Around 60% of the Overworld Biomes is covered with ocean biomes.

  • Swamp Biome

Swamp Biome is special for farming slimes. This place has a good amount of most type of resources. You can find several mushrooms here. In Swamp Biomes, pigs and sheep’s are always seen living.


There is also a scary part for this spooky looking swamp biomes. You will see tons of Witch Huts. Witches also spawn in this biome. So be careful at night if you are in survival mode.

Chickens are always available in this biome, and so you will never face a lack of proteins. Witch huts, Blue Orchids, and lily pads spawn only on this biome. If you need sugar cane then, swamp biome is always the best-considered source. Only in the swamp biome, slimes spawn at night. However, you may not be able to see them correctly because they get drowned for not getting enough water to swim.

Swamp Biome is the wettest and muddy biome you could ever see. So forget about camping in this place.

Also, use the minecraft kill command to stay away from hostile mobs.

  • Jungle Biome

Jungle Biome is most famous for it’s jungle trees, jungle wood, ocelots, cocoa, and melons. This place has several jungle temples where you can get a good amount of great loots. You can get lost in this place at night as it becomes really dark and confusing for the big jungle trees. You can find Items like diamond horse armor, bones, gold ingots etc. here.


What is a Jungle Temple in Minecraft?

Jungle temples are structured stoned temples made up of mossy cobblestones and only found in the Jungle Biome. To go inside the Jungle Temple, you have to find the entrance of the temple.

Cocoa Beans are essential stuff to craft recipes of foods. It’s good that you can harvest cocoa beans quickly. The best place where you can get Melons is the jungle biome. If you get lucky, you may also find multiple melons together.

The jungle trees are so packed together that it is dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn in this biome.

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  • Desert Biomes

There are a lot of desert villages here and you can also find some temples here. This biome consists of sand dunes and sandstone. You might come across some Sugar cane and Cactus. This Biome has the least rainfall. And there’s lack of water in this place. The Desert Biome is the heart of finding loots. It is because Biomes like this have Desert temples.


What are Desert Temples in Minecraft?

Desert temples are structures in Minecraft that are full of treasure and found only in the Desert Biomes. It takes three sandstone types to form a Desert Temple, sandstone stairs & orange and blue Terracotta. All the materials have a specified meaning.

The towers you will see in front with the orange terracotta formation resembles an Egyptian symbol, the Ankh. The Desert temple contains a blue terracotta block in the center, and if you break this block, you will reveal a treasure room containing 4 chests with the treasure in them. You can easily find Minecraft saddles here.

  • Mesa Biome

This biome is one of the rarest biomes you can ever find in Minecraft. You can find gold ores very quickly in this biome. This biome is a little bit different from most others and the only place that looks orangy.


What is Mesa Biome in Minecraft?

Mesa is similar to desert biome but full of canyons and made up of red sand, cacti, dead bushes, and plateaus where the Red sands are the only thick layers.

The difference will clearly be visible to you if you ever visit the Desert. The Bryce is more red or orangy than the normal desert. In this biome, you will notice canyons, which are only available in this region. You will also see Mesa Plateau made of hardened clay blocks.

The Structures are known as Plateaus. Plateau F, Plateau M, and plateau F M are the best-decorated canyons in Mesa Biome.

  • Roofed Forest Biome

This place is full of Dark Oak trees, and you can collect plenty of wood from this biome. You can also find mushrooms here. Many people say that there’s a Woodland Mansions here, but I haven’t found one. This place is a sweet spot to make any secret base.


This forest is also known as Dark Forest due to the dense trees and oaks growing in this biome. The Roofed biomes resemble the Darkwood Biome. It is the only place to find big mushrooms other than the mushroom island biome.

  • Ice Plains Spikes Biome


Snowy biomes are also another rare version of Tundra Biome. Most of the places are covered with ice, and so it looks white color. There aren’t many animals here. Polar bears and rabbits can be found in this biome. You can find villagers here living in Igloos. Use the Biome Finder app to locate this rare biome easily.

Other than the Mesa Biome, the icy plains biome is the rarest of all. The main feature includes packed ice, which is different from the normal ice. Cold extreme hills is also included in the cold biomes. The number of hostile mobs is reduced to a certain extent in this biome.

