5 Best Coolers for Ryzen 5600x [Stock & OC Profile Tested]

Written By Mushfiq Rahman

The Zen 3-based Ryzen 5 5600 X is one of the best-performing mid-range CPUs right now. As it is unlocked, there is the potential to increase its performance by overclocking.best-cooler-for-ryzen-5600x

But that would require a beefy cooler that can handle the extra heat. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the best CPU cooler that you can buy for 5600X right now. And we have covered every price segment to make your purchasing decisions easier.

If you are in a hurry: Our testing revealed the Thermaright Peerless Assasin 120 to be the best overall cooler in a budget that you can buy.

Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 5 5600X

Noctua NH D-15 ChromaxBest Air Based CoolerDual Tower Air Cooler
Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. CBest Silent CoolerSingle Tower Air Cooler
Thermalright Peerless 120Best Bang for BuckDual Tower Air Cooler
Corsair H150i Elite CapellixBest AIO Cooler360 mm ARGB AIO Cooler
Arctic Liquid Freezer IIBest Budget AIO Cooler240 mm AIO Cooler

1. Best Air Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black



Dimensions: 165 by 150 by 161 mm | Fans: 2x 140 mm NF-A15 | Fan Speed: 300-1500 RPM | TDP: 220W | Supported sockets: Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA2066, and AMD AM4 & AM5

  • »Low noise levels.
  • »Easy to install.
  • »Class-leading temperatures at load.
  • »Expensive for an air cooler.
  • »Fan cables are not flexible.

Why We Picked It

If you are looking for the best air cooler for your Ryzen 5 5600x CPU, then Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black is by far the best choice to make. Featuring two high-quality 1400 mm A15 fans, you can never doubt its cooling capability.

To check this, we ran a stress test on AIDA 64. The maximum temperature was 44 degrees. As for acoustics, the cooler never exceeded 48 decibels.

Also, it is super easy to install. The mounting brackets are the same as what you would get with an AMD motherboard. Just screw it in, and the heatsink sits securely.

Noctua D15 is rated to dissipate up to 220 watts of heat. This is a great choice if you plan to overclock your 5600X.

One drawback of this cooler is its humongous size. You have a 66 mm clearance for your memory when the front fan is lifted. So, do check the dimensions of your RAM to be certain of a perfect fit in the case.

Who It’s For

  • Those who want a silent and top-performing CPU cooler even when used with an overclocked CPU.
  • Has a large case and motherboard to support it.
  • Does not need fancy RGB colors.

What We Liked Most

  • The temperatures and acoustics. Even at high load, you can barely hear it.
  • Loads of customization and fit options.
  • Solid build quality.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Enormous in size. This can cause problems for RAM with larger heatsinks.
  • Expensive.


The Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black has been the best-performing air cooler for a while. With shockingly low temps and barely noticeable noise, this is the best of any air cooler that you can buy.

2. Best Silent Cooler: Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. C



Dimensions: 136 by 109 by 154 mm | Fans: 1x 120 mm Kaze Flex II PWM | Fan Speed: 300-1500 RPM  | TDP: 200W| Supported sockets: Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA2066, and AMD AM4 & AM5

  • »Old school design.
  • »Good cooling with overclocking.
  • »Silent operation.
  • »Affordable.
  • »Ability to fit a second 120 mm fan.
  • »Lifted heatsink to fit second RAM slots.
  • »Retro design may not be for everyone.

Why We Picked It

The Scythe Mugen 5 Revision C is a great silent cooler that does not cost much. You can find this on sale near 55 dollars on Amazon. For that price, it is a great cooler that puts its main focus on silent operation.

You get a single 120 mm fan with six heat pipes. The pipes are bent, allowing a displaced design. The heatsink, on one side, has a small groove that allows you to fit a second RAM slot. The RAM clearance you get is 55 mm, while for the chassis, you need at least 154 mm. The cooler is not exactly huge and should fit in most cases.

You get the mounting brackets for Intel and AMD chipsets in the box. A screwdriver and some thermal paste are included, which is nice to have. The installation was easy, with just the backplate mounting experiencing some stiffness.

Coming to the temperatures now, we got 60 degrees when applying load with the stock clock speeds. After applying overclocking and running, the same test returned an average of 65 degrees, which is not too much.

During this time, the noise level was quite low at 36 decibels even after applying load. Only when the fans were ramped to the maximum 1500 RPM the noise was audible at 45 decibels. However, it is quite unlikely that you would need to run the cooler at such high speeds.

Who It’s For

  • Want a silent CPU cooler without spending too much.
  • Doesn’t need a flashy design.
  • Does not have the largest of cases.

