Best CPU Coolers for i9-10900K [Top AIO & Air Coolers 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

The K series CPUs from Intel are unlocked for overclocking, and the i9 processors are usually top-of-the-line choices for each generation. Thereby the i9-10900K Comet Lake processors are formerly considered the best.

The 10th gen i9 CPU heat anticipation is high since it’s Overclockable with peak 250W TDP(intel rated). It could even exceed 300W in extreme performance situations on our

So, a stiff CPU cooler is a must for such processors. I’ll recommend several best coolers based on various requirements in this article.

7 Best CPU Coolers for Intel i9-10900K Processor

AwardCooler ModelBest Use Disposition
Editor’s ChoiceCorsair iCUE H150i RGB EliteBest Cooling with aesthetics.
Best Performance AIO CoolerARCTIC Liquid Freezer IIFinest cooling within a fair budget.
AIO for Extreme OCASUS ROG RYUO III 360Absolute Overclock compatible.
Top Cooling PerformerNoctua NH-D14Maximum air cooling with silence.
Best Low Budget AIOThermalright Frozen Notte 240Reasonable liquid cooler on a low budget.
Low Profile & CompactNoctua NH-L9i-17xx (Caution)Mini-ITX form factor build
Bang For Buck CoolerThermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SEEnough Air cooling within a low budget.

The 14 nm i9 10900K processor is an absolute powerhouse, requiring large-scale TDP support from the CPU cooler. Thus any usual or barely powerful CPU cooler won’t be able to tame its heat in a heavy workload or OC mode.

Therefore the listed Coolers above are some of the best shots in the current market. We also considered the price-to-performance ratio but barely sacrificed the heat-eliminating performance. Not only AIO liquid coolers have taken place in our recommendations, but we also added some of the finest Air coolers into it.

Surprisingly, Air coolers somehow beat liquid coolers available with lower budgets. So check out the best i9-10900K CPU coolers we enlisted & reviewed after precise tests.

1. Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Elite: Editor’s Choice



Radiator Size:397(L) x 120(H) x 27(W) mm | Fan Size:120mm x 3 | CFM:10.9 – 59.1 | RPM:400–1850 | Noise Level:5-28.9dBA

  • »Advanced fan & light control with CORSAIR iCUE software.
  • »Heavily customizable ARGB support.
  • »Robust but low noise illuminating fan.
  • »Aluminum radiator for better heat anticipation.
  • »Five years long warranty.
  • » 
  • »No RGB lighting in radiator fans.

Why iCUE H150i RGB Elite is Our Editor’s Choice

Since our priority, the iCUE H150i Elite CPU cooler caught our interest during our test with our i9 Raptor lake CPU. Later the test result with the older i9-10900K CPU assured us of impressive cooling performance and seized our Editors’ Choice.

Moreover, It looks good either with slight RGB lighting. The iCUE software is a plus in taking control of the Cooling, lighting, & noise.

Who is it For

This AIO CPU cooler may not offer an exclusive look & design, but the simple RGB CPU Pump Block seems enough if you put the cooling performance in the first place. It can deal with the 10th gen i9 Intel processor pretty well in heavy workloads & Gaming. You can easily overclock your CPU up to 300 TDP, which is enough for i9-10900K.

What could be Improved

Though the CPU block is cool looking, the RGB support in the fans could create more attraction. The other variants have such lighting fans, but the extra price could be more soothing.


Corsair is a renowned brand for making quality tech products, so the iCUE H150i is one of the best CPU coolers for LGA 1200 sockets for around 180 USD.

2. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II: Best Performance AIO



Radiator Size:398 (L) x 38 (W) x 120 (H) mm | Fan Size:120mm x 3 | CFM:56.33 | RPM:1000–3000 | Noise Level:10.64 dB(idle)

  • »Proven Cooling performance with EU Hardware award.
  • »Futureproof Socket compatibility for both Intel & AMD.
  • »Efficient & powerful AIO pump.
  • »Static Pressure Fan included.
  • »Non-RGB cooler.

Why is ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II Chosen as the Best Performer

The Arctic Liquid AIO drastically took the market by storm with its powerful cooling capability. As we already knew its worth before our test, we tried to impose an enormous workload with continuous benchmark & stress tests.

Unsurprisingly, it could handle more than 300 TDP of i9-10900K with an average temperature of 76-80 ℃. The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II is one of the best 350mm AIO CPU coolers in the current market. You can even use this for the latest gen intel or AMD i9 & R9 processors, as our test results were impressive for these CPUs.

Who is it For

If you want a solid cooling solution for your top-of-the-line CPUs like i9-10900K or 13900K, it’s a relatively safe pick at around $145 today. We already love how much it offers at this price.

Plus, the noise is barely audible even with the peak 3000 RPM, let alone the 10db idle mode. But you have no choice of RGB or ARGB support with this AIO. Even the 120mm static pressure fans don’t have any lighting.

What Could Be Improved

Although the temperature discharging of this AIO is excellent for the price, the non-RGB design could be replaced with a simple or small light presence.


The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 may not fill the desire for RGB. Still, the performance-centric choice owners are the targeted consumers of it.

