​Top 11 Best 70mm & 50mm PC Case Fans

If you are looking for a the Top 11 Best 50mm and 70mm Fans then this post will be a great help for you.

Don’t you wait to grab the one you like as these fans are often hard to find.

Yes, you have heard it right.


And in this post you will also get to know about all of the aspects a buyer needs to know before buying any 50mm and 70mm case fan.

Overall Best 50mm and 70mm Case Fans

Fan NameFan SpeedAir FlowStatic PressureNoise Level
EVERCOOL Brushless 50mm Fan6000±10%RPM16.5 CFM1.6 mmH2O29.9 dBA
GDSTIME 50mm Fan4500±10%RPM9.8 CFM2.1 mmH2O26 dBA
Fractal Design Silent Series R3 50mm Fan3500±10%RPM6.8 CFM1.41 mmH2O19 dBA
GELID Silent 7 70mm Fan2200±10%RPM19.8 CFM2.6 mmH2O21.7 dBA
Nexus 70mm Real Silent Fan2400±10%RPM21.1 CFM1.4 mmH2O19.8 dBA

So, let’s get started.

​Why to Buy a 50mm or 70mm Case Fan?

50mm or 70mm Fans are of small factor and can be used for several purposes. These fans are suitable than 40mm ones as they have bigger fan blades.

If you get a good 50mm/70mm fan you will be good to go for any type of DIY project.

50mm and 70mm fans are mostly used to cool PC components like High-end motherboard chipset heatsink, passively cooled graphics cards, Hard Disk, SSD.

Some people even cool their CPU heatsink or RAM after overclocking them.

Yes, it really serves a good impact if they use the right fans.

You might ask:

Why do I need to be so picky for buying a 50mm or 70mm case fan?

Let’s be clear:

Why would you get yourself a weak fan when you can get an impactful one at the same price range?

I know that, you are smart enough. So, why not have look at this table below to get an idea about some 50mm and 70mm fans at a glance.

Things to know Before Buying a 50mm and 70mm case fan

You need to know the following things before buying a 50mm and 70 mm case fan:

  • 50mm and 70 mm case fans sized 50x50mm (length, breadth) but their thickness varies. Mostly their thickness is 10mm-25mm. So, be sure to check their specs perfectly before buying one or else your Fan might not fit where you have decided it to place.
  • Mostly every 50mm and 70mm fan require 12v to run properly. But there are fans which need higher voltage too.
  • Some of the 50mm and 70mm connect with 2pin and some with 3pin. That’s why I’m telling you to go through the specs carefully before you buy one.
  • Each fan creates a definite noise level. So, it’s your personal preference if you want a quite fan or not.
  • The bearing types of these fans are different (more on that later). So, be sure to choose the most suitable one for you.

Below there is a list top 5 best 50mm case fans and top 6 best 70mm case fans:

5 Best 50mm Case Fans and Their Reviews

50mm Fans are the Fans that has lenth and breadth of 50mm x 50mm.

I have made this list after using each of them for making the best silent and cool raspberry pi 3 PC for myself.

Here are the Best 50mm Case Fans with their review:

1. EVERCOOL Brushless 50mm Fan


The EVERCOOL Brushless 50mm Fan is a really good quality fan.

I have kept it in the top as it has the highest Fan speed which is around 6000RPM.

This fan has a dual ball bearing to make it last longer than other ones. The cooling of this fan is more than efficient for its higher speed.

Yes, the noise level is a little too high near to 30dBA but buying this fan is worth the price for getting such higher fan speed.

But the good thing is:

The connecting wire is 7 inches. So, there won’t be any problem with connecting the fan to your PC.

You can also connect this fan with a molex connector as it comes along with the fan packaging.

2. GDSTIME 50mm Fan


GDSTIME 50mm Fan is a 5volt fan with a speed of 4500RPM.

This fan is mainly used for mini computers. It’s very suitable for the Raspberry pi 2 and 3.

Upside of this fan is, the noise level of this fan is not too high as it’s only 25dBA.

One thing to note that:

This fan uses a 2-pin connector and the length of the connecting wire is only 20cm. So, make sure you can adjust it with that wire or not by measuring your gear.