What We Liked Most

  • Really silent operation that competes admirably with higher priced Noctua coolers.
  • Great temperatures even with load.
  • Compact size.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The design seems outdated.


The Scythe Mugen 5 is a great silent cooler that performs really well. Due to its compact size, it is compatible with most cases and hence is a recommended buy from us.

3. Best Bang for Buck: Thermaright Peerless 120



Dimensions: 125 by 110 by 155 mm | Fans: 2 x 120 mm TL-C12C | Fan Speed: 300-1500 RPM | TDP: 200W| Supported sockets: Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, and AMD AM4 & AM5

  • »Extremely affordable.
  • »Super quiet.
  • »Low temperatures.
  • »Comes with dual tower design.
  • »There is none. This product is too good for the price.

Why We Picked It

This was a pleasant surprise for us. The Thermaright Peerless 120 comes with a dual tower heatsink instead of a single tower for under 50 bucks. You also get two 120 mm fans included. I mean, it is unheard of in this price bracket.

You also get six heat pipes, which are great for dissipating heat. Even the cooler does not weigh that much at 890 grams. This can raise suspicions about its performance. But thankfully, that is not the case.

Even when maxing out the CPU during a stress test, we got 61 degrees. When overclocking the CPU and running the same load, we never got past 70 degrees. As for the noise, we recorded a maximum noise of 35 decibels. This was a great performance from the included PWM fans.

Coming to the box contents, you get separate mounting brackets for the CPU. The cooler itself is not that difficult to set up; it’s just some screws you need to place together.

Despite sporting a dual heatsink, the Thermalright is not that large to cause problems to your RAM slots. Moreover, you can move the fan to the top if there is any issue with the clearance.

Who It’s For

  • Looking for the best cooler on a budget.
  • Dual tower design is a priority.

What We Liked Most

  • It competed really well with CPU coolers, almost double its price.
  • Keeps temperature lower even with higher load applied.
  • Easy installation.
  • Also comes in white accents.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Warranty less than competitors.


The Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 does all the things right you would expect from a CPU cooler without breaking the bank. Highly recommended under 50 dollars.

4. Best AIO Cooler: Corsair H150i Elite Capellix



Radiator: 397 by 120 by 27 mm | Coldplate: 56 mm Fans: 3 x 120 mm ML-120 | Fan Speed: 550-2100 RPM | Pump Speed: 2650 RPM Max | TDP: 220W | Supported sockets: Intel LGA 1700, LGA 1200, LGA 115x, LGA 2066 and AMD AM4 & AM5

  • »Great cooling performance.
  • »Compatibility with Corsair iCUE.
  • »Corsair Commander hub included.
  • »Compatibility with HEDT platforms.
  • »Expensive.

Why We Picked It

Corsair H150i Capellix represents what you get from the absolute top tier of liquid cooling. With a 360 mm radiator and full ARGB support for the fans, you will not miss out on anything.

The best thing about 150i is the included Corsair Commander Core. As all the fans and the pump are connected to it, you not only get RGB customizations with the excellent Corsair app, but full manual speed control of the pump motor. That means depending on your workflow you can change the speed using the software without entering the BIOS.

You get the mounting brackets for the AMD as well as the AM5 platforms. Depending on the type of backplate, appropriate screws are included to hold it securely in place.

As for the radiator, there are 20 fins per inch. You can house three fans next to each other. The radiator with the fans occupies 54 mm in terms of height. This should provide plenty of clearance in a large case.

Using the iCUE software, you can change the fan and pump speed. We tested the pump by running it at 2200 RPM. There are different pre-set modes put in by Corsair.

So, how about the temps?

When running the CPU at full load, we got a maximum of 50 degrees. This was just running some random workloads. After a few sessions of stress testing, we saw the temps rise to 60 degrees, but even that is well below the warning level.

We tested the noise level by running it at the maximum fan speed. The noise was a bit loud at 50 decibels, but for the maximum speed, I think it was totally fine.

As for the RGB, you get 33 addressable LEDs. iCUE has great customization options, so you can choose from the many effects that are built in. Also, the cap over the cold plate can be changed, so if you want to display something else instead of the Corsair logo, you can do that. This is another win for the H150i in terms of customizability.

Who It’s For

  • Want the absolute best closed-loop liquid cooling solution.
  • Has a fairly large case with room to install it.
  • Want to overclock their CPU.

What We Liked Most

  • The customizations that can do on the cooler.
  • Manual speed control.
  • Excellent iCUE software.
  • Great temperatures at full load.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Comes at a price premium.


The Corsair H150i Elite Capellix is a top-notch high-end 360mm AIO cooler that you can buy. Though it is a bit overkill if you pair it with 5600X, but if you want to go to the absolute high tier, there is nothing better than this.

