How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last in 2024: Worth Changing?

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Now the next generation consoles are out there in the market, and everybody is enjoying their beloved PlayStation5. Do you know what is elevating the experience of new-gen gaming?

PS5 Controller Aka the Dual Sense.

The Dual Sense controller is not just futuristic; every aspect of it screams next

How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last?

Dual Sense controller can last around 6 hours on full usage. PlayStation 5 games will drain the battery fast because of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. You can get more battery time if you dim the light bar and set the haptic and adaptive triggers on medium.

Hey, we all want to enjoy the PlayStation 5 as much as possible, and that is why we need our Dual Sense or the PS5 controller to last long.

Well, don’t you worry, I have got the exact tips and tricks so that you can play with your Dual Sense for a long period of time.

So keep reading till the end to get your solution.

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Why Is My PS5 Controller Dying So Fast?

Your PlayStation 5 controller is dying so fast because you are using the controller with full force. If you are using the controller with haptic feedback and triggers on full settings, then it will draw out more power than usual.

When I got my PlayStation 5, the first thing I tried was Astros PlayRoom. I mean, who wouldn’t. If you are broke buying the console and don’t have any money to buy another game, then you would obviously give Astro’s playroom a shot.

Not going to lie; even if you bought some of the launch titles of the PlayStation 5, like Miles Morales and Demon souls, you should give Astro’s PlayRoom a chance.  The game is fantastic. The game is a showcase for PlayStation 5. Like what’s in the PlayStation 5 how it works. The same goes for the controller. It will take you on tour and tell you what things you are getting with the PlayStation 5.

The game starts with the touch bar feature, which is when you get in touch with haptic feedback. You will feel the flat surface on your hand while the Astro bot is walking. Then after a while, you discover the adaptive triggers while climbing the wall. Fascinating right!

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So these are the main features Sony included in their controller, a massive upgrade from the Dual Shock. It is so impressive that even Xbox CEO got inspired, and they are thinking of launching new sets of Xbox controllers, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. From the outside, the only drawback is this is white in color. So people with sweaty hands get a silicon cover.

Now the bad side. The battery life. See, it’s not a big surprise the battery life would be pretty less, mainly because of these features. But now that I am using the controller, it feels a lot less. I mean, if you play 7 or 8 hours daily, you have to charge the controller twice. That is a bummer. And if you don’t have an additional controller, then you are done.

Many people got good enough backup at the launch, which got me excited initially, only to realize that you had to cut down some features to get decent battery life. I don’t know I like the feature, but at the same time, I don’t want to waste my time charging the controller and sit idle. No offense, it feels great, the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback, but maybe I prefer the battery life more.  So if you are not getting good enough battery backup, perhaps the new feature had to take the blame for it.

How Do I Make My PS5 Controller Last Longer

Sony promised us that the new PS5 controller would be coming with new features and a decent battery backup. I mean, they kept the first promise. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are next-gen features to improve your gaming experience. But the battery backup?

I don’t think so. Getting an average of 6 ain’t great. At least to me.

But obviously, it varies. Some people got 12 hours of backup from the PS5 controller. I mean, I thought it was a hoax at first, then many people came through and said that it was true. It took me a while to figure out the secret behind it. But I finally cracked it. I will be explaining how you can get a better battery life from your Dual Sense. So follow the procedure step by step.

Here are the steps to make the PS5 controller last long:

1. Update The DualSense

This is the first thing you should do. Updating your controller will come up with improvements and good battery backup.dualsense-update

Here are the steps to update the Dual Sense controller:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 5.
  2. Connect to the internet.
  3. Go to the notification tab.
  4. Connect the controller using a cable.
  5. Click on the update notification.

Do not turn off the PlayStation 5 or unplug the Dual Sense from the PS5, or it might brick the controller. Wait for a while to finish updating the controller. After the update, give your controller another go to see if there is any improvement.

If not, follow the next method.

2. Customise Adaptive and Haptic Feedback Features

Your Controller is draining a lot of battery because of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features. Turning them off or adjusting them would increase the battery life. A lot of people did that and got their fix.haptic-feedback-dualsense-menu

Here are the steps to turn off adaptive and haptic feedback features:

  1. Press the PS button on the controller.
  2. Go to accessories from the control panel.
  3. Select controller.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. Press X on Vibration Intensity. Set it on Weak.
  6. Set Trigger Effect Intesity to Weak.
  7. Dim brightness of controller indicators.
  8. Save the settings.

This will increase your battery performance and will get around at least 10 hours of backup. I personally turned off the Trigger effect intensity. Mainly because of the battery backup, and another reason would be this trigger will give you a nightmare in online FPS games.

3. Turn Off The Controller

Your Dual Sense might be eating a lot of battery sitting idle. If you don’t turn off the controller and keep it running the whole day, it will eventually run out of battery even without playing anything. So turn off the controller when you are not playing.

Well, you can now turn off the controller automatically. So no extra burden.

Here are the steps to turn off the PS5 controller automatically:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Navigate to the system.
  3. Drop down to power saving.
  4. Set the time until the controller turns off.

You can set the time for 10 mins. So after 10 mins if you are not doing anything with the controller, it will turn off automatically.

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4. Reset The Controller

If you are still getting poor battery backup from your controller, then you should reset it. It is really easy to reset the controller.reset-ps5-controller

Here are the steps to reset the PS5 controller:

  1. Turn off the controller.
  2. Go to the backside of the controller.
  3. Locate the hole near the sony logo.
  4. Insert a pin and hold down for 5 secs to reset.

After the reset, turn on the controller and click on your user account. Now see if the controller is working fine or not.

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Is it bad to leave the PS5 controller plugged in?

It depends. Sony claims the Dual sense has an Intelligent charging option that can turn off the power going inside Dual Sense after it is fully charged. That means it will cut off the power automatically when it is done charging. That means you can leave the controller plugged in.

PlayStation 5 dual sense controller comes with a 1500 mAH lithium battery. And we all know a thing or two about lithium batteries. It doesn’t last long. So if you don’t want to give the extra battery burden, it would be better to unplug the controller after it is done charging.

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Final Thoughts

The PlayStation 5 controller plays a very important role when it comes to the next-gen experience.

I hope with this guideline you can fix your issue.

And if you still have any queries, you can always reach out to us.

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