Fix Discord Update Failed Loop on Mac [6 Proven Methods]

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Although Discord has a massive team behind it, pumping out bug-fixing updates occasionally. However, a few sneaky little bugs are still seen on the Discord application.

And one of them is getting caught in the infinite update failed loop. Last month my Discord was affected by the Discord update loop and while looking for a solution, I found it pretty straightforward.update‌-‌failed‌-‌discord‌-‌mac‌-‌easy‌-‌fix‌

In this article, I’ll show 6 effortless methods for the Discord update error on macOS. So, let’s get started!

Why does Discord on Mac Keep Saying the Update Failed?

Discord on Mac cannot update or fail to update because of software glitches, outages of the Discord server, network glitches, etc. When the Discord server is down, the Discord updater fails to update the program, leading to the stuck-on-updating forever issues.

Sometimes, the lack of device storage can also lead to the macOS Discord app being stuck in the “Update Failed” loop. Check the following list of reasons for a better understanding.

Here are the reasons of Discord on Mac Keep Saying the Update Failed:

  • Issues with Discord Server.
  • Software Glitch.
  • Unstable Internet Connection.
  • Lack of Storage.
  • Improper Administrative Privileges.

Remember, finding the reason behind the Discord checking for updates loop is essential. Half of the task is already done once you know the reason behind the problem. To resolve the issue, let’s move on to the next section.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error on Mac

To fix the Discord keeps saying the update failed on the Mac issue, try restarting your device. Besides, check whether the Discord server is down or not, delete the cache, transfer Discord files to a different folder, add DNS servers, update the application, or try reinstalling the app.

Sometimes the most straightforward solution hides right under our noses. So why not rule out the most effortless solutions first?

Your Discord app may get stuck because of lag, and restarting your Mac may fix the problem. So restart your device and see if Discord is updating as intended.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these methods briefly.

Here are the methods to fix the Discord update failed error on Mac:

1. Check Discord Server Status

There are times when the problem is not with your Mac at all. Instead, Discord servers may get down and cause you to face the Discord update failed loop issue. So do check the servers and determine whether the problem is with your Mac or their servers.

Here are the steps to check the Discord server status:

  • Open any internet browser.
  • Go to
  • Check if all the servers are in green or not at your current time.check-discord-server-status-mac-discord

If you see any orange or red color, you are facing potential server downs, and the solution is to simply wait for discord servers to get up and running again.

In case the servers are all green, the problem is with your Mac, and you need to check the following methods.

2. Clear Discord Cache Files

Corrupted or damaged cache files can trap Discord in the update failed loop. So, deleting all the cache files will force Discord to download new and fresh cache files directly from their servers.

Here’s how to delete Discord cache files on your Mac:

  • Go to Finder and head over to the Go section.
  • Type in ~/Library/Application Support/discord in the appeared window and click Go.library-application-support-discord-mac
  • Find the folders named Cache, GPUCache, and Code Cache.mac-discord-cache-gpucache-and-code-cache
  • Select these folders and move them to the trash or bin.
  • Go to the Dock, right-click on Trash, and hit Empty Trash to delete the cache files.

For convenience, restart your Mac and try running Discord. It will automatically bring out new cache files and hopefully fix the update issue for you.

Corrupted cache files of Discord can also lead to other issues, like messages failing to load on Discord or Discord camera loading forever.

Note: If you are using an old macOS and an older version of Discord, you may face problems, as they have mentioned that their new Discord versions do not run on older macOS and will work on macOS 10.11 and up (El Capitan) or above. So ensure you have updated to the latest macOS to fix the Discord update issues.

3. Move Discord Contents to a New Folder

Transferring the contents of the installed Discord program to a different folder and giving that folder the .app extension can solve the Discord update decline error.

