Top 52 Best Case Fans Reviewed:

Sorted by Size/RGB/CFM/Speed (2020)


If you are looking for the best case fans for your PC then this post is for you.

In this post, you will get to know which are the top 52 case fans as well as the buyers guide.

This list includes case fans of size 50mm, 70mm, 120mm, 140mm and even 200mm.

Here, the case fans are sorted by size, RGB illumination, Airflow, Speed, Static pressure, Noise level, Build quality, Durability and many other feature.

So, let's get started.

Best Case Fans of 2020 (Winners)

Winner Case Fan Name

Winning Category

Fan Speed


600 – 1500±10%RPM

High Airflow

3000 ±10%RPM

Static Pressure



1000 ±10%RPM



50-70 mm


Here are the Best Case Fans with their review divided in few sections based on their best unique features:

9 Best RGB Case Fans for Gaming PC Lighting


RGB case fans are the best looking case fans with RGB illuminating parts on their body.

This has become a trend now to have RGB PC case fans. 

These fans can adorn your computer and give your desk setup a gorgeous look.

But buying any RGB fan isn't worth it. 

So, here are the list of best RGB fans based on their better RGB illumination and performance:

Fan Name

Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level

600 – 1500±10%RPM

43.25 CFM

1.61 mmH2O

24.8 dBA


56.5 CFM

1.63 mmH2O

17.8~27 dBA


52.44 CFM

1.52 mmH2O

22 – 33 dBA

650-2000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%

59 CFM ± 10%

2.14 mmH2O

31 dBA

500~1400 RPM

63.19 CFM ±

1.53 mmH2O

27.2 dBA

What's a RGB Case Fan?

RGB computer fans are the colorful lighting fans that you can mount in your computer for cooling your PC or the radiators.

This fans look stunning when your PC is powered on.

You can also set various effects to make the lighting colors more interesting.

You might ask:

What does RGB stand for?

RGB stands for Red Green Blue. these are the basic colors that can mix to several other colors.

So, does RGB in a case fan means these fans are going to to light in multiple colors? 

Yes, they will and you will be amazed to know that:

The RGB case fans are able to show about 16 million colors.

There are some fans too that come with addressable RGB LEDs. These fans are known as ARGB fans.

You may ask:

What is an ARGB case fan?

ARGB case fans are the fans that have addressable RGB LEDs. Each of these LEDs can show a different color from the other simultaneously.

Which case fan is required for making rainbow effect?

You will need an ARGB case fan to make the gogeous rainbow effect.

In this post we will be also mentioning those ARGB fans. So, let's get started.

Things to Know Before Buying a RGB Case Fan

  • The RGB lighting of the fans are controlled either by a software or a controller, So, you will need to know the software compatibility of the fans before buying them. Otherwise you wont be able to set effects or change their lighting colors.
  • Check for the LED numbers before buying a RGB fan. the more is the number of LEDs the brighter and better your RGB case fans will look.
  • Case fans are very important factor in cooling your PC and PC cooling is one of the most important part when you care about it's performance. So, be sure to choose the appropriate RGB case fan by going through their specifications.
  • Check if the fan is RGB or an ARGB one before buying it. ARGB fans can do all sorts of lighting effects as their LEDs are addressable ones.
  • If you are already using a RGB fan then be sure to buy the new RGB case fan that is syncable with the same software.

So, here are the Best RGB Case Fans with their review:

1. Corsair LL120 RGB Case Fan


When it comes to the matter of RGB, Corsair always nails it.

Corsair's LL series RGB case are the best looking fans with dual loops of RGB illumination.

You can control the RGB lighting of these fans by the corsair link software. And we all know how good this app is.

These fans are the best performing RGB fans and that's why you can undoubtedly buy these fans.

Corsair LL series fans have 120mm and 140mm version and they are a little bit pricey. But if you buy the package of 3 fans then you will surely save some bucks.

And the best thing is:

The 3 fans pack comes with a RGb HUB and corsair lighting Node PRO.

If you want to know more about the specs, I have included it in the first table. 

2. Thermaltake Riing Trio RGB Case Fan


Themaltake Riing Trio RGB series fans are the most premium fans among all Thermaltake fans.

These fans are from TT premium edition and their built is very impressive.

The RGB illumination is same as the corsair LL series that is dual LED illumination.

But these fans are brighter and better looking.

The rubber padding attached with the mounting hole also gives a premium touch to these fans.

RGB lighting of these fans can be controlled by TT RGB PLUS Software and Razer Synapse 3

But the best thing is:

You can also control it by Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Yes, this is the only fan to do this kind of cool thing.

3. Deepcool MF120S


In one sentence:

This is the most unique and futuristic design of RGB fans available in the market.

There's no doubt that:

Deepcool makes the most gorgeous RGB products.

But the MF120s Fan is has brought a new look to the case fans.

The RGB illumination looks awesome with that attractive glowing deepcool logo.

This fan's built is super premium and the specs are no difference.

