Fix Minecraft Chat Not Working [4 Proven Solutions 2023]

Written By Steven Arends

Minecraft is an ever-growing 3D sandbox game that lets our imagination run wild, and the multiplayer mode allows players to create & share their unique virtual worlds. It gives players many possibilities & features; chatting with other players is one of them.

Unfortunately, some users have found themselves unable to chat with other players due to some chat-related errors.fix-minecraft-chat-not-working

Now, if you are one of those experiencing the same error, I know how you feel. Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to interact and coordinate with other players in an online multiplayer game.

But don’t worry, as the fix to this error is pretty straightforward. I have done my fair share of research on this issue & thoroughly listed the most precise solutions in this article.

So let’s get started.

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Why Is Minecraft Chat Not Working?

There are a few reasons why Minecraft chat is not working on your end. The main reason behind the Can’t Chat in Minecraft error is quite simple: the chat settings of the multiplayer section.

The game comes with the default settings in the multiplayer section that allows you to input the commands only but doesn’t give you the chance to chat with other players. So leaving the chat settings to default, which many users do, will prevent them from using the chat feature.

Another possible reason could be the privacy settings set in your Microsoft account. Since the 1.16.4 update in JavaEdition, the chat feature requires an additional toggle in Microsoft privacy settings.

Besides, you can face the error due to the modded server’s restricted chat settings or the sync issue from Microsoft’s server side.

Well, whatever the reasons are, you can fix it pretty easily.

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How to Fix Minecraft Chat Not Working

Fixing the chat-related errors such as Can’t Chat in Minecraft or Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send message process is quite

Here’s how you can fix Minecraft chat not working issue:

1. Change In-game Chat Settings

Most people can’t chat in Minecraft because they don’t know they have to change the default chat settings. This is the most common reason behind facing Can’t Chat in Minecraft error message. In order to use the chat feature, you need to change the settings first.

Here are the steps to toggle on the chat feature:

  • Go to Options from the main menu.
  • Select Chat Settings…
  • Change the settings from Command Only to Shown.

If chat is still not working, restart your game & join the server again.

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2. Change Privacy Settings in Microsoft Account

Another common chat-related error is Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send message, which generally occurs due to privacy settings in Microsoft account.

Here’s how to change privacy settings in your Microsoft Account:

  • Log in to with your Microsoft account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then select Xbox Profile.
  • Click the Privacy Settings.
  • Set the Others can communicate with voice, text or invites option to Everyone.
  • Go to Xbox One/Windows 10 Online tab and set all the options in this tab to Allow.
  • Click Submit.

3. Contact Server Staffs for Modded Servers

If you are using a modded server while facing the Minecraft Chat Not Working error message, there’s a chance that the server’s chat feature has been restricted. In that case, you need to contact the server staffs for further assistance.

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4. Remove All Saved Files

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above & have set all the settings accordingly, yet the error message persists, you can try removing all your saved files as a last resort.

Many users have reported that after migrating from Mojang to Microsoft, they face the Chat not allowed by account settings. Cannot send message error message even though they have set all the chat settings correctly. Our best guess is it happens due to sync failure from the Microsoft server side.

In that case, all you can do is remove all your saved files & force a sync with a fresh installer.

Here’s how to resolve this issue by removing all your saved files:

  • Move all files in AppData\Roaming\.minecraft to another folder (OLD).
  • Start the launcher with a blank slate, connect and install the game.
  • Connect to a server to confirm it works.

Once the issue is fixed, you can restore all your old files.

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How to Fix Minecraft Chat Not Showing

Another chat-related issue many users have faced is not being able to see their or other players’ chats in the GUI (Game User Interface). Considering you have enabled all the necessary settings to use the chat function, there are 3 possible reasons why you are unable to see your’s or other players’

Here are the reasons why Minecraft chat is not showing, along with their fixes:

1. Chat Opacity & Size

You can manually optimize the chat opacity & scale according to your preference. But some inexperienced users might change/set these settings incorrectly.

Here are the steps to correctly adjust chat opacity & size in Minecraft:

  • Go to Options from the main menu or press Esc during in-game.
  • Select Chat Settings…
  • Set Chat Text Opacity to 100%.
  • Set Chat Text Size to 100%.

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2. Accidentally Muted The Chat

If you or your friends have their chat settings set to Hidden, you will not be able to see each other’s chat.

Here’s how to unmute chat in Minecraft:

  • Launch Minecraft & enter your server.
  • Press the Esc button on your keyboard.
  • Click on Chat Settings…
  • Click on Chat: Hidden It’ll toggle the option to Chat: Shown.

Make sure both you & your friends have the same chat settings.

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3. Privacy settings for Child Account

If the player is using a child’s account, the default privacy settings in the Microsoft account will automatically prevent chats from showing in the GUI. Even if you have set the privacy settings of the parent’s account to Allow, you’ll still need to do additional steps for the child’s account as well.

Here’s how you can change the child’s account settings to show chats:

  • Log in to with the parent Microsoft account.
  • Select the child account’s profile.
  • Select Xbox One/Windows 10 Online tab and choose to Allow for all the options.
  • Go to the Privacy tab and select Everyone for Others can communicate with voice, text or invites.
  • Click Submit.

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How To Type in Chat in Minecraft

Whether playing with friends or on a public multiplayer server, you will feel the need to communicate with your friends or even strangers effectively. If you’re wondering how to use text chat in Minecraft, read along.

Here are the concise steps to use text chat in Minecraft:

  • Launch Minecraft & enter your desired server.
  • Press T on your keyboard or press right on the d-pad of your controller.
  • Type your message.
  • Press Enter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Minecraft Have Chat Feature?

Yes, Minecraft has a chat feature that you can use to communicate with your friends or other players in multiplayer mode. You can also enable or disable this chat feature if you want.

Can you turn off the chat color in Minecraft?

Yes, you can turn off text chat color in Minecraft. To do that, go to Options > Chat Settings… & click on Colors: ON once.

Is Minecraft public chat safe?

No, there are many players who use spam links & unwanted messages in the public chat, which may be disturbing for some.

Final Words

Since Minecraft doesn’t have built-in VOIP (Voice-over-IP), players can only use text chat to coordinate with other players online. But the problem is that many players often face the Can’t Chat in Minecraft error message when they try to use the chat function in Minecraft.

The most common fix for this issue is to change the default settings by navigating to Options > Chat Settings… & set the settings from Command Only to Shown. You should also set the Microsoft privacy settings to Allow & set your chat Opacity & Size correctly.

That’s about it. We hope this write-up will help you fix the Minecraft chat issue & make your multiplayer gaming sessions more enjoyable.

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