PS5 Not Booting Into Safe Mode [Guide for beginners]

Written By Steven Arends

PlayStation 5 requires you to go to the safe mode feature if you want to exercise any troubleshooting step.

This feature is very important as you can revive your console back from the dead. This feature will often single-handedly save you from the hassle of taking your PS5 to the repair shop.

Because of this feature, you can just fix your PS5 by sitting at home just by following some steps. But sometimes, safe mode can disappoint you as well.ps5-not-booting-into-safe-mode

Why won’t my PS5 enter safe mode?

Your PlayStation 5 may not be booting into the safe mode because of wiring. If you are using your PlayStation 5 with an HDMI splitter or connected with a game capture card, it can also happen. Also, if you have bricked your PlayStation 5, it won’t enter safe mode.

Even though safe mode features have been around for more than a decade, people are yet to find out how this feature works and how you can use this feature as your go-to when you face errors and bugs.

In this guideline, I will be explaining how you can get into safe mode and utilize all its features.

So keep reading till the end to get your desired fix.

How to boot your PS5 in safe mode

You can easily put your  PS5 into safe mode with ease. You do not need any alternate software or a device to get your PS5 into safe mode and tinker with it. However, you will be needing a USB-C cable to connect your dual sense to work through the menu. But that will also come with the PS5 box you own.

Here are the steps to boot your PS5 in safe mode:

  1. Turn off your PS5.
  2. Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps.
  3. Connect your Dual Sense controller.
  4. Scroll through the safe mode features with the controller.

Now that you are in safe mode, you can do many things without even turning on your PS5. If you are facing errors and bugs, then you can press the restart button. That will help you ease the bugs. Also, you can update and install the software manually from safe mode.

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Here are the features from safe mode in PS5:

  1. Restart PS5: You may exit PS5 Safe Mode by selecting this option and restarting the console in regular mode.
  2. Change Video Output: When you see blank displays, you may use this option to change the resolution or HDCP mode of the video output.
  3. Update System Software: When you wish to update the system software for your PS5 console, you may pick this option.
  4. Restore Default Settings: Your console will be reverted to factory settings, but all of your saved games, applications, and other material will remain on the console’s internal storage.
  5. Rebuild Database: Clearing the system software cache and rebuilding the database may resolve various system difficulties or performance decreases. The content of the system may be rebuilt in a new database using the Rebuild Database capability.
  6. Reset PS5: All current user data will be gone if you choose to do a PS5 reset, which returns the console to its original condition. Resetting PS5 is an option if you face an unresolved issue, such as the PS5 not turning on.
  7. Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software): Removes all user data as well as the PlayStation 5 system software. This will restore the PS5 system software to the condition it was in at the time of its release from the manufacturer.

Now one thing you have to remember is that you cannot enter into PS5 safe mode without holding down the power button for about 7 seconds or two beeps. There is no way you will be able to enter into safe mode from the main menu of the PS5.

Also, be very cautious when you are selecting any feature on the safe mode because the effect will be permanent, and there will be no way you can rollback. It stands the most when you are resetting the PS5. But if you are changing the video output, then don’t worry; you can always change it from the safe mode or change from the settings of the main UI.

How to fix ps5 not entering safe mode

There are many people out there who cannot get into the PS5 safe mode; even with following the procedure now, it can happen for many reasons. As described earlier, it can happen for many reasons. But we will be describing very few so that you can identify the actual problem behind this.

Here are the steps to ps5 not entering safe mode:

1. Check Cables and video output


If you have a power cable that is hardly running the PS5 in the normal mode, then you might have to change the power cable of the PS5 and get a new one to utilize the full functionality of the PS5.

On the other hand, if you have an HDMI splitter or capture card to record your gameplay or to stream on different social platforms, then you have to unplug those and then have to connect the HDMI cable with your monitor or tv directly because the PS5 is safe mood will only boot up if it’s connected directly with your TV or monitor.

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2. Power Cycle The PlayStation Console

This fix has been officially provided by the Sony authorities, in case if your PS5 is not booting in safe mode and you are seeing a black screen or stuck in a black screen.


Here are the steps power cycle the PlayStation console:

  1. Turn off your PlayStation console.
  2. Hold the power button for 7 secs to completely shut down the PS5.
  3. Unplug all the cables, including the power cable and HDMI cable.
  4. Leave the PS5 idle for the next 20 mins.
  5. Plug all the wires in.
  6. Hold the power button until you hear two beeps.

You should be able to see the safe mode PS5 now. But if you still cannot see the safe mode option, then I guess you may have bricked the PS5, and it is the right time to take it to the store and claim a warranty. Do not open the PS5, or else you might void the warranty.

How do I fix my bricked PS5?

The blue light of death is not the same as a console that has been bricked. When the PlayStation 5 is switched on, it is possible that the blue light of death will be addressed and that you will be able to reach safe mode.

Once your PlayStation 5 is turned on, you will be able to fix any problems you are experiencing. However, since it will not turn on, you will be unable to fix a dead console easily. A professional, on the other hand, may be able to assist you. Also, there are a few measures you may do to repair a console that has been bricked. Continue to fight, but never give up hope!

Here are the steps to fix a bricked PS5:

  1. Unplug all the cables from your PS5.
  2. Take out the power cord.
  3. Plug all the wires back.
  4. Hold the power button for 15 sec to get into the safe mode.
  5. Connect your Dual Sense controller.
  6. Perform a hard reset in safe mode.

You should be able to unbrick your PS5 with these steps, but it is better to claim the warranty if you still cannot.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is very heartbreaking if you somehow brick your console after paying a lot of money. Though it still can be fixed if you are lucky and follow these guidelines.

Hopefully, this guideline can help your PS5 to get into safe mode.

And if you still have any queries, you can always reach out to us.

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  1. I have a blinking light but it never let’s me enter safe mode no matter what I try. It was running just fine the day before. Was in the middle of installing a game when I received an error on the ps app.


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