Do PS5 Have GPS in 2024? [Major Keypoints Explained]

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You still cannot find PlayStation 5 because of chip shortage. Well, it’s not just the PlayStation 5 but the new Xbox consoles as well. And I feel bad for the people who still couldn’t get their hands on the new generation of consoles.

But the problem lies deep; what if you get your hand on the precious PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox, and it ends up getting stolen. Real Bummer!do-ps5-have-gps

Does PlayStation 5 Have GPS?

No, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t come with a GPS. But the earlier versions of PSP, as in the PSP go, or the vita had GPS on it. Even though there is no GPS on the PlayStation 5, but you can still track them down with third-party devices.

This is a very important guideline for the people who are scared for their PlayStation 5. Suppose it gets stolen and you are thinking about what to do and what not to do. I will be answering all your queries one by one.

So put on your reading glasses to clear out your confusion.

Can PS5 Be Tracked?

If you are talking about GPS service, which way you can track down your PS5 if it gets stolen, then no. You cannot do that because the PlayStation 5 doesn’t come with GPS in it. So no, that wouldn’t be possible.

And I know this is a very common misconception among PlayStation consumers. Because the PlayStation portable, which is known as PSP, came with GPS services. And Sony actually had a product named GPS only for PSP users. But you have to know one thing if you are in for the knowledge. Even though at that time sony introduced us with a GPS but it was only available for PSP users. You cannot attach that on any PlayStation console. So not just the PlayStation 5, even the console generation before that had no GPS tracker on it.

Now you may ask why Sony introduced GPS on the PlayStation portable?

Sony PlayStation Portable, aka PSP, is not just a gaming device. It was more of a device like your mobile phone. So that you can do everything on the PSP like your mobile phone and play games on it. I mean, who wouldn’t love a phone with God of war in it. Yes, I was that kid in the school with a PSP with a camera on it and played god of war all day long. I am not even sorry for my guilty pleasure.

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But yes, That additional GPS on the PSP had more gaming purpose than to do with tracking where the device is. Yes, you could locate the PSP with additional GPS. But it wasn’t its best feature. We now play Pokemon Go on our phones, right? Yes, Sony did exactly that in 2006.  The Hot Shots Golf series guides real-world courses, using GPS data to offer shot and club selection recommendations.

In GPS-enabled multiplayer games, participants in the same geographic region can use the NEAE PSP software with their GPS device to cache presents and supplies for each other in particular areas. Individual games may be created to make use of the GPS in new and interesting ways. For example, in Metal Gear Solid, players in the same area can enlist one other as friends.

And now it is normal to ask why there is no GPS in the PS5?

There is no GPS in the PS5 because, simply, you won’t be taking the console out for a stroll. After all, it is heavy, plus it doesn’t make any sense that you will. I mean, there is no functionality of it. Even if the PlayStation 5 had any GPS inbuilt, what would you do in the first place? To track down the console where it was in your room?  Not me.  My PlayStation 5 will collect dust in my room until the new PlayStation arrives. And that’s just how it is.

But your PlayStation 5 can be displaced, and you might want to know where that is and what if your place gets robbed. Yes, I understand your concern. For that, keep an eye on the next para.

How To Track Down A Sony PS5

Before going into the details, I would love to clarify that none of these are officially released by Sony because the PlayStation 5 is still in process. It would take a lot of time to get full details, and you cannot officially track down a PS5. So from now on, whatever you are going to see is something that I tested for myself and something many people did. Also, I believe many of these fixes might get handy.

Now we know very clearly that it is very hard to track a Sony PlayStation 5 because simply there is no inbuilt GPS tracker on it. So how do we do it? Well, let me get into troubleshooting.

Here are the steps to track down a sony PS5:

1. Put an Airtag On It

I know, guys, it sounds weird but hears me out first. So if I go into the calculation, I bought my PS5 for around 800 USD because of the scalpers and the availability of the PS5. And I know many of you will spend around, even more, to get your hand on this beauty.  So your goal is to put a safety net on it.use-airtag-on-ps5

You can pay 20$ additional in the name of safety, right? I mean, that is the least you can do. Also, as I am talking about the Airtag, you need to think of it as more of an example because it wouldn’t work more if your device is not under 300ft. What I am talking about is that there are additional GPS trackers that will work even if your PS5 is very far away, and I want you to judge what tracker you want.

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2. Contact The Sony Support

You might get your hand on your PlayStation 5. If you get in touch with Sony support, you can give them your PS5 mac address or your login ID, and they will notify you back with a result. Many people tried it, and if you are lucky, then you might get a solution as well. And if you cant land a solution, at least you can try telling them the issue that way; they will brick it as soon as it connects with the internet.

3. Get the PSP GPS Tracker

Hey, it worked with the PSP might as well work with the PlayStation 5. The only problem is it will be really hard to get your hands on it because it came out in 2006! So yes, but if you somehow get your hands on it or have it before you bought it back in the day, connect it with your PlayStation 5 and see if it works.

Can You Track A Stolen PS5?

You cannot directly track down a stolen PlayStation 5 as you can do with your phone or anything. But you might track it down with an additional GPS tracker and contacting Sony officials.

Besides, if you have the mac address of your PlayStation 5, you might get it in your hands by filing a report in the police station. Also, look out in the local shops and online shops because whoever got your PlayStation 5 might end up selling it in shops.

Also, check if there is any kind of transaction from your PlayStation 5 from your Payment Methods. That way, you will get the location of the PS5.

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How To Get Stolen PS5 Back

I will elaborately explain how to get your hands on the stolen PS5. So do all the steps and act accordingly.

Here are the steps to get your stolen PS5 back:

1. Contact Sony Support

This is the first thing you do. Go to Sony’s official live chat and notify them of your issue. Provide them your account details and give them your IP address of your PS5 along with the MAC address. If you can inform your case sincerely, they might track the PlayStation 5 down and hand it to local authorities.

2. File a report in police

Go to your nearest police station and file a report on the stolen PlayStation 5. Give them your MAC address and local IP and the pictures of your PlayStation. And if you have the serial number of the PlayStation might as well give them that. See, you might not get your hands on it surely, but where is the loss in trying.

3. Change Your PSN credential 

See, you might not get your hands on the PlayStation, but you will always have control of your PlayStation account. create-psn-idSo change all the account details so that the thief cannot get into your account. Also, make sure to remove the Payment methods from your account. Or else you might end up getting a huge bill of games that you can’t even play.

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Final Thoughts

See, I know it is a bummer that you cannot track your PlayStation 5 down easily, but I hope with this guideline, you can do it eventually.

It goes without saying how ugly that feeling would be to lose your PS5 after getting it with so much money.

And if you still have any queries, you can always reach us.

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