How to Find Minecraft Biomes

Are you looking for a way to find a suitable biome in minecraft?

Then you have come to the right place.


I have found out a way to find Minecraft Biomes and villages.

And in this post I will be sharing with you how to find any biome easily in minecraft.

I'll also tell you about my top 10 picks for Biomes in minecraft at the end of the post.

So let's get started.

What is Minecraft Biome?

Biomes is Minecraft are like places where almost everything is different.

Each and every biome looks different from one another. Some biomes are full of sand some are full of ice, some have only hills and so on.

The availability of different resources, villagers, animals, plants and seeds is different in every biome.

Some Biomes are good for survival whereas some are very bad (like the tundra or Ice Plains spikes).

Is Minecraft 1.8 seed Map Fake?

Actually Minecraft 1.8 seed Map is a fake implementation of finding the Biomes in Minecraft.


Seed map is given in various websites to steal your personal info. Actually these sites are scam. Seed map is a fake thing and it doesn’t work at all.

So, don’t try finding biome using seed map.

Another thing to remember that:

Don’t provide your seed and any other personal information in those websites.

How To Search Minecraft Biomes?

I have searched for several ways and finally found a single way to find biomes in minecraft.

You can find biomes in minecraft by using a simple app named AMIDST. This app lets you to know where are the biomes located in the minecraft map according to your minecraft version.

Let’s not waste time and get to know how you can do it easily.


AMIDST is a tool specially made for minecraft. This is actually tool to find different minecraft biomes and structures easily

AMIDST stands for Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking.

This app helps you locate differnet biomes in minecraft too.

How to install AMIDST

You can simply download AMIDST and install it like you do with others.

How to Use AMIDST


When you run AMIDST it will pop up a new window where you will need to provide certain information like: the minecraft version you are using and the app’s directory.

Once you complete everything, you need to select profile and load maps from there.

In the maps you can see places with different colors. And you can simply get to know which place is which biome from that map very easily.

Locate Biomes in Minecraft Using Commands

It’s one of the most awesome features of minecraft so far. Finding anything using the command is such an easy task.

This is an awesome feature by which you can search for different Biomes in minecraft.

But the problem is:

This feature doesn’t work for most versions. But still you can try this out and check if it works for you or not.

Also don’t forget to remove all the Mods you are currently using to make this feature work.

So, here’s the commands that you need locate biomes in Minecraft:

/biomelocate <biome>

/biomelocate <Mushroom_Island>

And for locating the structures you can use the command below:

/locate structure<structure name>

For example if your want to mind a temple then type:

/locate structure<temple >

Top 10 Best Minecraft Biomes

There are several beautiful biomes in minecraft. Exploring them is a hobby of all minecraft players.

If you’re new or not sure which Biomes to visit first then check out my top 10 favorite picks.

So, here are my top 10 favourite biomes picks:

10. Swamp Biome in Minecraft 

Swamp Biome is special for farming slimes. This place has good amount of most type of resources.

And the interesting thing is:

You can find several mushrooms here. And I just love collecting them.

9. Jungle Minecraft Biome

Jungle Biome is most famous for it’s jungle wood, ocelots, cocoa and melons(More about that later).


One thing I love about this Biome is:

This place has several temples where you can get a good amount of great loots.

But there’s a problem too. And that is:

You can get lost in this place at night as it becomes really dark and confusing for the big trees.

Best Features of Jungle Biome are:

Melons: The best place where you can get Melons is the jungle biome. If you get lucky you may also find multiple melons together too.

Jungle Temples: You can fin this in the jungle biomes.there are a lot of resources near this place. You can even find goot loot in the temples. Items like diamond horse armore, bones,gold ingots etc. can be found here.

Cocoa Beans: This is an essential stuff to craft recipes of foods. It’s good that it can be harvested pretty easily. The middle sized orangy ones are the best looking.

8. Desert Biome in Minecraft

I love this biome because of its different look. There are a lot of villages here and you can also find some temples here too. The only tree you might find here are:

Sugarcane and Cactus.

This Biome has the least rainfall. And there’s lack of water in this place.

You you’ll feel thirsty being in the dessert.

Just kidding.

Here's our separate in depth post on minecraft dessert Biome

7. Minecraft Mesa Biome 


This is one of the most rare biomes you can find on minecraft.

What I like about this place is:

You can find gold ores very easily in this minecraft biome.

This biome is a little bit different from most others and the only place that looks orangy or the clay and hills.

6. Roofed Forest Biome in Minecraft

This place is full of Oak trees and you can collect plenty of wood from this biome. You can also find mushrooms here. 

Many people say that there’s a Woodland Mansions here, but I haven’t found one.

This place is a sweet spot to make any secret base.

5. Ice Plains Spikes Biome in Minecraft


It’s also another rare biome. Most of the places are covered with and ice and so it looks white color. There aren’t much animals here.

But the thing I found interesting here is:

You can find villagers here living in Igloos.

4. Plains in Minecraft

You Love horses then this is the best biome for you. This is the most common biome to find in minecraft but still it’s one of the best out there.

You can build anything you want as there is a vast space in this minecraft biome.

3. Extreme hills in Minecraft


Extreme hills is the place where you won’t get bored anyway.

This place is full of secrets and also comes with many fountains. This biome is very rare to find.

I really like how the lava and fountains flow from the high mountains here.

2. Flower Forest Biome in Minecraft

This is one of the most attractive biomes in minecraft. This place is full of trees and flower plants. The flower forest is full of different types of animals. I love it’s uneven land.

You can also find caves here.

1. Mushroom Island Biome in Minecraft


This is the most unique Biome of all time in Minecraft. There are big Mushrooms all around this place. You can also collect a lot of mushrooms from here. You can find small animals here but it’s very rare to find any villagers here.

Another thing that I like about this Biome is:

This place is full of all kind of resources. So if you ask me:

Which is the most beautiful biome in Minecraft?

Mashroom is the most beautiful and resourceful biome in Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

Finding out Biomes is a must for all minecraft players.

This gives an immense experience of exploring the beautiful minecraft world.

Hopefully our way of finding biome in minecraft worked for you. Stay tuned for more.

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