Top 9 Best 200mm Case Fans

If you are looking for a 200mm fan for your PC then you have come to the right place.

In this post I’ll be reviewing 9 Best RGB and Non-RGB 200mm fans.

Here’s an at a glance description of the best 200mm RGB case fans:

Overall Best 200mm RGB Case Fans

Fan NameMax Fan SpeedAir FlowStatic PressureNoise Level
Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm1000±10%RPM123.53 CFM1.7 mmH2O28 dBA
Cooler Master masterfan MF200R RGB800±10%RPM115 CFM1.49 mmH2O28 dBA
Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition1000±10%RPM117.96 CFM1.68 mmH2O29.2 dBA
BitFenix BitFenix Spectre Pro RGB900±10%RPM148.72 CFM1.84 mmH2O27.5 dBA
Thermaltake Pure 20 ARGB TT Premium Edition
1000±10%RPM129.54 CFM1.72 mmH2O31.2 dBA

​What is a 200mm Case Fan?

A 200mm case fans are the PC case fans that measures 200mm x 200mm (Length x Breadth).

These fans are huge but they look robust inside your PC.

200mm fans have recently found a great place in the market after arrival of the new gaming cases.

If you are thinking:

Why to get a 200mm fan instead of multiple 120mm/140mm fans?

A single 200mm fan is better than multiple 120mm or 140mm fans because it will consume less power and supply more air flow because of its large fan blades.

Many people get confused about this matter and they think:

Are 200mm fans worth buying?

Yes, 200mm fans are worth the price as they cost less than that of multiple expensive 120mm or 140mm fans and they also provide better airflow.

You may ask:

What’s the advantage of using a 200mm case fan?

The main advantage of using a 200mm case fan is it saves your PC’s power without sacrificing the airflow.

Best 200mm Case Fans

The list of this 200mm fans are made based on their specs and performance.

This list of 200mm case fans includes both RGB and Non RGB fans. The first 6 fans are the RGB ones and the last 3 are non RGB fans.

So, here are the Top 9 Best 200mm Case Fans:

50mm Fans are the Fans that has lenth and breadth of 50mm x 50mm.

I have made this list after using each of them for making the best silent and cool raspberry pi 3 PC for myself.

Here are the Best 50mm Case Fans with their review:

1. Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm RGB Fan


The Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm is the most fascinating RGB Fan in the market. It has 60 Addressable LED which can show up to 16.8 million colors in different effects.

There are LEDs arranged on the ring and the middle part of the fan to make it more gorgeous.

This huge fan comes with a high quality Hydraulic Bearing which allows it to have an air flow of 123.54 CFM.

The 11 fan blade rotates at a speed of max 1000RPM which is really enough for a 200mm fan.

This fan is also pretty silent as the noise level at max speed is only 28dBA.

2. Cooler Master masterfan MF200R RGB


Cooler Master makes good fans and their MF200R is no exception.

The MF200R is a RGB fan that supports almost every light controlling app like Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome sync and MSI Mystic light app.

This fan comes with a rifle bearing which makes it a very long lusting fan. This fan is also in comparison to most other 200mm fans.

3. Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition


This is the only 200mm Fan in the market right now that can be controlled by TT AI Voice Control app.

Yes, it can change its colors according to what you say.

This fan is a high performing case fan with 11 blades.

The look of this RGB fan is beautified by the 24 Addressable LEDs. And this fan is also Aura sync compatible.

4. BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm Fan


This is the only fan in this list that comes with the smooth Fluid Dynamic Bearings.

The fan has beautiful RGB illuminations

And the best part is:

This fan also has a shield for protecting it, which I think is a plus point.

5. Thermaltake Pure 20 ARGB Fan TT Premium Edition


Thermaltake’s pure edition of RGB fans show colors all around the blades. This creates a great lighting effect and it looks brighter than the ring type fans too.

I personally like this fan as it looks great behind black color panel in some Thermaltake cases.

Like all other Thermaltake RGB fans this one also comes with a Hydraulic bearing and it’s silent.

This fan has 9 high-quality addressable LEDs for showing 16.8 million colors on those 11 blades.

6. Iyoyo RGB Fans 200mm


Iyoy 200mm RGB fan is also a great performing fan. It comes with 36 LED on the body to illuminate it. This fan can provide 95 CFM airflow while running at 800RPM speed.

I have put this unpopular fan in this list for one reason only.

And that is:

It’s one the most silent 200mm fans. This fan’s noise level is only 20dBA.

And the interesting thing is:

This fan also comes with a light controlling remote.

7. Noctua NF-A20


We all know, Noctua fan are the best when performance is your only priority.

This noctua fan has there classic SSO2 bearing and it can speed up to 800RPM providing an air flow of 86.5 CFM.

The best thing is:

This Non-RGB fan is the quietest fan in this list. Its noise level is only 18 dBA.

Another thing you need to know that is, this fan has anti vibration pads to have almost zero noise level.

8. Cooler Master MegaFlow 200


This is one of the most cheapest but yet worth buying fan in this list.

The max speed of this fan is 700RPM which provides around 110CFm airflow. And noise level is also very low. At its highest speed it creates 19dBA noise only.

The sleeve bearing of this fan is also good for long time usage.

9. Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series Black


This Thermaltake fan comes with a sleeve bearing instead of a hydraulic one.

Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series Black fan has 800 RPM fan speed which can deliver an air flow of 129.64 CFM. Static pressure of this fan is 0.996 mmH2O.

This fan doesn’t have any RGB illumination but still this fan looks very minimal and I will recommend it for a minimal setup.

Final Thoughts

The list of these 200mm fan will surely help you out if you are really looking for a huge fan.

If you are not interested in RGB fans then the last 3 fans will be a great choice for you.

Also don’t forget to check out their latest prices to make your spending effective.

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