The best thing is:

You can sync these RGB fans by almost all the motherboard light controlling softwares.

The hydro bearing of these fans allows them to speed up to 2000RPM and provide an airflow of 45.4CFM.

If you are looking for a unique looking RGB case fan then this frameless MF120s fans will be the best for your system.

4. Cooler Master Fan MF 120R ARGB


Cooler Master's ML120R is one of the most affordable ARGB fans out there in the market.

But it doesn't make any comprises in case of performance.

These fans are compatible with almost any motherboard's RGB lighting app.

MF120RGB fans can also has a max speed of 2000RPM. which is really good.

The best thing of this fan is:

You are looking for a RGB high static pressure fan then you can choose this one. MF120R is able to provide a static pressure of 2.14 mmH2O.

5. Deepcool CF 120


Deepcool CF120 RGB fans are pretty affordable yet attractive RGb fans.

I personally used these fans as they sync very nicely with my ASUS Aura sync compatible motherboard.

These fans have Addressable RGB LEDs around their high quality bearings. So, the light spreads from the middle to the semi transparent fan blades.

Although these fans can run a max 1500RPM speed but they are pretty quiet.

If you don't need that much speed you can set them to 500RPM and it will create only 17.8 dBA of noise which is super quiet.

6. NZXT Aer RGB Case Fan


NZXT fans are always good performing fans and the Aer RGB fans are the same.

This is the only fan in this list that comes with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing.

This RGB fans have a thing ring like shape for RGB illumination and these fans can provide an airflow of 91.19 CFM at 1500RPM speed which is insane.

You can control these RGB lighting by the NZXT Hue+.

If performance is the first priority to you then I will recommend to get these ones.

7. Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB


Thermaltake Riing RGB fans are the most suitable fans for you if you are using an Asus Aura sync compatible mother board as they looking stunning for proper syncing with this app.

These fans are pretty well performing too.

The Hydraulic bearing of these fans allows them to speed upto 1400RPM and provide 51.15CFM airflow.

The rubber pads on the mounting spots make these fans more premium as they help to protect it and also create less noise.

The most impressive thing is:

You can control the RGB lighting of these fans by your voice. Isn't that amazing?

8. Thermaltake Pure Plus RGB Fan TT Premium Edition


Thermaltake Pure Plus RGB fans are attractive and affordable fans from their TT Premium edition products.

These fans have RGB illumination in the center only but still they look very good.

The good thing is:

The RGB blades are transparent and they glow because of those ARGB LEDs surrounded around the Hydraulic bearing.

These fans also come with their signature anti-vibration rubber pads.

These fan are pretty decent and affordable too. 

Buying the package of 3 fans also saves a good amount of money. And a RGB hub is also included with this package.

9. Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB Case Fan


Cougar Vortex RGB fans are well built case fans with a ring shaped RGB illumination part.

There are 18 Addressable RGB LEDs in these fans which can by synced by almost every light controlling app.

It supports Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, Polychrome Sync.

But the best thing is:

This fan’s lighting colors and effects can be adjusted by the remote included with its 3 fan package. So, you won't need to worry about the RGB effects of these fans anymore.

The rubber coating and the carbon fiber like finish in these fans make them more attractive.

The high quality Hydro dynamic bearing makes it more durable and lets it spin at max 1500RPM.

Maximum airflow provided by this fan is near to 45CFM.

This fan also isn't too noisy as its noise level is only 16 dBA when it's at full speed.

5 Best High Airflow Case Fans for PC Cooling


High Airflow is one of the most expected feature of any case fan. So, it's very important to have atleast a few high airflow case fans inside your PC case.

High airflow inside your PC can improve the ventilation which will ultimately result in enhancing the overall performance of your PC.

The list of these case fans includes the highest airflow providing case fans.

Fan Name

Max Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level

3000 ±10%RPM

109.88 CFM

7.63 mmH2O

43.5 dBA

2000 ±10%RPM

95 CFM

2.72 mmH2O

36 dBA

2000 ±10%RPM

89 CFM

2.99 mmH2O

38 dBA

2000 ±10%RPM

73.11 CFM

2.93 mmH2O

36 dBA

1400 ±10%RPM

63.19 CFM

1.53 mmH2O

27.2 dBA

Here are the Top 5 Best High Airflow or High CFM Case Fans with their review:

1. Noctua NF F12 iPPC-3000


Noctua fans are the best in the market right now for their awesome performance.

Their Noctua NF F12 Industrial PPC-3000 fans the the highest airflow providing fans available now.

These fans can provide upto 109.88CFm airflow at insane 3000RPM speed.

Yes, it's a bit noisy. It create 43.5 dBA noise at its highest speed.

This fans is one of the Best Static Pressure case fans at it can deliver upto 7.63 mmH2O static pressure.

These fans are minimal looking and performs the best in any type of PC case.

If you want some LED lightings in the case fans then the next one might be a good option for you.