3. ASUS ROG RYUO III 360: Extreme Overclocking AIO



Radiator Size:399.5(L) x 120(H) x 30(W) mm | Fan Size:120mm | CFM:70.07 | RPM:2200+/-300 | Noise Level:36.45 dB(A)

  • »Extreme Overclocking Capability.
  • »Lucrative AIO Pump display.
  • »Powerful 8th gen Asetek pump.
  • »Included Cable Organizer.
  • »The price is too high.

Why is the ASUS ROG RYUO III 360 Suitable for Extreme OC

So far, the ROG series products from ASUS are considered top-tier solutions; thus, you can pick this product without questions. But I’m pretty sure you won’t.

We tested this on several unlocked CPUs like the i9-13900k, R9 5900x, and i9-10900K as well. It could easily handle those CPUs up to 250w TDP. Pushing the i9-10900K for further overclocking, we came up with a good result of around 75℃ temperature stable above 300 TDP.

Furthermore, the CPU block with a screen is so cool, and the customization pushes it to another level.

By default & with presets, it shows the current CPU temperature with various ROG logo effects, but you can show whatever you want in that display. You can easily consider this ROG RYUO III 360 one of the best RGB AIO CPU coolers.

Who is it For

The rigs with no compromise build are the best fit for such a powerful but expensive AIO. Of course, you can go for a custom loop cooling like Thermaltake Pacific C360 Ddc, but you need expert help setting up such a complicated cooler.

Hence, the ROG RYUO III 360 is an evenly-powerful CPU Cooler solution you can set in your rig with the least hassle.

What could be Improved

The noise level at the maximum RPM is louder than the previously mentioned ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II, which is not preferable at this high price.


Most ROG series coolers are installed in expensive builds. If the price isn’t an issue for you, this piece of art can increase your cooling anticipation with a great look.

4. Noctua NH-D14: Top Performer with Least Noise



Heatsink Size:160(H) x 140(W) x 130(D) | Fan Size:120 x 2 | CFM:64.9(max) | RPM:1200/1300 | Noise Level:36.45 dB(A)

  • »The minimum noise level on high RPM.
  • »Guaranteed Performance with the slightest noise.
  • »6-pipe dual tower heatsink design.
  • »Top-notch quality materials with SecuFirm2™ Mounting Kits.
  • »Some people consider the Fan blade & frame color bad.

Why Noctua NH-D14 is the Top Performer on Our List

Noctua comes first in most concerns when choosing a CPU cooler. This very manufacturer is broadly famous for its quietest fans with a high airflow blade design. BTW I’m not an admirer of their design choice.

However, they also released a black version named Chromax for non-noctua color accent lovers. This NH-D14 has an identical black version entitled NH-D15 Chromax.

We chose this because of its excellent cooling performance. Probably the best air cooler with the lowest noise as a bi-product, around a hundred dollars. We haven’t noticed any issues, and the performance above 250 TDP of i9-10900K was very stable with a temperature of around 70℃.

Who is it For

If you need a fairly silent cooler without compromising air cooling performance, the NH-D14 or NH-D15 Chromax is the one. You’ll be surprised how silent it stays at a very high RPM. Plus, the heatsink is better heat conductive due to the quality material.

The color accent might be bothersome for some users, but if you are convinced about paying a little high price for the Chromex version, it’d be a great choice.

What could be Improved

The only complaint you can impose upon Noctua is absolute zero lighting. No single version of their product has a glimpse of RGB. Then again, the top view of the cooler doesn’t look so good from the Case Outside.


The NH-D14 from Noctua is the current best Air Cooler for a powerful CPU like i9-10900K. And the price seems affordable also.

5. Thermalright Frozen Notte 240: Budget AIO Choice



Radiator Size: 120(L) x 25(H) x 120(W) mm | Fan Size:120mm x 2  | CFM:72.37(max) | RPM:2000(max) | Noise Level:127.7dBAmax()

  • »Lucrative ARGB sync-able Fans and motor block.
  • »High Airflow with a low noise level.
  • »Liquid Cooling at a lower price segment.
  • »Need to be more dependable for Extended Overclocking.

Why We Chose Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 as the Best Budget AIO

Despite being the only small 240mm AIO radiator on our list, it offers sufficient cooling performance at a price. On top of that, the RGB design of the CPU block and radiator fans looks genuinely impressive.

Ok then, how is the performance of Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 under 60$ low price?

The Performance is more than a worthy choice. Possibly the bang on the budget you can count on easily. I mean, how much would you expect at such a low price, right?

On average, 250 TDP of i9-10900K barely touched the 70℃ headroom, which is very impressive as we tested.

Who is it For

Not every user desires extreme or very high-performing cooling. Or you just want to get rid of the stock cooler with an i9-10900K CPU and upgrade CPU cooling without breaking the bank. This 280mm AIO from Thermalright is the best fit with a cool aesthetic & clean look.

It becomes an easy choice because of the overall cooling performance, and the ARGB lighting is unbeatable in this price range.

What could Be Improved

Even though we can barely make a point against this AIO at this price point, the static pressure fan could be better behind the radiator rather than airflow fans.