5. Best Budget AIO Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer II



Radiator: 277 by 120 by 38 mm | Coldplate: 40 mm Fans: 2x 120 mm Arctic P12 | Fan Speed: 200-1800 RPM | Pump Speed: 800-2000 RPM | TDP: 220W | Supported sockets: Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, LGA2011, LGA2066, and AMD AM4, AM5

  • »Great cooling.
  • »High-quality radiator.
  • »Built-in VRM fan.
  • »Futuristic looking coldplate.
  • »Thick heatsink. It may not fit on all cases with the fan installed.
  • »Large cold plate.

Why We Picked It

The Arctic Liquid Freezer II is a household name by now. With guaranteed cooling and Arctic’s excellent reputation over the years, you can surely rely on this product.

This is a 240 mm AIO unit, which means it is pretty easy to install. You get mounting brackets and accessories for both Intel and AMD processors. Arctic has also included their excellent MX5 thermal paste in the box, which you need to apply.

As for the radiator, it is 38mm in height, even without the fans attached. This can pose problems with clearance with the RAM sticks. The radiator, though, is high quality, with a fin count of 14 per inch. Due to its thickness, it can dissipate more heat quickly.

If you see the AIO cold plate, there is a surprise waiting for you. Arctic has installed a 40 mm PWM fan which can cool down the VRM. And you get full control of its speed, which makes it awesome. And how about the design? I don’t think any manufacturer has come up with a cooler cold plate than this. Kudos to Arctic for that, and hope other manufacturers can take notes from this.

Let’s talk about performance now. When running a stress test that targets 200 watts, we got a maximum of 60 degrees. But after limiting the power to 140 W, the cooler managed an average of 44 degrees even after repeated runs. And it was super quiet too. We did not measure the noise to go past 35 decibels during any of the tests. That is great work done by the included P12 fans.

The model we tested did not come with any RGB. But there is an ARGB model which will cost you 20 dollars more if you want to go for it. Its performance is identical to the one we tested, so you are not sacrificing any cooling.

Who It’s For

  • Want to venture into water cooling without splurging too much money.
  • Does not require RGB.
  • Want a sick-looking cooler.

What We Liked Most

  • Excellent cooling and lower temperatures.
  • The included VRM fans help cool the CPU chipsets.
  • Great looks.
  • Affordable pricing.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Large heatsink can pose problems with some case.


The Arctic Liquid Freezer II is the best cheap 240 mm AIO cooler that we have tested. With fantastic cooling, you are not really sacrificing anything. Overall, it is a great choice for mid-range builds.

Ryzen 5 5600x Cooling Guide

Keeping your Ryzen 5 5600x clean is paramount to running it cooler for longer periods of time. This will properly utilize the CPU cooler and help keep your system healthy.

Here are a few things that you can do to choose a right CPU cooler in your Ryzen 5600x build:

Clean the fans

If the fans get covered with dust and dirt, it is a massive obstacle to reaching optimal cooling performance. The layer of dust that forms over the fans slows the fan speed to a great extent. That is why you should always clean them regularly.

Safety while overclocking

Overclocking might enhance your systems’ performance to the next level. But you can’t deny the fact that this process pushes the system to its limits. Sometimes the temperatures can rise to certain levels, which can be harmful to the system.

I suggest you be cautious enough while overclocking. Such cautiousness will better your systems’ cooling ability.

Fit the Water Cooler properly

If you plan to opt for a water-cooling solution, then I would suggest you fit it correctly into your system. If you don’t ensure a secure connection of tubings, it increases the chances of possible leakage. Thus, it somewhat hampers the overall cooling performance. Moreover, an airflow PC case is recommended to get the full potential of coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wraith stealth cooler enough for Ryzen 5 5600x?

If you aren’t up for overclocking, then wraith stealth coolers are good. But in case you want to overclock, it would be better to go for high-end AIO or air coolers.

Are Ryzen Stock Coolers good for overclocking?

Ryzen stock coolers are not meant for overclocking. They are designed to cool the CPU at stock speeds. If overclocking is your thing, go for a beefy cooler with a large heatsink to keep the temperatures under control.

Can you overclock a Ryzen 5 5600X?

Yes, the Ryzen 5 5600X comes with an unlocked multiplier similar to the rest of the lineup. That means you can increase the multiplier and run it at a higher clock speed. But keep in mind that you need a good cooler for that.

Do I need water cooling for Ryzen 5 5600X?

When overclocked, the Ryzen 5 5600X produces heat, so you need a good cooler to dissipate that. A water cooler is not necessary, but you can use it. An AIO is the best choice for it, instead of an open loop cooling.

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