2. Cooler Master JetFlo 120


Cooler Master's Jetflo series is special for high fan speed and great airflow.

These Fans can deliver 2.72 mmH2O static pressure and can speed upto 2000RPM. 

These helps them to make an airflow of insane 95CFM.

One thing to note that:

There are 4 variants. Three of them have white,red or blue color LEDs and the other version doesnt have any lighting.

Max noise created by these fans is 36 dBA.

3. Scythe Kaze Flex 120


If you want a silent fan which can provide high airflow than this fan will be good for you.

Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Case Fans have a noise level is only 14.5dBA at 800RPM.

But you can obviously boost up the speed to 2000RPM which will help it to provide an airflow of 89CFM.

Static pressure proded by this fan is 2.99 mmH2O at its highest speed.

This fan is highly recommended if you don't need that highest speed all the time.

The design of these fans are also minimal. They come with wither black and white color or full grey color.

4. NZXT Aer P 120


NZXT always makes minimal looking products and their Aer P series fans are no different.

These fans can provide 73.11 CFM Airflow at 2000 RPM speed.

2.93 mmH20 static pressure of these fans allow them to be usable for cooling any sorts of radiators and heat sinks.

These fans have a RGB variant too. If you are interested then check our separate post on best RGB case fans.

At its highest speed this fan is noisy and it creates 36dBA noise.

5. Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB


Thermaltake Riing h14 RGB is the only fan in this list which is RGB. 

Yes, this is the only fan that can deliver a great performance being a gorgeous looking RGB fan.

If you really care about aesthetics of your PC then this is the fan to get.

These fans can speed up to 1400RPM providing 63.19 CFM airflow.

You can also use these fan for cooling radiators as they can deliver 1.53 mmH2O Static pressure.

Noise level of these fan is also less than the other ones. This fan create only 27.2 dBA noise at its max speed.

These fans have the highestbuilt quality provided by any manufacturers.

They good thing is:

These fans have anti-vibration rubber coating of making them even more silent.

You can control the RGB lighting of these fans by almost all motherboard lighting apps.

You can even do this by your phone and your voice if you install the TT RGB Plus app.

Why to Buy a High Airflow Case Fan?

High Airflow case fans can create well ventilation inside your PC case which results in making good cooling system in it.

You may ask:

How to know if a case fan has High Airflow?

In the specifications of a case fan you will find a section of airflow with the unit CFM. the more its value is the more airflow it will provide.

If have confusion with CFM then you can ask:

What does CFM stands for?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It's a unit for measuring Airflow.

Things to know Before Buying a High Airflow Case Fan

You need to know the following things before buying a High Airflow case fan:

  • High Airflow fans create a lot of noise at max speed. If you are buying one of these fans then be sure you have a sound resisting case.
  • High airflow doesn't fulfill all the expectations. So, be sure to check all the specification of these fans before buying them.

9 Best High Static Pressure Case Fans


The main purpose of using high static pressure fans is to coll the heatsinks and radiator in a PC.

The more static pressure case fans can provide then more they will cool down the radiators and heatsinks of the PC.

This list of high static pressure case fans are the best performing and the highest static pressure providing fans.

Fan Name

Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level


158.5 CFM

10.52 mmH2O

41.3 dBA


110 CFM

7.63 mmH2O

43.5 dBA


75 CFM

4.2 mmH2O

37 dBA


62.74 CFM

3.1 mmH2O

35 dBA


73.11 CFM

2.93 mmH2O

26 dBA

What is a Static Pressure Fan?

Static pressure fans are the case fans that are made to push the air toward a specific direction with a great amount of force.

The unit of static pressure is mmH2O.

Simply, the more is its value the more static pressure a fan has.

You might ask:

What is the difference between a high static pressure fan and a high airflow fan?

A high air flow fan only provides a high air flow in a spacious surrounding whereas a high static pressure fan’s task is to push the air with a high force when it’s in a closed environment.

Why to get a static pressure fan?

Static pressure fans are mainly needed to cool the hot heat sinks and radiators.

This type of fan is not required for general air flow inside the PC. So, people don’t use it in the front panel air intake fans or as exhaust fans.

So, here are the top 9 best static pressure fans with their review:

1. Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000


This fan is kept in number one as it has the highest static pressure. Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 has an insane static pressure capacity of 10.52 mmH2O.

Some people may not like the color of these fans, but to those who like performance more than looks this is the fan to go.

People even custom color these fans at home, but that’s a personal choice.

The great thing is this fan is IP52 certified dust and water resistant.

If you want to know more about this fan, this fan only comes at 140mm with a SSO2 type bearing which allows it to run at 3000RPM. The air flow is also high that’s 158.5CFM.

But one problem is, it’s pretty noisy at full speed. Yes, this fan has a noise level of 41.3dBA.

2. Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC-3000


This fan is actually the 120mm version of the Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 fan. So, they are similar in every aspect except the fan size and the static pressure.

The size of this fan is 120mm and the static pressure of this fan is 7.63 mmH2O.

