How Do I Know If My Email Was Recalled in Outlook [2022]

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I believe you pressed the send button by mistake at one point, and now you regret it.

You desperately want to change or delete the email and want to know if it worked. But you don’t know the procedure.

Outlook can help you by recalling the email at that moment. You can quickly remove the message from the recipient’s inbox or replace it with a new

You feel relieved after recalling the email. But are you sure your message is recalled successfully?

In this article, I will tell you how to know your email is successfully recalled and the conditions behind a successful recall.

Read the full article to know if your email was recalled successfully.

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How to Recall Email in Outlook

Recalling an email on Outlook allows the user to delete a sent email or replace the sent email with a new one. It gives the chance to correct the mistake of sending an email without any file, information, or an incorrect recipient.

Recalling an email can be life-saving sometimes. But, do you know how to recall an email in Outlook?

Here are the steps to recall an email in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to the Sent Mail from the left folder pane.
  • Double click on the email you want to recall.
  • Select the Message tab from the top.
  • Tap on Actions.
  • Press on Recall This Message. recall-this-message
  • Choose delete or replace with a new email.

Type a new email and send. It will replace your old email with the new one.

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How Do I Know if My Email Recall Was Successful

Enable the success or fail notification to know if your email is successfully recalled. Additionally, Outlook will show a message in front of the recalled email title. Read the following procedure to know and enable the recalling option.

Here are the steps to know if an email recall was successful:

  • Open the Sent Mail.
  • Click twice on the email.
  • Tap on the Message option and select Actions.
  • Select Recall This Message.
  • Choose between delete and replace.
  • Tick the box labeled Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient.
  • Press OK. success-fail

A successful recalled email will show a Message Recall Success message in front of the subject. If you get this notification, you are lucky enough. Your email was deleted or replaced by the recipient.recall-successBut before that, go through our epic guide on disable Outlook deleting confirmation message.

Conditions to Recall an Email

A lot of times, email recall fails. Luck may not give a helping hand every time.

There are different conditions behind your failed recall. If any of those criteria aren’t fulfilled, your message won’t be deleted or replaced by the recipient.

Before recalling an email, you should know the conditions unless you don’t want to mess up again.

Here are the conditions of a successful email recall:

  • Send the email to someone within your organization.
  • Your organization is using Microsoft Exchange Account.
  • The recipient hasn’t read the email.
  • The sender and receiver both are using Outlook applications.
  • Not using Outlook Web.
  • The email hasn’t moved from the inbox.
  • Azure Information Protection doesn’t protect your email.

If these conditions are fulfilled, your email recall will be successful. Otherwise, Outlook will fail to delete from the recipient side.

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What Happens if the Condition doesn’t Meet?

Outlook won’t delete your sent email from the receiver’s inbox if the conditions don’t meet. A Message Recall Failure notification will show in front of the subject. In the picture below, you can see the failure message in front of the email title.message-recall-failureAn email titled Recall will go to the recipient’s inbox, and the original email won’t get deleted. If you try multiple times, one additional email will go to the receiver each time. The picture below shows an example of a failed recall attempt from the recipient’s inbox.receivers-inboxUsing an IMAP or POP3 account won’t work in email recall. Check the account type before sending a recall request.

Here is the process to check account type:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Press on File from the top left.
  • Select Account Settings.
  • Check account type in the Email section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a recall notice in outlook?

It can take several minutes to recall an email. By that time, recipients can open and see the email.

Can someone see if you tried to recall an email?

There will be no trace of the original email if your recall is successful.

Why does message Recall fail in Outlook?

Message recall fails if the message is already opened by the receiver, moved or deleted from the recipient’s mailbox, and for not using a valid account.

A Final Thought

The recall is a savior if you use it perfectly. Following the appropriate technique can save you from unwanted regret.

There is no guarantee the recipient won’t get your email. Most of the time, it can fail if you don’t follow the proper approach.

In this article, I’ve provided the steps to recall and the valid conditions to use them. After reading this article, I hope you will know when you recalled an email in Outlook.


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