Follow the instructions below to move Discord contents to a new folder:

  • Open Finder and go to the Applications tab.
  • Right-click on an empty space and select New Folder.mac-apps-new-folder
  • Rename the folder as Discord.discord-folder
  • Right-click on the Discord app and click on Show Package Contents.discord-package-contents
  • Copy the Contents folder and paste it into the folder named Discord.copy-discord-contents
  • Select the Discord folder and press cmd + I on the keyboard.
  • Open your browser, search for the Discord icon, and copy an icon.copy-discord-icon
  • Paste the Discord icon in the Discord Info dialog box.paste-discord-icon
  • Right-click on the Discord app and click on Move to Trash.discord-move-to-trash
  • Enter in the Name & Extension field.
  • Click on Add on the confirmation popup.discord-app-extension-add

Now open Discord as usual, and it should run normally. If the problem persists, move on to the following fixes.

4. Add Google DNS Servers

The Google DNS servers make the DNS system and the internet safer, faster, and more reliable. These servers can help you break the Discord update failed loop.

Here are the steps to add Google DNS servers:

  • Click on the Apple icon from the top left corner and select System Preferences.mac-system-preferences
  • Choose Network.mac-network
  • Click on the Advanced button.mac-network-advanced
  • Navigate to the DNS tab and click on the Plus icon.mac-add-dns
  • Type
  • Select the Plus icon again, enter, and click OK.
  • Apply the changes.mac-add-dns-apply

Adding the new DNS should resolve the issue immediately. If you still face the issue, you must renew DHCP Lease on your Mac by following the next section.

Discord packet loss is another culprit for the failed discord update loop. However, you can quickly stabilize the connection by fixing Discord packet loss.

5. Renew DHCP Lease

If you are facing the Discord unable to upgrade issue due to an invalid IP address, renewing the DHCP lease will fix the problem.

Issues with the Discord server can lead to numerous issues, like the Discord website not opening or Discord ping 5000ms. Renewing the DHCP Lease can also resolve these issues.

Here’s how to renew DHCP Lease on Mac:

  • Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.mac-system-preferences
  • Select Network.mac-network
  • Click on Advanced.mac-network-advanced
  • Select Renew DHCP Lease and click OK.mac-renew-dhcp-lease
  • Close the Network window and launch Discord.

If updating the DHCP Lease doesn’t help resolve the update failed loop on the Mac issue, it’s time to uninstall the app and install it again.

6. Reinstall Discord

When every solution fails to fix your problem, it’s time to uninstall your Discord and reinstall a fresh copy. In my case, reinstalling Discord from scratch worked out, and later on, I did not face any problems.

Here’s the process to reinstall Discord on your Mac:

  • Open the Finder app and select Applications.
  • Find the Discord app.
  • Right-click on the app and select Move to bin or Move to trash, whichever shows for you.
  • Go to the Dock, right-click on Trash, and hit Empty Trash to uninstall Discord.
  • Download the latest version of Discord from their official website and install the fresh copy on your computer.

Reinstalling is one of the most reliable solutions out there for you to try, as there is no extra trouble in updating the app again because you are downloading and installing the latest version of Discord on your Mac.

Pro Tip: Check your internet connection to see whether it works correctly. Sometimes because of connectivity issues, your Discord may not be able to update and causing the problem.


Why does your discord keep saying update failed Mac?

Your Discord keeps saying the update failed on Mac because your Discord app faces network issues. Or perhaps you have damaged or missing cache files. Besides, glitches in the Discord application also lead to the same problem.

How do you force Discord to update on your Mac?

To update your Discord Mac application instantly, press the Command + R keys. It will force the device to restart immediately and check for updates. If Discord finds an available update, it will instantly update the application.

How to fix Discord update failed on Windows?

To fix the Discord update failed problem on Windows, check your internet connection, change the name of the Discord update file, delete Discord cache, check the Discord server status, use Discord as an administrator, turn off antivirus, and reinstall Discord.

Final Thoughts

Facing errors on Discord is nothing new as, ultimately, it is just a program on your Mac. So don’t get too much worked up and keep calm. You can fix the problem on your own if you try the fixes mentioned above.

If you have other queries regarding Discord, then feel free to share them in the comments below, and we will be delighted to share our solutions with you! Happy reading!

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