How to Find Spawn Chunks in Minecraft

Unable to find spawn chunks in Minecraft?

It’s normal if you face such difficulty.

And in this post, I will be showing you how to find spawn chunks in Minecraft very easily.

So, let’s get started.


What are Spawn Chunks in Minecraft?

The spawn chunks in Minecraft are the 16x16 chunks or 12x12 without calculating the lazy chunks around the spawning world point.

Many Minecraft players don’t even know what spawn chunks are.

The spawn chunks are always loaded and so they are special from others.

But, here is the kicker:

Spawn chunks will only be loaded wherever the player moves in the world.

This is the same for both servers and single player worlds.

Let’s get to know how you can find spawn chunks easily.

How do you find spawn chunks?

Spawn chunks are always loaded and so they are ideal for things you would want all the time. For example, Iron Farm, a redstone contraption etc.

Want to know more?

The spawn chunks replaces items coming through from the end portal or the nether.

So you sometimes need to build a storage system to collect those items and that’s very easy too.

Finding spawn chunks aren’t that difficult but, there are several ways to find them and I will go over them one by one.

First of all, you can use an external third party program called Amidst.


If you enter your seed it will show you the co-ordiantes of your base with the home icon.

But this may be considered a little bit cheaty which is fine because there are two ways to find it in game.

Here is a trick for finding spawn chunks: you can craft a compass and the compass will always point to the center of your spawn chunks.

You just have to follow the needle of the compass until it alters the direction very quickly.

When this happens, you are either at or very close to the central point, so move around for a moment.

After figuring out the center, make a marker to remember where this location is.

Now, respawn.

When you do respawn, it may not be exactly in the middle, so it would be great to get a compass and mark the center as before.

If you are not sure how far away from the spawn chunks you are, press F3 and bring up the debug screen.

Spawn chunks are usually located around X=0 and Z=0 and so if you are several thousand blocks away from it, quickly kill yourself.

So, once you have made it to the spawn chunks, you need to map out where they are as the total size of them is 192X192 blocks. For this you need a lot of disposable items.

As the chunks are already loaded, the items will despawn after five minutes.

Head towards the marker where the compass said is the center then walk away from it in one direction for about 64 blocks.


Throw some cobblestones on the ground.

Keep walking and also throw cobblestones on the ground for another 64 blocks or so.

If you are in single player mode, you will need to go through a nether portal.

Only the spawn chunks and the nether will be loaded, if you are in the nether.

So, you can wait five minutes and all the items will despawn.

If you are on a server, you can do this too or simply log out, as the server still be running.

But, if there are other players online, make sure they are not in the same area.

Then, after five minutes, you can log back in and the items in the spawn chunks will be despawned.

When you return to the overworld, you should see where your trail of items cuts off.

Why so?

It happens because the items in the unloaded chunks would not despawn.

Press F3 and check to see if you are on a chunk border and if you are, then you have successfully found one border of your spawn chunks.

You should mark this with some blocks or cobblestones so that you don’t forget where the chunk is.

You can walk exactly 192 blocks back across your spawn chunks and expand those borders until you have a big square showing the edges of your spawn chunks.


Question: How many diamonds spawn in a chunk in minecraft?
Answer: In minecraft, an average of about 3.7 diamond ore per chunk size area spawn in a chunk.

Question: Are spawn chunks always loaded in minecraft?
Answer: Yes, spawn chunks in minecraft are always loaded with items.

Final Thoughts

Spawn chunks are very easy to find if you follow the steps in this post very carefully.

Once you get the hang of it, it will be easier for you to find more.

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