3. Corsair ML120 PRO 4.2 mmH2O


Corsair ML120 PRO is right now my current choice fan when it comes to static pressure preference.

This fan has a decent static pressure capacity of 4.2 mmH2O.

This 120mm fan comes with a Magnetic Levitation type bearing which provides an air flow of 75CFM.

Noise at full speed is 37dBA which is still not much quiet.

4. Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-2000 4.18 mmH2O


Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-2000 is the 2000RPM version of the first fan we have discussed about. So, it’s a bit cheaper.

As the fan speed is a little less noisy. The static pressure is 4.18 mmH2O also good.

But the advantage is the air flow of this fan is 107CFM.

5. Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 3.94 mmH2O


Noctua NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 is the 2000RPM version of the second fan we have discussed in this list.

So, all of their specs are the same except the fan speed and static pressure capacity.

This 120mm fan provides a good amount of static pressure. It’s around 3.94 mmH2O.

This fan is also IP52 certified.

People usually buy this fan as it’s a great static pressure fan with less noise than the higher static pressure providing fans.

6. Corsair Air Series SP120


Corsair Air Series SP120 is another great high-end fan having 3.1 mmH2O static pressure.

To me, these fans are the best looking among the high static pressure fans. These fans come with red,blue and white rings for a good look.

These fans come with hydraulic bearings which allows them to have a 2350RPM high fan speed and 62.74 CFM air flow.

This fan is has a noise level of 25dBA.

7. Corsair ML140 PRO 3.0 mmH2O


This fan is just the 140mm version of the 3rd fan I have discussed in this list.

And all other specs are same as that of Corsair ML120 PRO. 

This fan looks minimal and so, this is highly recommended for a minimal setup.

8. NZXT Aer P 120mm Fan 2.93 mmH2O


If you are an NZXT fan like me, then this fan is for you. The NZXT Aer P 120mm is a great fan with 2.93 mmH2O high static pressure.

The Bearing is also a good one. It comes with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing that allows it to run at 2000RPM without making high noise.

Air flow is 73.11CFM and noise level is only 26dBA.

This fan is a great choice if you are building a full NZXT setup.

9. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Fan 2.72 mmH2O


This is the only fan in this list which comes with LED lighting. The Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Fan can provide 2.72 mmH2O static pressure and can speed upto 2000RPM.

The Fan comes in 4 variants. Three of them has LED’s of either white,red or bluew color and another version has not LED.

This fan has cooler master’s unique POM bearing which allow it make airflow of 95 CFM. 

Noise level of this fan is 36dBA.

9 Best Quiet Case Fans For A Silent Gaming Rig


Silent fans are the best for a workstation PC. 

If loud noise annoys you during important tasks then this fans will be best suited for you.

But you shouldn't be compromising any other important features of a case fan for making it quiet.

This list of quiet case fans will be very helpful for you by not distracting you in future.

Fan Name

Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level

1000 ±10%RPM

59.5 CFM

1.08 mmH2O

15.5 dBA

1400 ±10%RPM

44 CFM

1.69 mmH2O

14 dBA

800 ±10%RPM

43 CFM

0.49 mmH2O

14.5 dBA

1200 ±10%RPM

63.27 CFM

1.19 mmH2O

17.8 dBA

1500 ±10%RPM

45 CFM

1.17 mmH2O

16 dBA

What is a Quiet Case Fan?

Quiet case fans are the PC case fans that creates negligible noise to make your system quieter and less distracting.

These quiet fans are made in such a way that they will perform well but silently.

Silent case fans can be very helpful for a work station as it doesn't create any distraction while working.

You might ask:

How can I know if a case fan is silent or not?

You can check the specifications of the fans to check if they are silent or not. In the specification of any fan their will be a property called Noise level. The lower is its value the quieter it will be and vice versa.

If are confused about:

What is dBA?

dBA stands for Decibels.It is a unit for measuring sound or noise. 

Simply, the more dBA sound a fan creates at its highest speed the more noisy it gets.

Now, the main question is:

How can I know the loudness of a noise level from its value?

You can easily get to know how loud a noise is from the value of its noise level. Here are some examples from the real world to to get know how loud these ranges of noise levels are:

  • 0 dBA = Threshold of Human Hearing (You won't hear any sound)
  • 10 dBA = Breathing, heart beat (Barely Audible)
  • 20 dBA = Leaves rustling and whispering sound
  • 30 dBA = sound of rural area or a quiet room
  • 40 dBA = raining sound
  • 50 dBA = people's conversation at normal tone.
  • 60-70 dBA = sound at markets 

Things to Know Before Buying a Quiet Case Fan

You need to know the following things before buying quiet case fans:

  1. The first thing to do before buying a quiet case fan is to know the highest noise level which seems to be suitable for you. It really differs from person to person. so, be sure to check it out.
  2. A case fan can be silent at lower speed. but it hinders the cooling performance. So, don't compromise your fan's other specs for making it quiet. Their are good quiet fans that provide great airflow and static pressures being silent.
  3. Some fans also comes with rubber padding which make the fans more silent by reducing the rattling sounds. So, a premium built quality is always better for making the fans more silent.

