Fix Microphone Not Working on PS4 [Working Methods 2024]

Written By Rakibul Hasan

“Enemy on the right”—you’re shouting continuously, but none of your squad members is following you. You died alone and later found that no one was hearing your voice.

Well, you aren’t the only one here. It happened to me also, and trust me, it feels irritating. Then I dug to find the reasons and discovered the PS4 microphone wasn’t working.

After much research, I was able to fix the problem, and in this article, I’ll share how you can resolve the problematic microphone issue on your PS4.microphone-not-working-on-ps4

So, let’s start.

How to Fix Microphone Not Working on PS4

You can fix the microphone working issue on PS4 by plugging the device correctly, changing the audio settings, microphone level, and headphone output settings. Also, updating PS4 firmware, prioritizing party chat, and resetting the controller will resolve the issue.

Unlike the PS5, the PlayStation 4 controller doesn’t have an in-built microphone. It depends on the PS4 headset to communicate.

Sometimes, the login session can have a bug and may not identify the headset correctly. So before jumping to the fix, turn off your PS4 and wait 30 seconds before rebooting the device.

Follow the procedures below if the quick restart doesn’t resolve your microphone issue.

Here are the ways to fix the mic not working on PS4:

1. Change the Angle of the Plug

The first thing we will do is follow our usual instinct! Whenever a headset doesn’t work, we first check if it’s plugged in correctly.

You need to do the same thing for your PS4 mic. Ensure the microphone or headset is plugged in correctly in your PS4 controller. If you see grayed-out Audio settings, change the angle of the microphone plug to establish a connection and make it work.

2. Check the Headset

If changing the plug angle doesn’t fix your microphone, check if the headset works well by inserting it into another device.

A PS4 controller from a different console is the most preferable, as it will help identify if the issue is from your headset, controller, or console.

I once faced an issue with my PS4 controller audio input. I went to my friend’s house to check if my controller had an issue. But luckily, the headset was buggy, and later I managed to fix the issue myself.

In case you find the audio device is problematic, fix the PlayStation headset and make it usable again. However, if the headset is fine, consider following the below steps.

3. Update System Software

Outdated firmware is a common issue for audio on PS4. So, make sure you are on the latest version to get the best support for the bugs and fixes.

Here is the process to update the System Software in PS4:

  • Go to the PS4 Settings.
  • Press on System Software Update.ps4-system-software-update
  • Install the latest update.

After that, restart the PlayStation and check if the microphone issue is fixed for you.

4. Check the Audio Settings

Audio settings are the most crucial when the microphone doesn’t work correctly. You won’t hear anything from your mic if the audio input and output aren’t set correctly.

Ensure the audio input and output settings are set to the external headset, and the volume is decent.

Here are the steps to check the audio settings on PS4:

  • Navigate to PS4 Settings.
  • Click on Devices.ps4-devices
  • Press on Audio Devices.ps4-audio-devices
  • Set the Input Device and Output Device to USB.
  • Increase the Headphone volume.ps4-input-output-settings

Now, check if the microphone works and your friend hears you properly.

5. Adjust the Microphone Level

One of the common reasons behind the mic issue is the low microphone level. Sometimes, users forget to unmute the mic or keep the sound level too low. As a result, the person from the other side can’t hear you properly.

If the mic isn’t working but you can hear, simply increase the sound level to a sweet spot to fix the microphone issue by following the procedures below.

Read the method below to adjust the microphone level on PS4:

  • Go to Devices from Settings.ps4-devices
  • Click on Audio Devices.ps4-audio-devices
  • Press on Adjust Microphone Level.ps4-adjust-microphone-level
  • Increase the Microphone level.ps4-microphone-level

After adjusting the microphone level, check if the audio captures properly and your friend hears you well.

6. Change Headphone Output Settings

The Headphone output settings determine which sound it will play. If it’s set to Chat Audio, you won’t hear, or the others won’t hear your voice.

You must change the PS4 headphone output settings to All Chat by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to Devices from Settings.ps4-devices
  • Press on Audio Devices.ps4-audio-devices
  • Click on Output to headphones.
  • Select All Audio.ps4-output-to-headphone

Now, your microphone or headset should work everywhere, and you’ll be able to communicate without issues.

7. Modify Audio Sharing Settings

The Audio Sharing Settings allow you to capture the microphone audio when recording a clip, broadcasting, or sharing audio with a party.

You must enable the settings to make the microphone work properly during recording and sharing.

Here’s how you can change the Audio Sharing Settings:

  • Navigate to PS4 Settings.
  • Click on Sharing and Broadcasts.ps4-sharing-and-broadcasts
  • Press on Audio Sharing Settings.ps4-audio-sharing-settings
  • Enable all the recording and sharing settings.ps4-change-audio-sharing-settings

The microphone will now work properly and capture your voice while recording or broadcasting video.

8. Prioritize Party Chat

If you are having trouble with the audio and microphone settings, you need to prioritize the party chat to fix the issue.

Follow the procedures below to prioritize party chat on PS4:

  • Press the Home button on your controller.
  • Navigate to Party.
  • Click on Party Settings.
  • Press on Chat Audio.
  • Choose Prioritize Party Chat or Prioritize Game Chat.

Now, the microphone issue will fix, and you can communicate with your party better.

9. Reset PS4 Controller

All the above solutions should solve the issue with your microphone on PS4. However, if the method doesn’t work for you, turn off your PS4 controller and reset it.

Here is the way to reset the PS4 controller:

  • Locate the small reset button at the back of the PS4 near L2.
  • Use a small tool to press the button.ps4-reset-controller

Once you reset the PS4 controller, pair it with your console again and see if the problem is solved.

10. Contact PlayStation

If none of these solutions works, there might be an issue with your PlayStation or controller. Contact PlayStation support for additional instructions or claim the warranty if it’s still active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the mic not working on PS4?

The mic in your PS4 isn’t working because the headset is faulty, uses outdated firmware, and has issues with the audio settings. Also, if the microphone volume is low or disabled the audio sharing settings, the mic won’t work on PS4.

Why can you hear but not talk on my PS4 headset?

You can hear but can’t talk on a PS4 headset because you’ve turned off the microphone or the microphone level is very low. Also, you may not talk if the plug isn’t connected correctly.

How can you increase the microphone level on PS4?

To increase the microphone level in PS4, go to Devices > Audio Devices > Adjust Microphone Level > Increase volume.


Communication is a must when playing multiplayer games with friends on PS4. But if the microphone doesn’t work, it is indeed a big problem.

In this article, I’ve provided effortless and working solutions on how you can fix the PS4 microphone and make it work within a minute.

I hope you’ve found the article helpful and avoided the troublesome situation.


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