Clearly, this Thermalright Frozen Notte 240 AIO is the best budget-friendly CPU cooler you can own right now. We recommend this for i9-10900K if your OC requirement isn’t too high.

6. Noctua NH-L9i-17xx: Small form factor/ Mini-ITX Air Cooler



Radiator Size:37(H) x 95(W) x 95(D) with fan | Fan Size:92mm x 1 | CFM:37.4 | RPM:1800-2500 | Noise Level:23,6 dB(A) (max)

  • »Small form factor ideal for Mini-ITX build.
  • »Sufficient cooling despite minimal heatsink.
  • »Impressively extended six years Warranty.
  • »Insufficient cooling for high-performance use.

Why Noctua NH-L9i-17xx is on Our List as a Mini ITX Cooler with Caution

This CPU cooler is not recommended. You can use a low-profile CPU cooler if you can’t fit a standard cooler in your PC case. But that doesn’t mean it’s a useless cooler anyway.

Instead, it could hold the CPU temperature under 80℃ in moderately heavy use. The CPU-facing Forced Cooling is usually suitable for such regular use. Even the recent Intel i9-10900K doesn’t exceed 100℃ on high usage.

If you have 163(L) x 140(W) x 109(H)mm CPU cooler compatibility, go for the Be Quiet! DARK ROCK TF 2 Air cooler performed way better than this air cooler from Noctua. Surprisingly, it has 2x135mm silent fans.

Who is it For

As I mentioned, this isn’t an ideal cooler for any i9 K series unlocked processor whatsoever. At least try using an EVGA CLC 120mm compact AIO for such a powerful i9-10900K CPU.

However, charm-lover users are usually ready to sacrifice the CPU’s full potential. In case you are among the personnel who own a skinny & compact PC, then this Noctua NH-L9i-17xx air cooler is the only companion we can recommend.

What could be Improved

Since this product only targets a specific niche user with compact fondness, there is no room to complain about its small heatsink.


Despite Noctua making magnificent CPU fans, this particular air cooler is barely recommended for any top-of-the-line CPUs like i9 or Ryzen 9.

7. Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE: Bang for the Buck Air Cooler



Radiator Size:125(L) x 110(W) x 155(H) mm | Fan Size:120 mm | CFM:66.17(max) | RPM:1550(max) | Noise Level:25.6 dBA

  • »Dual Tower large heatsink design with two fans.
  • »Best Cooling performance at a lower price range.
  • »High Airflow ARGB Fans.
  • »Enough RAM clearance even with a large heatsink.
  • »Protruding heat-conducting pipes at the top look unattractive.

Why We Picked TR Peerless Assassin 120 SE as Best in Budget Air Cooler

The king of price-to-performance ratio is the Peerless Assassin Air Cooler yet. We always recommend this Air Cooler for Any Mid-tier Unlocked CPU like Intel 10500K, R5-5600X, 13500K, and even for Ryzen7-7700X or 13700K processors.

This dual-tower Air cooler is unbeatable under the price bracket of 50$. Similarly, it can easily handle the i9-10900K CPU’s thermal respiration duty by imposing a heavy load during our test.

Surprisingly, it performs very closely to Noctua’s NH-D14 Air cooler, with the only downside of the extended noise level.

Who is it For

Assuming you don’t want to break the bank on your seemingly old i9-10900K CPU and you want to get rid of an intel stock fan to taste the experience of Overclocking, the TR Peerless Assassin 120 SE is the absolute best budget CPU cooler for you.

What could Be Improved

We could barely find a flaw in this Air cooler for the price. The design isn’t good, and the extended heat conducting pipe on the top looks bad.


This Air Cooler is a worthy choice for mid to moderate high-tier CPUs if you want proper overclocking, and you can also use it for high-tier CPUs like i9-10900K as an acceptable cooling solution.

How We Handpicked the Best CPU Coolers for i9-10900K

The finding & testing process of selecting the best CPU cooler takes a lot of labor. We had to run tests on many CPU coolers besides these listed ones to find the absolute best. The priority is performance, but the price is also crucial when choosing a CPU cooler for tad old Intel CPUs like i9-10900K.

We measure the price to performance if the expensive CPU coolers are worth enough or overkill.

Note: During our test, the Intel i9-10900K was paired with a Z590 motherboard and an open bench setup, and the ambient temperature was around 25℃. So the result can vary over the motherboard, ambient temperature, and Chassis.

Each category-awarded product is the best in its segment. We covered the possible perspectives, demands, and budgets. I’ve also included silent, compact, and RGB-based choices.

FYI all the included AIO liquid CPU coolers, except the low budget one, are 360mm, and Air Coolers are high airflow 120mm fan-based, usually required for i9-10900K CPU.


What temp is safe for i9-10900K?

At the full potential of i9-10900K, it can reach 4.9 GHz, and the safe temperature is 70℃ of 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the best RAM for i9-10900K?

Since the i9-10900K’s max RAM frequency support is DDR4-2933, buying a 3200MHz CL15 RAM is a pretty efficient choice.

Is the 10900K still good in 2023?

You can buy this tad-old comet lake CPU and expect reasonable performance, but the price is still not worth it.

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