This list of Silent case fans is made based on the lower noise levels and better performance of the case fans.

So, here are the Best Quiet Case Fans for a Silent PC with their reviews:

1. be quiet! SILENT WINGS 3 Case Fan


be quiet! are one of the best when it come to the matter of silent PC components and accessories.

The Silent Wings 3 is their signature product for making your PC quiet.

The 140mm version of this fan can run at max 1000RPM making only 15.5 dBA noise which is actually very silent.

These fans are the best performing RGB fans and that's why you can undoubtedly buy these fans.

Silent Wings 3 fans come with a fluid dynamic bearing to make it more durable and silent too.

Airflow provided by this fan is 59.5CFm which is also sufficient for most systems.

Static pressure by this fan is only 1.08 mmH2O which is a down side but it won't affect your system you don't use it for cooling radiators or heat sinks.

2. Cooler Master Silencio FP 120 Case Fan


In one sentence:

This is the most silent fan available in the market.

Cooler Master Silencio FP 120 creates only 14dBA noise at a high speed of 1400RPM.

And this is made possible only for it's well built and high quality Loop Dynamic Bearing.

Static pressure provided by this fan is 1.69 mmH2O which is great for cooling any radiator or heatsink.

The bearing of this fan is dust proof so, that's another advantage of using this fan.

The fan would be more silent if it had some rubber padding too. 

3. Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Case Fan


Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Case Fans are the second most silent fans in this list as their max noise level is only 14.5dBA.

Believe me, you won't be able to hear this noise if they are mounted inside your PC case.

These fans runs at max 800RPM which is decent for most users. So, you can easily use these fans in well ventilated case for good air flow.

But keep in mind that:

This fan is no good for cooling the heat sinks and radiators as their static pressure is only 0.49mmH2O.

4. Noctua NF-S12A


Noctua fans are the performance beast in the PC cooling sector.

This fan has a max noie level of 17.8dBA which is decently silent.

But it doesn't make any comprises in case of its performance.

This fan can run at 1200RPM and provide an air flow of 63.27 CFM. The static pressure provided by this fan is 1.19 mmH2O which is also better than most other silent fans.

All of this good features can be achieved from this fan for Noctua's unique SSO2 Bearing.

I personally used these fans as they are both silent and well performing. And so, I will recommend you to get this fans as well.

5. Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB Case Fan


The Cougar Vortex RGB are gorgeous looking RGB case fans 

This fan creates only 16 dBA noise when it's at 1500RPM max speed.

Maximum airflow provided by this fan is near to 45CFM.

But the best thing is:

These fans have Hydro dynamic bearing which makes it good performing yet being silent.

The rubber padding on the mounting place to make this fans more premium and silent.

The ring shaped RGB illumination part contains 18 ARGB LEDs and the lighting effects can be controlled by Gigabyte RGB Fusion, Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync.

6. Deepcool CF 120 Case Fan


To be honest:

I will say that Deepcool CF120 Case fans are the most gorgeous looking Silent RGB Case fans.

These fans have a max speed of 1500RPM which can provide 56.5CFM air flow and 1.63 mmH2O static pressure.

But the interesting thing is, if you keep the speed at 1000RPm then it would create only 19dBA noise. And that's the main reason why I have included this fan in this list of silent fans

I personally use these fans now and they seem to perform very well. 

So, if you don't want to compromise the aesthetics of your PC then this fans are the best to get.

7. Fractal Design Silent Series R2 Case Fans


Fractal Design are creating some awesome case fans from the beginning.

The R2 from their silent series fans is a very quiet fan. This fans can run at max 1000RPM making a noise level of only 18.5 dBA which is very silent.

Airflow from these fans is 66CFM which is also good for an ventilation inside the PC cases.

But I wont recommend you to get this fan for cooling your radiator and heat sinks as it can deliver less static pressure.

These fans also come with hydraulic bearings..

The R2 silent case fans are pretty decent looking and affordable case fans too. 

8. Corsair Air Series AF120 Case Fan


Corsair's Air series are the high speed and quiet case fans.

These fans come with hydraulic bearings and they can provide 39.88 CFM airflow.

Despite of running at 1100 RPM these fans only creates noise of 21 dBA.

These fans are of premium build quality and there are 4 variants of these fans having blue,red,white and black color rings around the frame.

The most impressive thing is:

These fans also have anti-vibration rubber pads on the mounting spots like the pricey ones.

9. Thermaltake Luna Silent Case Fan


If you are a looking of a silent fan with some LED light then this fan be a good option for you.

Thermaltake Luna Silent Case Fans are pretty decent looking fans with a max noise level of 21.8 dBA.

These fans have bluw, white and red led lighting too. So, if you want to light up the interior part of your PC case this fan will help you out.

