Minecraft Kill Command: Kill All Mobs [Gameplay Guide 2023]

Written By Steven Arends

My fellow Minecraftians, did you know you can remove all items on the ground or kill all mobs in Minecraft with one simple command? It’s an interesting command which can be very handy when there are a lot of mobs spawning in the area.

So what’s this kill command and how can you quickly & effectively use it?minecraft-kill-commandLet’s dive into this article & find out.

How to Use the Kill Command in Minecraft

To use the Minecraft kill mobs command, enable cheats in your Minecraft world and press T or right on the d-pad to open the chat window. Now type /kill @e[type=mobs] and hit the Enter button. You can also just type /kill and hit Enter to kill everything in the game.

A kill command in Minecraft is a special command that allows gamers to kill anything or remove any items from the game. To enter a kill command, simply open the chat window and input a specific kill command with a slash.

But before using any kill commands, you need to enable cheats in Minecraft.

Follow these steps to enable cheats in Minecraft:

Before Creating Minecraft World

  • Launch Minecraft and select Create New World > More World Options…minecraft-create-worldminecraft-more-world-options
  • Click on Allow Cheats: OFF. It should turn into Allow Cheats: ON. This step is for Java Edition.minecraft-allow-cheats-on
  • Toggle on Activate Cheats from the world creation menu if you’re using Bedrock, Education, or Pocket Edition.minecraft-activate-cheats
  • Press Continue if you get prompted with a Turn Off Achievements? Window.minecraft-turn-off-achievements

For Currently Running Minecraft World

  • Press Esc and select Open to LAN.minecraft-open-lan
  • Click on Allow Cheats: OFF to switch it to Allow Cheats: ON. This is for Java Edition. If you’re using Bedrock Edition, press Esc and toggle on the Enable Cheats switch.minecraft-cheats-on

After enabling cheats for Minecraft, simply press T or right on the d-pad to open the chat window and input any kill command you prefer. There are various kill commands you can input to perform different kills or eliminations.

Here’s a list of the kill commands in Minecraft:

        Command PurposeKill Commands in Minecraft
To kill all entities except player/kill @e[type=!player]
To kill the player executing the command/kill @s
To kill item entities/kill @e[type=item]
To kill a certain type of mob/kill @e[type=mobType]
To kill all mobs/kill @e[type=mobs]
To kill all entities within 10 blocks/kill @e[distance=..10] (for Java Edition)

/kill @e[r=10] (for Bedrock Edition)
To kill all creepers within 10 blocks/kill @e[distance=..10,type=creeper] (for Java Edition)

/kill @e[r=10,type=creeper] (for Bedrock Edition)
Instead of using Minecraft kill command generator, you can simply type these commands in chat to execute your desired kill or removal.

But beware! If you type /kill, it will kill every entity in a loaded area of the game including you and your items. So if you don’t want to kill your own player as well, choose a specifying command that will kill a certain target.

In case you accidentally kill your own player, you should know how to keep all the inventories when you die in Minecraft.

How to Kill Mobs in Minecraft

By using the kill @e type command, you can kill mobs manually without any hassle. Not only that, you can remove any leftover items from the mobs to clear out your Minecraft world.

Here are the methods to kill Mobs in Minecraft:

Method 1: Use the Mobs Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Every entity in Minecraft has a unique ID which is shown when the command is being executed.

  • Aim at the mob and type /kill.
  • Input the UUID of the mob.
  • Execute the Command by using kill @e type executable. For example, /kill @e UUID.minecraft-kill-mobs-uuid

Sometimes you may not see the UUID. This may happen due to a bug. Restart Minecraft to debug. However, you cannot use this command in creative mode.

Method 2: Kill a Specific Type of Mob Entity

  • Aim at the mob directly and type /kill.
  • Use @e to target all the entities at once.
  • Type [type=entity category]. For example, if you want to kill all skeletons, input /kill @e[type=skeleton]. This will kill all the skeletons at once.minecraft-kill-specific-mob
  • Execute the Command by pressing the Enter button.

Method 3: Kill all Mobs except Player

  • Type /kill.
  • Use @e to target all the entities.
  • Type [type=!player]. The command should look like this: /kill @e[type=!player]. This will kill all the Mobs in your game.minecraft-kill-mobs-except-players
  • Execute the command by pressing Enter.

If you’re a console player, use the virtual keyboard to type the command and click on Enter.

Supported Platforms for Minecraft Kill Command

The kill command is commonly available in almost all Minecraft platforms. But since the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions are pretty outdated, the kill command isn’t executable on those platforms.

Here’s a quick rundown of supported platforms for Minecraft kill command:

PlatformKill command support(with versions)
Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes, from version 1.3.1 and later.
Pocket Edition (PE)Yes, from version 0.16.0 and later.
PS4Yes, from version 1.14.0 and later.
PS5Yes, from version 1.14.0 and later.
Xbox 360No.
Xbox OneYes, from version 1.2 and later.
Xbox Series X|SYes, from version 1.2 and later.
Wii UNo.
Nintendo SwitchYes, from version 1.5.0 and later.
Education EditionYes, for all versions.

The kill command inputs and their execution are the same regardless of the platform.

What is the Easiest Way to Kill Mobs in Minecraft?

The easiest way to kill mobs in Minecraft is by using the kill command. The command depends on whether you want to kill all players, kill the nearest player, kill any random player, or kill the player running the command.

You can also get a Minecraft kill command block to kill a specific entity. The /kill command block will carry out your commands. You need a Redstone to activate the block. You can also use the command block for different purposes while clearing the field to create a house of your own.

Not only that, using the Minecraft kill entity command on Nintendo Switch or PS5 can come in handy to save your time as well.

On the contrary, if you want to kill the mobs the hard way, grab your diamond sword and kill them one by one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is kill command in Minecraft?

The kill command in Minecraft can be used to eliminate any entity(players, mobs) or remove any items from the game. By default, the /kill command will kill everything in the game, including you.

Does kill @E kill you?

No. The kill @E command won’t kill you in Minecraft. These e-type commands need to be specified and can be used to kill specific entities or items.

How do you do a kill command?

To do a kill command in Minecraft, open the chat window in your game and enter the kill command. There are different kill commands that you can use. Such as, if you want to kill all entities except players, type /kill @e[type=!player].

Final Thoughts

You can’t kill each and every Mob with a Diamond Sword or anything like that. So, it’s easier to use the kill command at once to eliminate all the Mobs.

You may see that the leftover remains for some mobs after you use the commands. Just execute the command twice to remove the Leftovers as well.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. GGWP!

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