How To Fix PS5 Headset Not Working [Best Fixes in 2024]

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Playing the latest Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5 without the nerve-soothing 3D audio will ruin the gameplay entirely. And that could happen suddenly when the headset gets disconnected!

I have been there and spent hours searching the internet for an answer, but you don’t need to. Getting your fix is easy as long as you follow the directions precisely.fix-ps5-wireless--headset-not-working

So let’s fix this!

Why is Your Headset Not Working on PS5?

Your PlayStation headset is not working because of your wireless router. The router is interfering with the signal from your headset, preventing it from connecting to the console. Besides, if your headset is incompatible with the PS5, it won’t work.

When you’re far away from your console and gaming with the headset, other electrical components emitting signals might interfere with the wireless headset. That’s why the headphone couldn’t receive the audio from PS5.

Besides this headphones not working issue, users also experienced cracking and other annoying sounds from the PS5 headphone. As for the wired headsets, compatibility might be the issue. Plus, there might be a problem with the 3.5mm audio port on the controller or in the headphone wire.

How To Fix PS5 Headset Not Connecting

You can simply reset the headset to fix the wireless headphones not connecting issue with PS5. The resetting process is simple & quick for the PULSE 3D, Platinum wireless headset, or others. Also, configure the headset settings from PS5 or disable 3D audio to fix this.

PS5’s 3D Audio is a welcome addition to the system’s new sets of features. It helps players get the most out of their gaming experiences. That’s why so many fans were ready to pick up the Pulse 3D Wireless headset: it adds realistic 3D sound to your games.

In select titles, though, some PS5 owners are already experiencing poor sound quality through their headphones due to hardware limitations.

It appears that the PlayStation’s 3-Dimensional Audio functionality isn’t supported by all titles just yet, which has led to reports of choppy sound emanating from headsets. Ensure that the headset you use is compatible with the PlayStation 5 console.

As a precaution, please check your headset to ensure it works correctly. Test it on a PC or a non-PS5 gaming console. If it works, it’s time to apply the below workarounds to fix the headset not connecting issue on PS5.

Here are the steps to fix ps5 headset:

1. Reset your PlayStation Wireless Headset

If your PlayStation headset is not working, you should probably start resetting them. Many users got their fix just by resetting the headset.

Here’s how to reset the PULSE 3D wireless headset:

  • Switch off the headset.
  • Connect the wireless adapter to a powered USB Type-A port on your PS5.
  • Insert a small pin into the hole around the wireless adaptor’s reset button for at least one second before releasing it.reset-ps5-headset-wireless-adapterreset-sony-ps5-headset-adapter
  • Hold the CHAT and VOLUME+ buttons on the headset at the same
  • Slide the headset’s power switch on while holding the CHAT and VOLUME+ buttons.

The headset and adapter will connect if the reset is successful. Turn up the volume level and check.

Moreover, if you own the Platinum Wireless Headset, you must try the resetting method to fix the same issue.

These are the steps to reset Platinum Wireless Headset:

  • Attach the wireless adapter to the USB cable port on your console.
  • Slide a tiny pin into the hole around the wireless adaptor’s reset button for at least one second before releasing it.reset-ps5-platinum-headset-adapter
  • Hold down the MUTE button on the headset.
  • Slide the power/audio control knob to position 1 or 2 while pressing the MUTE button still.reset-ps5-platinum-headset]

Now try and play something on your PS5 to see if resetting and connecting the headset was successful or not.

If you have the Gold wireless headset, you should follow the underneath steps to reset it.

  • Disconnect and turn off the wireless headset.
  • Plug the wireless adapter into a USB port on your PS5.
  • Push a tiny pin into the hole around the wireless adaptor’s reset button for at least one second before releasing it.reset-sony-ps5-headset-adapter
  • Hold the MUTE and VSS buttons on the headset at the same time.
  • Slide the USB connector to position 1 or 2 while pressing and holding the MUTE and VSS buttons.

Try playing any game to see if your headset is working.

2. Disable 3D Audio Settings

The PlayStation 5 is equipped with the Tempest Engine, allowing 3-Dimensional audio to be played back. This function isn’t available in all PS5 games. Also, the Tempest Engine is not supported in PS4 titles that are backward compatible titles.

Unsupported PS5 3-Dimensional audio features may result in distorted sound in games. If you’re having trouble with your headset, you may try deactivating 3D audio.

Apply these steps to disable 3D audio settings PS5:

  • Select a user profile on your PlayStation 5 after turning it on. This will take you to the main menu of the Home Screen.
  • Choose Settings from the main menu.go-to-ps5-settings
  • Navigate to Sound from the Settings
  • Pick Audio Output. from the sound menu.
  • Scroll down to the “Enable 3D Audio” option. If it’s greyed out, double-check that your headset is connected.
  • Tick off the Enable 3D Audio from the settings.disable-3d-audio-for-headphones-in-ps5
  • Save the settings.

