PS5 Media Remote Not Working [Complete Guide 2024]

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This new era of PlayStation is different. You might be thinking, why am I talking in the air? What is Sony offering that makes them any different from a gaming console? At the end of the day, it is still a gaming console!

Yes, I get it. It is a gaming console, probably the best one out there. But there is something different Sony is doing in this generation. Making it your go-to Entertainment box. Yes, even if you don’t have a smart TV, it can turn into one with a media remote.

Does the PS5 Media Remote take batteries?

Yes, to use a PS5 media remote, you will need two AA batteries. In fact, two batteries are provided with the remote. But if you are wondering, yes, you can use any AA batteries in your PS5 media remote.

I know many of you already bought a PS5 media remote but having trouble setting up one. Or you are here simply because you want to know the details about it.

It is your lucky day. You are in the right place to know all about the PS5 Media Remote.

So keep reading till the end to get your desired solution.ps5-media-remote-not-working

Does PS5 Remote Work on TV?

Yes, it will work on any TV that has the feature HDMI-CEC. A common feature of modern televisions has been the ability to control all connected devices through HDMI using the primary television remote. It is referred to as HDMI-CEC; however, it is recognized by multiple names depending on the television manufacturer.

In the case of Sony, it’s called “Bravia Sync,” while LG’s “Simplink” and Samsung’s “Anynet+” are the more common terms for it. They’re all the same in terms of how they work. If you activate the option in your TV’s settings and on the linked device, you’ll be able to operate all of your devices with only one remote at the same time.

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Now you might be asking why do you need a media remote?

Media capabilities of the PlayStation 5 include the ability to play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and numerous major streaming applications and services. However, using a controller to control media playing is cumbersome due to the fact that it’s difficult to remember which buttons do what.

Media Remote resembles PlayStation 5, but in a smaller, more portable form. Similar to the PS5’s white sides and black center, the stick has a slightly curved white shape with a black band going around the edge. It has a height and width of 5.7 by 1.6 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches.

A directional pad with a pick button is used to navigate menus, while controls for volume, TV power and video playback are also included. You also get the PlayStation home button, which brings up a bar menu meaning the control center of handy tasks at the bottom of the screen like it does on the DualSense controller.

On the bottom of the remote are four specialized shortcut keys for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and Youtube. As long as you press a button, your PS5 will open the app for you, which is extremely convenient. There is no way to re-program these things.

The Media Remote for the PS5 makes it easy to stream your favorite programs, and that’s where it comes in. It’s a PlayStation 5 remote control, and that’s precisely what it is. If you plan to use your PS5 as your primary media streaming device, this $30 add-on is a must-have.

How to Setup PS5 Media Remote

The process of configuring the remote is really simple. It requires a pair of AA batteries to operate, and the PS5’s main menu has an option to connect a remote; after you pick it, you only need to press down two buttons for a few seconds to finish the pairing process.

Don’t feel too overwhelmed by the process. I will simplify it for you.

Here are the steps to setup PS5 media remote:

1. Pair it with PS5

You have to pair your media remote with the PlayStation 5. You cannot just put the batteries in and use them. Although it should be like that way I guess that is something we will see in the future.

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Here are the steps to pair media remote with PS5:

  1. Insert the AA batteries on the media remote.
  2. Turn on the PS5.
  3. Connect your Dual Sense.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. Scroll down to accessories.
  6. Click on media remote.peir-media-remote
  7. Press X on the media remote.
  8. Select next.
  9. Hold down the PS & Options button for 10 secs on the media remote.
  10. Press x on pair to finish pairing.

Now your Media remote will work with your PS5. But you might be thinking about how to pair it with your TV.

2. Pair with your TV

PS5 will automatically recognize your TV. But if it doesn’t, follow the steps down below.

Here are the steps to pair a PS5 media remote with your TV:

  1. Go to accessories.
  2. Click on media remote.
  3. Select your media remote.
  4. Press next to set up with your TV.
  5. Select set up manually.
  6. Search for the brand of your TV.
  7. Press the volume up-down button to test the remote.
  8. Select its working to finish the process.

Search for your TV up until you see your volume button is working. You can try different TV brands as well if the PS5 is finding it hard to recognize your TV.

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How to Fix PS5 Media Remote not Working

I am pretty sure your PS5 media remote is not broken. It is just that you do not know how to configure it and pair it with your PlayStation 5. It should be working at this point if you have paired it with your PS5.

But even after following all the steps, you still cannot use your PS5 media remote, then follow the steps below.

Here are the steps to fix the PS5 media remote not working:

1. Check your Batteries

You might be thinking, hey, I have got a new pair of batteries with the remote. There is no way it should be out of juice!

Well, it happened to me. Once I bought an Xbox controller, the battery that came with it had no power. The whole time I was wondering if I picked a faulty controller. Then one of my friends told me to change the batteries. And to my surprise, it worked. So yes, change the batteries to see if the remote is working or not.

You may ask, How long do PS5 media remote batteries last?

Well, standard AA batteries will last around 12 hours. That means 12 hours of usage should last 3-4 months of usage, but on the other hand, if you buy the cheap AA batteries, they will last for around 5 to 6 hours, meaning 1.5 months or so.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on PS5

Your Bluetooth might be turned off. If your Bluetooth option is turned off on your PlayStation 5, then your PS5 remote won’t work.

Here are the steps to turn on Bluetooth on PS5:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Navigate to accessories.
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Press turn on Bluetooth.turn-on-ps5-bluetooth-accessories

The PlayStation 5 will take a restart. After the restart Pair, your media remote with the PlayStation 5, and it should work.

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3. Enable HDMI Device Link

Even after pairing the remote with the PlayStation 5, it might not work for the TV. I mean your remote will not function properly with your TV. For that, you have to turn on the HDMI device link on your PS5 and HDMI-CEC on your TV.

Here are the steps to enable the HDMI Device link on PS5:

  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Select System.
  3. Go to HDMI.
  4. Turn on HDMI Device Link.
  5. Enable one-touch link.
  6. Enable Power off-link.turn-on-ps5-hdmi-device-link
  7. Go to your TV settings.
  8. Look for HDMI.
  9. Enable HDMI-CEC.

Now your PS5 media remote will also work with your TV. You can power it on-off and also change the volume on your TV. But sadly you can’t change your TV channels.

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Final Thoughts

A PS5 media remote is a must-have accessory if you don’t have a smart TV. Spending 30$ is worth it for sure if you use your PS5 daily.

Hopefully, you can know all about the media controller by reading this guideline.

And for future queries, do reach out to us.

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