How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5 [3 Easy Ways 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

Can you imagine how effortless it has become to enjoy music thanks to Bluetooth? Just pop open your earbuds, and you are good to go.

Well, coming to the PS5, does it also connect to the headsets in the same way? The answer, unfortunately, is both yes and no.connect-bluetooth-headphones-to-ps5

So let me answer all your burning questions and pave your way to using wireless earbuds with your PS5.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

To connect a Bluetooth Headphone/earbud with your PS5, you will need a Bluetooth Adapter. It looks similar to a USB dongle you have been using for your wireless keyboards and mice.

Now, if I’m correct, the PS5 does come with Bluetooth, right? This is the first thing you might ask.

Yes, it does. However, you can only use it to connect the DualSense 5 controller and officially supported peripherals to the PS5. Which also includes the Bluetooth headsets natively supported by the PS5.

So, if you bought any of the official wireless headsets, just connect it to your PS5, and you are good to go. If you do not have one, a Bluetooth adapter will connect any wireless Headphones to your PS5.

Let’s move on to the configuration part now.

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These are the ways to connect your Bluetooth Headphones to PS5:

Using the Official Supported Headsets

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to Bluetooth headphones officially supported by PS5. The Pulse 3D headphones are made specifically for the next-gen console. Even the earlier Bluetooth headsets for the PS4 should work with PS5.

All these headphones come with a USB adapter. You need to plug it into the PS5 and pair them.

Here are the steps to connect an official wireless headset to the PS5:

  • Plug the USB adapter onto the front USB port of the PS5. ps5-official-usb-adapter
  • Turn on the Pulse 3D headphones.pulse-3d-pairing-mode
  • Notice when the LED on both adapter and the headphones turn white. pluse-3d-ps5-connection-succesful

That’s it. No need for any additional configuration. Any audio played on the PS5 will be transmitted to the headphones. Best of all, you can even control the volume by pressing the dedicated buttons right from the headphones.

Using a Bluetooth Adapter

For any unsupported Bluetooth headphones, using a third-party Bluetooth audio adapter will ensure the connection to the PS5. Along with the pairing process, you also need to change the audio stream so that the PS5 transmits to Bluetooth instead of the loudspeaker.

Follow the steps to connect any Bluetooth headphones to a PS5:

  • Connect the USB adapter to the front USB port of the PS5.
  • Press the button on the adapter until you see the LED blinking. bluetooth-adapter-on-ps5
  • Put the headphones in pairing mode by pressing the dedicated button built into it.
  • Wait till you see a solid color on both LEDs. bluetooth-headphones-ps5-connection-succesful

By now, your Bluetooth headphones are successfully connected to the PS5. But can you hear any audio output from the UI or games? Because PS5’s audio needs to be changed to use the connected Bluetooth headphones.

Here are the steps to change the PS5 audio output:

  • Click the gear icon from the home screen and go to Sounds. ps5-settings
  • Now, navigate to Audio Output > Output Device.
  • Select USB Headphones from the list. ps5-switch-audio

Now you should start getting the audio from your PS5.

However, this setup disables the built-in microphone on the DualSense 5 controller. To mitigate this, most Bluetooth audio devices give you a microphone adapter as an accessory. Just plug the 3.5 mm microphone into the earphone jack on your PS5 controller, and the voice chat should start working immediately.

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Using Bluetooth on Your TV

This method uses built-in Bluetooth on today’s smart TV. Since the OS used by most manufacturers is based on Android TV, connecting your Bluetooth headset will be similar to connecting any wireless device with your smartphone. Just navigate to the Bluetooth settings of your TV and pair it with your headphones.

For older televisions with or without Bluetooth, you can always use the USB Bluetooth adapter. Now, if there are no USB ports present, use the stereo/audio out jack for this purpose. Some Bluetooth adapters provide this option.

In this case, plug the 3.5 mm jack from the adapter into the audio out port of your TV. You also need to power the adapter as the TV does not come with USB ports. For this, using any USB to Micro-USB adapter and any old Micro USB charger will do the trick. The image below shows you the order of the connections you need to make.

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Does the PS5 Support Bluetooth Audio?

The PS5 does not support the transmission of audio using its built-in Bluetooth chip. With the hardware at its disposal, this should not pose any issues. But Sony chose not to include this feature.

Bluetooth 5.0 supports many modern codecs that provide crystal-clear audio. But the reason Sony excluded this feature is because of the latency associated with the audio. As the connection is wire-free, there will be some delay when you press a button on a controller, and the resulting audio reaches you later. The overall gaming experience reduces. Just think how you would feel if Kratos got a killer blow from Thor, only for you to listen to the delayed audio a few seconds later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5 without an adapter?

You cannot connect any Bluetooth headphones to PS5 without a Bluetooth audio adapter. This is true for the official and any unofficial Bluetooth headphones. However, you can connect the wireless headphone to the PS5 controller using a 3.5 mm jack, thus sacrificing the portability.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5?

Plug the Bluetooth adapter on the PS5. Press the pairing button on the adapter and the Bluetooth headphone to pair them. If you do not get audio out from the headphones, go to Settings > Sounds > Audio Output > Output Device and select USB Headphones.

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to the PS5 controller?

Yes, the PS5 controller can connect to any earphone using its 3.5 mm jack. You can also connect a Bluetooth headphone if it has this port built into it.


Wireless headphones are a great way to enjoy games and music without disturbing others in the house. Why reduce the volume when you can listen to it privately?

Thankfully with PS5, you can use any Bluetooth headphones. And if your budget allows, go for the Pulse 3D headphones by Sony for the complete immersive experience.

Hope you had a great time reading this piece. Until next time, it’s goodbye.

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