But the good thing is:

This fan comes with a good quality sleeve bearing and that’s I recommend it for long time use.

There’s another version of this fan which has a speed limit of 5000RPM which is insane.

But it will a require 12v source. Noise level in this version is almost the same as that of the 5volt one.

3. Fractal Design Silent Series R3 50mm Fan


If you ask me to describe this fan in one sentence, then I will tell:

This is the most silent fan in this list.

Yes, you have heard it right. The noise level of this fan is only 19dBA.

But you have to sacrifice the fan speed for this reason. This fan only has a speed limit of 3500RPM.

Other features are good including the design.

The Rifle bearing provides a hardcore performance by giving a static pressure of 1.41mmH2O.

Note that:

The Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fan uses a 3-pin connector. But you don’t need to worry about it’s length it’s long enough to fit anywhere.

4. uxcell SNOWFAN 50mm fan


uxcell produces some of the good quality fans out there in the market.

These fans come with highest quality sleeve bearing.

The fan speed and static pressure might not be too high but they do a good job in cooling.

The thickness of this fan is 0.39inches which is approximately 10mm. So, it’s thin too and will fit in any type of PC.

The one thing you need to keep in mind before buying this fan is:

The connecting wire is only 9inch. So, you will need to be a more accurate in measuring your PC.

5. Scythe Mini Kaze 50mm fan


This is a overall good fan. This fan mainly uses a 2pin connector for the connection.

But the good thing is that:

It also comes with an adapter or 3pin connection.

This fan also has a good quality sleeve bearing which allows the fan to go up to 4500 RPM and 9.42 CFM.

6 Best 70mm Case Fans and Their Reviews

This fans are chosen for their great performance and amazing specification.

Here are the Best 70mm Case Fans with their review:

1. Gelid Solutions Silent Series 70mm Case Fan


Gelid Solutions Silent Series 70mm fans provide efficient colling for your system.

This fans are also good looking with those while fan blades.

They also run on 12 Volt and provides a max airflow of 33.66CFM which is great. And all of these happens due to its Hydro dynamic bearing and good build.

2. Everflow 70mm  Fan 


Everflow 70mm fan is great fan with high speed of 5400RPM.

The dual ball bearing is a awesome choice when it comes to fan selection as they are very fast and long lasting.

Noise level is higher than others but still, it’s speed is blazing fast.

One thing to note that:

This fan can only be connected by 4-pin connector and it requires 12V.

3. Nexus 70mm Real Silent Case Fan


Nexus 70mm fan is the most silent fan in this list as its noise level is only 19.8dbA.

This fan is 255mm thick but the fan speed is only 2400RPM with an airflow of 21.1CFM.

The good thing is:

Unlike most other fans, this one comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

I will recommend you to buy this fan only if you want a silent system.

4. Apevia 70mm Case Fan


Apevia 70mm case fans are well built fan with a minimal design. If you are about looks then this is a suitable fan to buy.

The fan speed is also decent for the good quality bearing which is a sleeve type bearing.

But the best thing is:

This fan will keep your system quite as the noise level made by this fan is onlt 20.2dBA.

5. uxcell SNOWFAN 70mm Case Fan 


uxcell SNOWFAN 70mm is a really good fan which also comes with dual ball bearing.

The speed of this fan is also good which is near to 4300RPM. This fan is 15mm thick which is a plus point for tiny cases.

One thing you need to remember while buying this fan is its connector is aXH2.54 one which is a great advantage.

This is a very durable fan so I would highly recommend you to buy this 70mm fan.

6. GDSTIME 70mm Case Fan


If you are looking for a good 70mm fan at an affordable price then GDSTIME 70mm fans are the ones to go with.

These fans are averall good in every way. It’s not noisy and has a good airflow of 25.6CFM for the fan speed 2700RPM.

These fans are averall good in every way. It’s not noisy and has a good airflow of 25.6CFM for the fan speed 2700RPM.

Final Thoughts

50mm and 70mm fans are pretty underrated products right now. So, finding them online might be a little difficult you.

And that is why I am here to help you out.

I hope you have find the fan you wanted to buy.

comment below if you have any other inquiry about this topic.

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