Best 5 RGB Fusion Compatible RGB/ARGB Fusion Fans 2020

If you are looking for the best RGB Fusion compatible fans then, this post is just for you.

I know, you must be looking for a RGB case fan that would put up a light show synchronously with the rest of your RGB components.

But there are hundreds of them to choose from.

Keep reading, because this post will help you narrow your choices down to the 5 best RGB Fusion compatible fans available in the market.

Quick Comparison Of TOP 5 Case Fans Cmpatible With RGB Fusion

Fan Name

Fan Speed (RPM)

Air Flow (CFM)

Air Pressure (mmH20)

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The Best 5 RGB Fusion Compatible Case Fans and their Reviews

Let’s get straight up to the point by not wasting time.

This list of Best RGB Fusion Compatible Case Fans is made based on their superb performance and appearance.

Also these RGB Fusion compatible case fans are reviewed on the basis of overall rating provided by RGB fan users.

The first step you should follow is download aura sync software from here.

And if you face any sort of installation error from aura sync software then this troubleshooting tutorial is definitely for you.

So, here are the reviews of the 5 best RGB Fusion Compatible Fans:

1. DeepCool CF120 RGB LED Fan


DeepCool CF120 RGB LED Fan stands on the first position because of its amazing features.

With the CF120 you can individually customize 12 ARGB lights and create lighting effects as you desire.

And also,

You can use the interesting default modes like the 3 dynamic modes: Waves, Cycles and Breathing, and also 3 monochrome mode: Constant light, Breathing and Meteor, with the option to choose from 6 different colors.

The smooth and shiny semi transparent blades create unique light shows when they spin.

Want to know another interesting fact?

With the AORUS motherboard that provides RGB Fusion you won’t have to adjust the fan speed, it will automatically adjust itself from 500 to 1500 RPM in accordance with the temperature.


With this smart fan you can also balance the air volume and air pressure, and use it like a case fan or a CPU cooling fan as you wish.

Its anti-vibration rubber padding and hydro bearings reduce friction that allows the fan to spin smoothly works perfectly to keep everything cool almost with zero noise.

Customer reviews of 4.6/5 puts it in the number 1 position of our list.

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2. Couger Vortex RGB HPB 120 PWM HDB Cooling Fan


The Vortex RGB HPB 120 brings to you 18 LEDs that light up inwards, outwards and frontwards at a total of 180 degrees.

That means,

The LEDs will be directly visible from every corner on the transparent side of your CPU case.

Its frame is specially designed to create a vortex that sucks out the heat from your CPU and cools it faster than ever.

Although you can sync it with others RGB devices with the RGB Fusion, this one comes with a wireless remote with which you can easily change the colors, patterns, brightness and speed.

With the COUGAR Core Box you can sync up to 8 RGB fans and 4 RGB LED tab strips to literally light up your whole room.

The PWM controller and Hydro-dynamic bearing (HDB) makes sure you get the best cooling experience without the unwanted noise.

3. Lian Li Bora Lite 120-3B RGB LED PWM Fans


This RGB Fusion Compatible fan lightens up your PC with astonishing aluminium frame and 12 pieces of RGB LEDs.

The Bora Lite will provide you the best performance with lows noise even at speeds ranging from 900 to 1500 RPM.

The rubber pads at the four corners prevent the fan from creating vibration in your chassis.


This Lite version doesn’t have a controller hub. But you can daisy chain multiple of them with each other and then connect the last one with your RGB Fusion motherboard.

And also,

Instead of hydraulic bearings the Bora Lite has double ball bearings that works smoothly with its aluminium structure.

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4. Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 RGB Case Fan


The Masterfan Pro comes with 3 different types of fans, one for air flow, one for air pressure and one for air balance, each with a different purpose, but all designed to work together to keep your PC cool.

The air flow fan is inspired from jet engine blades, pulling in air into your CPU case.

While, the air pressure fan inspired from helicopter blades, pushes the air on your hot components through tight spaces to cool them down.

And, the air balance fan build with a hybrid design of the two other fans, helps maintaining the balance between the air flow and air pressure inside your CPU.

Now you should remember that:

Each fan comes with 3 speed profiles, Silent mode (S), Quiet mode (Q) and Performance mode (P) ranging from 650 to 1900 RMP depending on the mode.

The RGB are located at the center of the fans which lights up the transparent blades. They can be modified individually or synchronously in different modes, namely Static mode, Customize mode, Stars mode, Color Cycle mode, Breathing mode, Multilayer mode, Turn Off mode and Mirage mode.

You can easily set them up with 4-pin PWM hub connector, RGB controller, four 45cm RGB cables and a 60cm USB extension cable.

Interesting fact is that:

You won’t have to worry about your fans getting jammed, leave that to the built-in sensor which automatically stops the fan if it detects anything.