Now launch any game to see if your headset is working correctly. If your headset is still not working, try the next fix.

3. Configure Headset Settings on PS5

If you haven’t configured the settings on the PS5 for your headset, it might be why your headset is not functioning.

So follow these steps to configure headset settings on PS5:

  • Go to Settings.go-to-ps5-settings
  • Navigate to
  • Select the Microphone input device to your headset and adjust your Microphone
  • Move on to Audio Output.
  • Select your headset as the Output device.choose-ps5-wireless-headset-as-audio-output-device
  • Turn on the Switch output device automatically.
  • Save the settings.

You have now successfully configured your headset settings on PS5. Turning on the switch output device automatically will help you out when you switch to your tv soundbar.

Apart from this headset not working on PS5, sometimes PS5 alone doesn’t output any sound for some obvious reasons. But you can solve the PS5 not outputting any sound problem by applying several methods.

How To Fix PS5 Headset Mic Not Working

It’s not that uncommon if your PS5 headset mic might stop working. To fix this, first, you must check whether the headset works fine by connecting it to other devices. Plus, set the headset’s mic as the default output device for PS5.

Sometimes microphone audio level gets lowered to the lowest, and that’s another reason. That’s why you must go to the microphone settings and check the microphone level. If it’s set to the lowest, increase the level. Now let’s do some tweaking.

Here are the methods to solve the PS5 headset mic not working:

1. Check the Headset’s Microphone

If the headset’s microphone isn’t picking up your voice while it’s paired with PS5, try to connect the Bluetooth headphone to PS5 again. Also, connect the headset to other devices, such as a PC, and check the headset’s mic.

Ensure that the headset mic mute button isn’t pressed or enabled.

2. Set the Headset Mic as the Default Output Device

When you connect the headset the first time with PS5, the mic might not work. That’s because it’s not selected as the default audio output device. But within a minute, you can set that too.

Here are the steps to set up the headset mic as the default output device:

  • Go to PS5 Settings.
  • Navigate to Sound >
  • Click on the Input Device option.
  • Choose and select the headset that you’re using.set-headset-as-default-microphone-input-device-on-ps5

3. Adjust Headset Microphone Level

Sometimes headset mic just works fine, but due to the microphone level being set to the lowest, PS5 won’t be able to pick the voice. If that’s the case, adjust the microphone level settings.

Follow the steps below to adjust the PS5 headset microphone level:

  • Press the PlayStation button from the controller while you’re on the home screen.
  • Open up the quick menu and select Mic from the bottom right.
  • Make sure the wireless headset is selected as the default one.
  • Select the Adjust Mic Level option.
  • Adjust the Microphone Level to a good point.adjust-microphone-level-on-ps5

How Does PS5 3D Audio Work with any Headphones

The new Tempest 3D AudioTech engine on the PS5 provides revolutionary 3-Dimensional audio. If you want to simulate sounds coming from several directions simultaneously, you may use this method to do just that.

A 3-Dimensional audio headset should allow gamers to immerse themselves in the game without having to think about it too much. You’ll notice amplification in the vicinity of noise sources, and enemy footsteps are now very clear.

Players should hear three-dimensional sounds originating from above and below and all around the user if 3D audio is implemented correctly.

I believe this feature makes the PS5 Pulse 3D headphones worth the money spent on them.

A 3D audio-capable headset such as the Pulse 3D Wireless headset offers you an edge over the competitors. For backward-compatible titles from PlayStation 4 or earlier, you’ll find that it isn’t working as well.

Also, check out our separate post on how to fix PS5 error code wc-365475.

Final Thoughts

It is frustrating if your headset doesn’t work when you need to communicate with your friends. But hopefully, with this troubleshooting guide, you fixed your PS5 Headset not functioning.


Why is your mic not working but your headset is on PS5?

Sometimes you can hear sounds from the PS5-connected headset, but the mic isn’t working at all. If that’s the case, ensure the Mute button on the headset isn’t pressed or enabled. Also, make sure the other recording device isn’t set as the default one except the headset mic.

Can you mute the PS5 controller’s mic?

There is a small flat button under the PS button. Press that flat button to mute or unmute the controller’s built-in mic. If you hold that button for a long the sound gets muted, and pressing that flat button once only mute or unmute the controller mic.

What is 3D audio in PS5?

The 3D audio in PS5 gives the gamers real gaming audio vibe that the gamer is actually in the game. With 3D sound enabled in PS5, the in-game noise sources are amplified, and you will hear enemy footsteps crystal clear.

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