How to Recall an Email in Outlook [3 Quick Solutions 2023]

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Sometimes we send the wrong message to the wrong person, but like a mobile communication app, there is no unsend or delete option in the Email.

But luckily, there is a recall option available on Outlook, and with this feature, you can easily recall your wrong message from the client.

It is common to send an inappropriate message to someone you don’t want. Most of us regret it when this hazard happens. Always remember mistakes can happen to anyone. Recall the message and change some settings and you are all

By the end of this article, you will be able to recall unwanted sent messages and save yourself from embarrassment.

Without skipping, read the full article to find out how to recall email. Let’s start!

How to Recall a Sent Email on Outlook

Recalling an email is a fantastic feature that can save your image in front of a recipient. Accordingly, if you want to recall your sent message, you must open the message, select the file option and choose the recall option.

Here are the steps to recall a sent email in Outlook:

1. Recall with More Move Option

There are two separate ways, the help of which you can recall a sent email. The first one is stated below.

Here are the steps to recall email with more move options:

  • Open the Outlook app.
  • Move to the Sent Mail section.
  • Double-click on the message you want to recall.
  • Click on the More Move options. more-move-option-to-recall
  • Select the Recall This Message option.
  • Choose the Delete Unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies and Replace With a New Message tick boxes from the popup window. recall-message-window
  • Select the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient tick box.
  • Hit the OK button.

The sent message is recalled from the participant, but if the participant has already seen the message, the recall process will not succeed.

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2. Recall with File Info Option

The alternative way with which you can recall a sent message is using the File Info option. You can use this option to enter the recall system from Outlook and change it if necessary.

Here are the steps to recall a sent email on Outlook with the File Info option:

  • Launch the Outlook app.
  • Navigate to the Sent Mail section.
  • Double-click on the email you want to recall.
  • Move to the File option. open-mail-file-option
  • Select the Info section. file-info-recall-option
  • Choose the Message Resend and Recall option.
  • Select the Delete Unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies and Replace With a New Message option. recall-message-window
  • Check the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient box.
  • Click on the OK option.

Now you can recall your message. This process is only applicable when you are a PC client. If you are a web user, it will not work. I will give you an alternative web workaround to undo a sent message in the following heading, so follow through.

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Alternative Ways Instead of Recall

When your participants receive and see your email, then there is no way to remove all that from their minds. Therefore you can modify your Outlook so that immediately after sending a wrong message, you can undo that.

Here are the alternative ways you can use to unsend an email on Outlook:

1. Increase Sent Time

You can change the rules of your Microsoft Outlook according to your needs. For instance, increase the sent time, and that will give you a short window to realize your mistake and unsent the wrong message.

Here are the steps to change the rule of Outlook and increase sent email time:

  • Open the Outlook program.
  • Move to the File option.
  • Click on the Manage Rules & Alerts from the Info section.outlook-rules-and-alert
  • Select the New Rule option.create-new-rule
  • Choose the Apply rule on messages I send option and click the Next button.apply-rule-on-message-outlook
  • Click on the Next option when a window appears and confirm with the Yes button because we don’t need any functions from this
  • Select the defer delivery by a number of minutes option and set your desired mail delivery time. defer-delivery-time-outlook
  • Select the Next button and finish the process.

The new message delivery time is now activated, and if you sent a wrong message, you could unsend it within this spared time.

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2. Undo Sent Message from Outlook Web

Outlook web doesn’t offer the recall option; instead, you can set a undo sent message time. To set the time, you must move to the settings and modify it accordingly.

Here are the steps to undo a sent message from Outlook web:

  • Launch the Outlook web application.
  • Click on the Settings option. outlook-web-settings
  • Select the View all Outlook settings option. view-all-outlook-settings-web
  • Choose the Compose & reply section under the Layout section.
  • Scroll down and set your Undo Send time.web-undo-send-option

Enabling this Undo send will give you a short time to undo the email after you have sent it. Use this feature instantly to clear your message mistakes.

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3. Apologize

We often regret sending an inappropriate message, but the simple solution is that you can apologize to the person. This is the most humane thing to do, and it will increase the trust among participants.

Bluntly I would recommend apologizing to the recipient and telling that person it was a mistake.

When Does Recall Not Work?

When the message is in the public folder, the recipient most likely will see the message hence the recall will fail. Also, when the mail is merged with multiple participants, and at least one of them saw the mail, then the recall process breaks.

In simpler words, the recall will work only when the recipient does not see the message. So this process totally depends on the participants.

Here are the steps required to recall a mail:

  • You and the participant should be on the exchange server.
  • Mailboxes on the recipient side should be open in order to complete the recall process.
  • The recipient must not read the email.
  • Rule and the spam filter should be available.
  • In some cases, readers might need to give access when the recall process is happening.

Once you meet the requirements to recall, you can easily revoke the sent message on Outlook.

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How Long Does It Take To Recall A Message?

Several minutes is the time required to finish the recall process. However, if the recipient reads the mail, all the functions will go in vain. Then the only option left out there is to apologize.

Can you recall an email already sent?

Yes, you can immediately recall an email you have already sent if the reader has not opened the mail.

Can you recall an email in Outlook without the recipient knowing?

Yes, if the recall process is successful, the recipient will never know you retrieve an email.


Once you accidentally send the wrong message to the incorrect person, there is an option to recall that mail. You can use the More move options or the File Info section to retrieve that message.

This operation will only be successful when the reader has not seen the mail. However, if this process fails, you can increase your sent time and enable the Undo Sent option from Outlook web. Above all, you can directly apologize to the recipient.

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