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5. Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB Case Fan


This best RGB Fusion compatible fan has 12 LEDs around its rim facing inward on the blades as well as outward at a gap of 30 degrees each.

9 fan blades and adjustable speed of 500 (for low noise mode) and 1500 RPM (standard) will give you the best cooling experience.

Interesting thing is:

You can individually customize each LED with different colors and create unique patterns with the RGB Fusion software, including different patterns for gaming, music player and idle conditions.

Moreover, Anti-vibration rubber pads and self-lubricating hydraulic bearing keeps it good as new even after extended use.

Braided cables and 3-pin PWM digital hub controller makes it easy for you to install and place it in your chassis.

The Riing Plus RGB fan is really well build making it strong, steady and heavy, but also promising you the best on all aspects.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying RGB Fusion Compatible Fans


If you have read this far, you must have a better idea now about which case fan you want to get that is compatible with RGB Fusion.

Before rushing in to buy yourself the best RGB Fusion fan, please take a moment to go through my buyer’s guide.

Here are the things you should consider before choosing the best RGB fan:

1. Fan Speed

Check out the best fan speed that suits your performance.

Also, Keep your ears out for the amount of noise.

Choose the most optimized option that gives you the best performance with the minimal noise.

Talking about speed, here's how you can increase your RAM speed to a certain height.

2. Bearing type

Hydro bearings, hydraulic bearings and hydro-dynamic bearings are the type of bearings that has a layer of fluid between the moving and stationary elements.

Whereas, the dual ball bearing contains two rows of metallic balls inside, so there is small amount of friction compared to the prior type.

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3. LED type and their position

First, decide which type of LEDs you want, RGB or Addressable-RGB.

Also notice that, the fans emit light inward and/or outward and/or forward depending on where the LED's are placed, on the rim or in the center. Make sure what you’d like.

And some blades being transparent, creates patterns when they spin, while some blades are black and don’t reflect any light at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is RGB Fusion?

Answer: RGB Fusion is the interconnection between the RGB components in your PC and the software that uses the RGB interface. GIGABYTE™ with its AORUS Gaming Series Motherboard has brought to you this extraordinary software that allows you to sync every compatible RGB backlit devices and light all of them up the same way with just one click.

Question: How Does RGB Fusion Works?

Answer: The RGB Fusion connects every RGB components and then allows you to customize their color patterns, all the same way.

Right after setting up the software from GYGABITE App Center, available on or from the disc that comes with the GIGABYTE Motherboard, you can find all the devices that are connected to the motherboard and you’ll find some basic modes and some advance modes.

When you choose the mode that you find amusing, all your devices will automatically adjust their brightness, speed, pattern and colors and match up to one another harmonically in a few seconds.

Question: How to install RGB Fusion?

Answer: Here are the steps to install RGB Fusion:

  1. First of all visit this site.
  2. Click on AORUS from the top section.
  3. Click on Products > Motherboards and choose the motherboard that you’re using.
  4. Scroll down and you’ll find RGB Fusion Ready, RGB Fusion 2.0, and RGB Fusion App.
  5. Select RGB Fusion 2.0 and click Download.
  6. After completing the download, unzip the installer package and install.

Question: What is a cooling fan?

Answer: The cooling fan is a hardware device used to keep your PC’s components cool pulling in cool air or pushing out the hot air inside your CPU.

Question: How to set up the fans to the CPU case?

Answer: Attach the fans to the chassis facing the proper direction keeping the cables inside the chassis using the screws provided.

Now connect the fans and the RGBs to the controller hub and connect the controller hub to the motherboard and the power supply. If your fan does not have a controller, connect each fan’s male end to the next fan’s female end and attach the last one to the motherboard. But you don’t need a controller if you use the RGB Fusion. In that case, a regular USB hub will work just fine.

Question: Can you turn off the LEDs of your RGB Fan?

Answer: Yes. If the fan comes with a controller, the controller should have a power on or off switch. If not, you can use the RGB Fusion software to turn of the LEDs if you want.

Question: Why should I choose an RGB Fan?

Answer: RGB fans are the ones that have red, green and blue backlit LEDs to bring out vibrant colors from parts of the fan. Different amounts of the original three colors can create spectrums of more than 16.77 million colors. You can easily sync the fan with other RGB component and create your own style.

Question: How can I Disable RGB Fusion?

Answer: Go to the Peripherals menu option and click on RGB Fusion. There you will find Off besides lots of other options. Simply click on Off to disable the RGB.

Question: What is RGB Fusion SDK?

Answer: The RGB Fusion SDK is used to developers to control more advance motherboards to help increase the software’s compatibility with a larger range of third-party products. This makes sure you keep getting an ever-growing RGB experience in the future.

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