  • Plains

If you love horses, then this is the best biomes plains for you. It is the most common biome to find in Minecraft. You can build anything you want as there is a vast space. This biome is best for survival mode. All the experiments for roaming and survival in Minecraft are done in this biome.


You can also build a mansion, breed villagers, and use several command keys to do exciting stuff. Use Village finder to locate a village and breed them. Also, trade emeralds and other kinds of stuff with traders in this place.

  • Extreme hills


Extreme hills are the place where you won’t get bored anyway. This place is full of secrets and also comes with many fountains. It is in the list of rarest biomes. I like how the lava and fountains flow from the high mountains here. Also, there are no hostile mobs in this biome.

The Extreme Hills in Minecraft is amazing for a specific reason. You can find emerald ores only in this biome. Trade the emerald ores with the village traders for a bundle of cash. Other than Emerald ores, Spruce trees grow abundantly in this Biome.

  • Flower Forest Biome 

This biome is one of the most attractive biomes. It  is full of trees and flower plants. Oak and birch trees grow in plenty. The flower biome is full of different types of animals. I love it’s uneven land. You can also find caves here.


This new Biome was added recently in the latest Minecraft Version. There are Four Types of Flower Biomes and they are: Flower Forest, Flower Hills, Flower Hills M, and Flower M.

Flower Biomes resembles the Birch Biome because of the densely aromatic trees and flowers. You can find Tulips only in this Forest Flower Biome. There is also a sub-biome joined with another biome known as the Sunflower plains.

  • Mushroom Islands Biome


The mushroom biome is one of the new biomes of all time. There are giant Mushrooms and a lack of hostile mobs all around this place. You can also collect a lot of small mushrooms from here. You can find animals, but it’s scarce to find any villagers here.

Mushroom Island biomes are the most beautiful and resourceful biomes in Minecraft.

  • Tundra Biomes


Tundra biomes are snowy, barren terrain biomes with no trees. Although you can find ice in this biome overwater, it is completely different from the icy plains biome. Snow is the common weather in the tundras with less rainfall. You will find some rabbits and a couple of polar bears in this biome.

  • Taiga Biome

The Taiga biome is a flat biome covered by spruce trees. Ferns and berry bushes commonly grow in this region. You can find packs of wolves, foxes, and rabbits in this biome. You can find villages in this biome. The village houses are built of spruce wood.


Biomes here can be classified into cold taiga, tree taiga, and mega taiga. You can also place the cold taiga in the cold biomes section. The taiga biomes are not joined to another biome.

  • Savanna Biome


This biome features dull, dry grass, dark oak, and acacia trees. Both horses and llamas spawn naturally here. There are also shattered savanna biomes with too steep high hills. It is impossible to climb this 90 degree angled mountain. You might come across some Birch trees and sugar cane in this biome.

  • Stone Shore Biome

The stone shore biome appears where the mountain biomes come across the ocean. Stone shores generate as medium shores or huge cliffs depending on the height of the nearby land. No sand blocks, dark forests, and passive mobs often generate or naturally spawn in this biome.


This biome looks like a mixture of mountain biome and floating islands. These biomes are usually very small. You can’t find any giant mushrooms in this cliff.

Apart from all these biomes, there are five Nether biomes and five End biomes. You will find the Ender Dragon when you visit the End cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

Answer: Modified Jungle Edge is the rarest biome. This rare biome generates when the Jungle edge meets the Swamp forest. There are a lot of acacia trees in these new biomes.

Question: What are the 5 basic biomes?

Answer: The five basic major biomes are aquatic, grassland, forest, desert, and tundra.

Question: What are the 7 ocean biomes in Minecraft?

Answer: The seven ocean biomes are Warm Ocean, Lukewarm Ocean, Cold Ocean, Deep warm, deep lukewarm ocean, Deep cold, and deep-frozen ocean.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Minecraft Biomes is a must for all Minecraft players. It gives an immense experience of exploring the beautiful Minecraft world. Apart from all the biomes listed in this post, you will also find biomes named Lush Biomes. Lush Biomes are available only in Mods.

Hopefully, our way of finding biomes in Minecraft worked for you. Stay tuned for more.

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