Outlook not Marking Emails as Replied [3 Verified Fixes 2024]

Written By Farhan Max

Did you ever reply twice to a single email from your inbox? And each time, the replies are pretty much the same? Well, though that seems irrational, I did that.

When you’re managing loads of clients worldwide through email, and your email management software (that’s Outlook in my case) can’t differentiate which messages are replied to or not replied to, falling into that unusual situation is mostly possible.outlook-not-marking-emails-as-replied

Just imagine how unprofessional that scenario was, two similar emails within an hour and an apology message immediately after those!

Trust me! You don’t wanna confront that embarrassing state, especially in your early career.

To elude that, your Outlook client needs some fixing to ensure your replied emails are correctly marked. And this article is all about those fixes.

Let’s begin.

How to Fix Emails not Marked as Replied in Outlook

Outlook server being down is the most common reason behind its not marking emails as replied to. In addition, third-party software’s interference with Outlook, existing corrupted files in the installation directory, and an outdated Outlook client can trigger the issue.

Solving the marking emails as replied issues won’t be easy if you don’t pay attention to the following solutions.

But before that, I want you to check whether the Outlook server is up or not. Sometimes, the Outlook server remains unreachable due to maintenance or other relevant works. That’s when every email you’ve replied to appears as unread/not replied. Hence, keeping an eye on whether the Outlook server is functional or not is the first priority.

Let’s move to the following procedures that you should try to resolve Outlook, not marking emails as replied to.

Here are the methods to solve emails not marked as replied in Outlook:

1. Modify Outlook View Settings

View ribbon on the Outlook client introduces different perspectives of how you want to customize items in that folder. For instance, how you prefer arranging the inbox.

If the view setting isn’t correctly optimized, you might face that your send items aren’t marked as replied. Change the following settings in the view tab to get rid of the issue.

Here are the steps to modify the view ribbon in MS Outlook:

  • Launch the Outlook client from your desktop.
  • Move to the View tab from the dashboard.
  • Click on the Current View drop-down menu and select view settings.view-settings
  • Select columns from the Advanced view settings.collumns
  • Locate Icons, Attachment in Show these columns in this order section.
  • Add those items from the Available columns folder if you can’t find them in the Show column.show-colums

Note: To add columns from the Available columns folder, click on the item you want to include, then tap on Add -> button.

Including those items on your view ribbon will resolve emails not labeled as replied to. But, if the items are already included in the show folder yet you’re facing the issue, the following section will resolve it.

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2. Reset Outlook

Resetting the Outlook client application is the ideal alternative when modifying the View ribbon didn’t bring any positive outcome.

Here are the steps to reset the Outlook client in a jiffy:

  • Launch the run prompt from your computer by pressing Windows + R button simultaneously.
  • Type in outlook.exe /cleanviews and hit Enter.clean-views

All settings, including your Outlook account, will be reset once you type this command. Make sure you save everything necessary beforehand.

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3. Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe mode allows you to launch the preferred application in the basic state. That gives the opportunity to identify issues and resolve them.

Running Outlook in safe mode cancels all the extended rules and critical system issues that hinder proper functionality.

Here are the steps to run Outlook in safe mode:

  • Press Windows + R key to open the run command.
  • Type in outlook.exe /safe in the box and press Enter.safe
  • Navigate to File from the dashboard after launching.
  • Select Options from the bottom list > Add-ins.add-ins
  • Click on Manage list > select Go.
  • Uncheck the existing add-ins and click Ok.un-check
  • Restart the Outlook client after you uncheck an add-in.

Note: Try removing the add-ins in an orderly. Check which plugin is causing you trouble with this method.

Relaunch the application to check whether the issue persists or not. Try out the following solution if yes.

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4. Reconfigure Outlook Profile

If your Outlook profile isn’t well-configured, you might notice that replied label isn’t showing on your emails. Resetting your Outlook profile is going to resolve that issue.

Here’s the procedure to reconfigure your Outlook profile:

  • Launch Outlook and move to the file section.
  • Navigate to Account Settings > Account settings.account-settings
  • Tap on the email address that you want to delete in the Email tab.
  • Click Remove while the email account’s been selected.remove
  • Relaunch Outlook and move to the File section again.
  • Click on Add account and provide valid information to re-login.

You are all set. Your emails will be marked as replied as soon as you reply to an email from your inbox.

These are the most valid and proven solutions that you should come across. And if you have further queries regarding the matter, check out the following section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show emails as replied in Outlook?

Launch run prompt > Type Outlook.exe/cleanviews > Press Enter. Outlook client will be reset, and you can see emails as replied.

Why is Outlook not showing my replies?

Perhaps your messages have not been saved in the same email folder. That’s why Outlook is not showing the replies folder.

How do you show if an email has been replied to?

The purple arrow means you replied to a message, Blue arrow means your messages have been sent.

Wrapping Up

Outlook is a completely hassle-free program for maintaining your inbox unless you tweak the settings in a complex way.

Reading the steps I mentioned above will resolve the issue you’re getting stressed about. However, if anything feels complicated throughout the process, feel free to ask in the comment box. My team will be happy to assist you.

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