You will be happy to know that:

These affordable fans are really good for air flow. at 1000RPM speed it can deliver 60.55CFM airflow.

9 Best 200mm Case Fans For Tower and Cube


200mm case fans are obviously the best sized case fans if your PC case has the feature of mounting 200mm fans.

These fans provide excellent airflow for their bigger sized fan blades.

The interesting thing is:

200mm case fans are less power consuming than multiple 120mm/140mm case fans.

Fan Name

Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level


123.53 CFM

1.7 mmH2O

28 dBA


115 CFM

1.49 mmH2O

28 dBA


117.96 CFM

1.68 mmH2O

29.2 dBA


148.72 CFM

1.84 mmH2O

27.5 dBA


129.54 CFM

1.72 mmH2O

31.2 dBA

What is a 200mm Case Fan?

A 200mm case fans are the PC case fans that measures 200mm x 200mm (Length x Breadth).

These fans are huge but they look robust inside your PC.

200mm fans have recently found a great place in the market after arrival of the new gaming cases.

If you are thinking:

Why to get a 200mm fan instead of multiple 120mm/140mm fans?

A single 200mm fan is better than multiple 120mm or 140mm fans because it will consume less power and supply more air flow because of its large fan blades.

Many people get confused about this matter and they think:

Are 200mm fans worth buying?

Yes, 200mm fans are worth the price as they cost less than that of multiple expensive 120mm or 140mm fans and they also provide better airflow.

You may ask:

What’s the advantage of using a 200mm case fan?

The main advantage of using a 200mm case fan is it saves your PC’s power without sacrificing the airflow.

The list of this 200mm fans are made based on their specs and performance.

This list of 200mm case fans includes both RGB and Non RGB fans. The first 6 fans are the RGB ones and the last 3 are non RGB fans.

So, here are the Top 9 Best 200mm Case Fans:

1. Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm RGB Fan


The Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm is the most fascinating RGB Fan in the market. It has 60 Addressable LED which can show up to 16.8 million colors in different effects.

There are LEDs arranged on the ring and the middle part of the fan to make it more gorgeous.

This huge fan comes with a high quality Hydraulic Bearing which allows it to have an air flow of 123.54 CFM.

The 11 fan blade rotates at a speed of max 1000RPM which is really enough for a 200mm fan.

This fan is also pretty silent as the noise level at max speed is only 28dBA.

2. Cooler Master masterfan MF200R RGB


Cooler Master makes good fans and their MF200R is no exception.

The MF200R is a RGB fan that supports almost every light controlling app like Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome sync and MSI Mystic light app.

This fan comes with a rifle bearing which makes it a very long lusting fan. This fan is also in comparison to most other 200mm fans.

3. Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition


This is the only 200mm Fan in the market right now that can be controlled by TT AI Voice Control app.

Yes, it can change its colors according to what you say.

This fan is a high performing case fan with 11 blades.

The look of this RGB fan is beautified by the 24 Addressable LEDs. And this fan is also Aura sync compatible.

4. BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm Fan


This is the only fan in this list that comes with the smooth Fluid Dynamic Bearings.

The fan has beautiful RGB illuminations

And the best part is:

This fan also has a shield for protecting it, which I think is a plus point.

5. Thermaltake Pure 20 ARGB Fan TT Premium Edition


Thermaltake’s pure edition of RGB fans show colors all around the blades. This creates a great lighting effect and it looks brighter than the ring type fans too.

I personally like this fan as it looks great behind black color panel in some Thermaltake cases.

Like all other Thermaltake RGB fans this one also comes with a Hydraulic bearing and it’s silent.

This fan has 9 high-quality addressable LEDs for showing 16.8 million colors on those 11 blades.

6. Iyoyo RGB Fans 200mm


Iyoy 200mm RGB fan is also a great performing fan. It comes with 36 LED on the body to illuminate it. This fan can provide 95 CFM airflow while running at 800RPM speed.

I have put this unpopular fan in this list for one reason only.

And that is:

It’s one the most silent 200mm fans. This fan’s noise level is only 20dBA.

And the interesting thing is:

This fan also comes with a light controlling remote.

7. Noctua NF-A20


We all know, Noctua fan are the best when performance is your only priority.

This noctua fan has there classic SSO2 bearing and it can speed up to 800RPM providing an air flow of 86.5 CFM.

The best thing is:

This Non-RGB fan is the quietest fan in this list. Its noise level is only 18 dBA.

Another thing you need to know that is, this fan has anti vibration pads to have almost zero noise level.

8. Cooler Master MegaFlow 200


This is one of the most cheapest but yet worth buying fan in this list.

The max speed of this fan is 700RPM which provides around 110CFm airflow. And noise level is also very low. At its highest speed it creates 19dBA noise only.

The sleeve bearing of this fan is also good for long time usage.

9. Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series Black


This Thermaltake fan comes with a sleeve bearing instead of a hydraulic one.

Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series Black fan has 800 RPM fan speed which can deliver an air flow of 129.64 CFM. Static pressure of this fan is 0.996 mmH2O.

This fan doesn’t have any RGB illumination but still this fan looks very minimal and I will recommend it for a minimal setup.

11 Best 50mm and 70mm Case,Heatsinks Fans


50mm and 70mm case fans are most suitable for smaller PC cases and raspberry pi PCs.

These fans are the best performing compact sized fans.

So, check them out if you want to cool down your tiny PC.

Fan Name

Fan Speed

Air Flow

Static Pressure

Noise Level


16.5 CFM

1.6 mmH2O

29.9 dBA


9.8 CFM

2.1 mmH2O

26 dBA


6.8 CFM

1.41 mmH2O

19 dBA


19.8 CFM

2.6 mmH2O

21.7 dBA


21.1 CFM

1.4 mmH2O

19.8 dBA

Here is a list top 11 best 50mm case fans and 70mm case fans:

1. EVERCOOL Brushless 50mm Fan


The EVERCOOL Brushless 50mm Fan is a really good quality fan.

I have kept it in the top as it has the highest Fan speed which is around 6000RPM.

This fan has a dual ball bearing to make it last longer than other ones. The cooling of this fan is more than efficient for its higher speed.

So, check them ouYes, the noise level is a little too high near to 30dBA but buying this fan is worth the price for getting such higher fan speed.

But the good thing is:

The connecting wire is 7 inches. So, there won’t be any problem with connecting the fan to your PC.

You can also connect this fan with a molex connector as it comes along with the fan packaging.

2. GDSTIME 50mm Fan


GDSTIME 50mm Fan is a 5volt fan with a speed of 4500RPM.

This fan is mainly used for mini computers. It’s very suitable for the Raspberry pi 2 and 3.

Upside of this fan is, the noise level of this fan is not too high as it’s only 25dBA.

One thing to note that:

This fan uses a 2-pin connector and the length of the connecting wire is only 20cm. So, make sure you can adjust it with that wire or not by measuring your gear.

But the good thing is:

This fan comes with a good quality sleeve bearing and that’s I recommend it for long time use.

There’s another version of this fan which has a speed limit of 5000RPM which is insane.

But it will a require 12v source. Noise level in this version is almost the same as that of the 5volt one.

3. Fractal Design Silent Series R3 50mm Fan


If you ask me to describe this fan in one sentence, then I will tell:

This is the most silent fan in this list.

Yes, you have heard it right. The noise level of this fan is only 19dBA.

But you have to sacrifice the fan speed for this reason. This fan only has a speed limit of 3500RPM.

Other features are good including the design.

The Rifle bearing provides a hardcore performance by giving a static pressure of 1.41mmH2O.

Note that:

The Fractal Design Silent Series R3 fan uses a 3-pin connector. But you don’t need to worry about it’s length it’s long enough to fit anywhere.

4. Uxcell SNOWFAN 50mm fan


Uxcell produces some of the good quality fans out there in the market.

These fans come with highest quality sleeve bearing.

The fan speed and static pressure might not be too high but they do a good job in cooling.

The thickness of this fan is 0.39inches which is approximately 10mm. So, it’s thin too and will fit in any type of PC.

The one thing you need to keep in mind before buying this fan is:

The connecting wire is only 9inch. So, you will need to be a more accurate in measuring your PC.

5. Scythe Mini Kaze 50mm fan


This is a overall good fan. This fan mainly uses a 2pin connector for the connection.

But the good thing is that:

It also comes with an adapter or 3pin connection.

This fan also has a good quality sleeve bearing which allows the fan to go up to 4500 RPM and 9.42 CFM.

6. Gelid Solutions Silent Series 70mm Case Fan


Gelid Solutions Silent Series 70mm fans provide efficient colling for your system.

This fans are also good looking with those while fan blades.

They also run on 12 Volt and provides a max airflow of 33.66CFM which is great. And all of these happens due to its Hydro dynamic bearing and good build.

7. Everflow 70mm Fan


Everflow 70mm fan is great fan with high speed of 5400RPM.

The dual ball bearing is a awesome choice when it comes to fan selection as they are very fast and long lasting.

Noise level is higher than others but still, it’s speed is blazing fast.

One thing to note that:

This fan can only be connected by 4-pin connector and it requires 12V.

8. Nexus 70mm Real Silent Case Fan


Nexus 70mm fan is the most silent fan in this list as its noise level is only 19.8dbA.

This fan is 255mm thick but the fan speed is only 2400RPM with an airflow of 21.1CFM.

The good thing is:

Unlike most other fans, this one comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

I will recommend you to buy this fan only if you want a silent system.

9. Apevia 70mm Case Fan


Apevia 70mm case fans are well built fan with a minimal design. If you are about looks then this is a suitable fan to buy.

The fan speed is also decent for the good quality bearing which is a sleeve type bearing.

But the best thing is:

This fan will keep your system quiet as the noise level made by this fan is onlt 20.2dBA.

10. uxcell SNOWFAN 70mm Case Fan


uxcell SNOWFAN 70mm is a really good fan which also comes with dual ball bearing.

The speed of this fan is also good which is near to 4300RPM. This fan is 15mm thick which is a plus point for tiny cases.

One thing you need to remember while buying this fan is its connector is aXH2.54 one which is a great advantage.

This is a very durable fan so I would highly recommend you to buy this 70mm fan.

11. GDSTIME 70mm Case Fan


If you are looking for a good 70mm fan at an affordable price then GDSTIME 70mm fans are the ones to go with.

These fans are averall good in every way. It’s not noisy and has a good airflow of 25.6CFM for the fan speed 2700RPM.

Why to Buy a 50mm or 70mm Case Fan?

50mm or 70mm Fans are of small factor and can be used for several purposes. These fans are suitable than 40mm ones as they have bigger fan blades.

If you get a good 50mm/70mm fan you will be good to go for any type of DIY project.

50mm and 70mm fans are mostly used to cool PC components like High-end motherboard chipset heatsink, passively cooled graphics cards, Hard Disk, SSD.

Some people even cool their CPU heatsink or RAM after overclocking them.

Yes, it really serves a good impact if they use the right fans.

You might ask:

Why do I need to be so picky for buying a 50mm or 70mm case fan?

Let’s be clear:

Why would you get yourself a weak fan when you can get an impactful one at the same price range?

I know that, you are smart enough. So, why not have look at this table below to get an idea about some 50mm and 70mm fans at a glance.

Things to know Before Buying a 50mm and 70mm case fan

You need to know the following things before buying a 50mm and 70 mm case fan:

  1. 50mm and 70 mm case fans sized 50x50mm (length, breadth) but their thickness varies. Mostly their thickness is 10mm-25mm. So, be sure to check their specs perfectly before buying one or else your Fan might not fit where you have decided it to place.
  2. Mostly every 50mm and 70mm fan require 12v to run properly. But there are fans which need higher voltage too.
  3. Some of the 50mm and 70mm connect with 2pin and some with 3pin. That’s why I’m telling you to go through the specs carefully before you buy one.
  4. Each fan creates a definite noise level. So, it’s your personal preference if you want a quiet fan or not.
  5. The bearing types of these fans are different (more on that later). So, be sure to choose the most suitable one for you.

PC Case Fans Ultimate Buyers Guide

Here are some important points you need to know before buying case fans for your PC:

  1. The first thing you need to know before buying  a case fan is its size. There are case fans of different sizes. The case fans you need totally depends on the PC case you are using. It's better to use the highest sized fan that you can mount in your case.
  2. If you want the case fans for cooling your PC by ventilating air inside your case then you will need to be concerned about the Speed and Airflow of the fan. The more a case fan can speed up and provide airflow, the more cool it will be inside your PC case.
  3. If you are looking for cooling heatsinks and radiators then static pressure is the thing to think about. Remember that, Higher static pressure = Better cooling of heat sinks and radiators.
  4. Noise created by any case fan is distracting. But it's obvious that a fan can not be totally silent. So, make sure that the noise level of the case fans is tolerant to you.
  5. Finally, the build quality of the case fans is the most important feature of case fans. The build quality of a case fan is responsible to makes it more durable and efficient in terms of performance.

Computer fans are one of the most important parts for PC cooling. And it's the most affordable key to enhance your PC's performance

So, you shouldn't compromise a single matter while buying a case fan.

All the case fan lists are 120mm and 140mm except the last two.

Frequently Asked Questions

I listed down the 3 most common questions you guys asked me regarding case fans.

In this section, I'll try my best to answer these commonly asked questions.

How Many Case Fans Do I Need?

You should have at least 3 fans in your computer case.

And depending on your rig setup the numbers can increase.

But, If you're trying to build a gaming pc then you should go for a minimum of 3 fans.

3 fans case setup will make your gaming life easy and cooler. You don't have to worry for over heating and performance loss.

Which Way Do You Install Case Fans?

To find the fan direction just look at the sticker label and arrows engraved on your case fans.

Many of you find this confusing.

I mean, to some point I also struggled to determine the fan direction.

All you have to do is see the sticker or engraved arrow direction on your fans.

Every fan comes with this arrow printed on them.

In case your fans don't come with a direction label, just point the motor towards outside of your case. And it'll work as an exhaust fan, simple.

Where to Plug in Case Fans?

You have to plug your case fans into the 3 or 4 pin plugs.

Depending on your setup you'll see either 3 or 4 pin plugs on your PC.

Also, you have to check your BIOS for enabling the fans after connecting (There are some BIOS that require you to enable the fans manually) .

Final Thoughts

Case fans always have a great impact on your PC's performance.

So, if you want the best performance out of your PC then it's better to get these fans for your system.

Hope you have found and got the perfect case fan for your PC and enjoy its ultimate performance.

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