Is an Expensive CPU Cooler Worth It? [Know the Truth 2023]

Written By Farhan Max

Are you planning to build a new PC? If yes, then pay a little attention to the CPU cooler.

Because many essential things, especially Overclocking, depend on the CPU cooler. So always choose a Cooler that can handle your CPU’s temperature Perfectly.

As there are so many options available in the market like the stock coolers or the expensive fancy coolers, it may be hard for you to choose the right one.

Don’t worry.

As a tech expert, I will clear your Confusion with my expertise in PC building and help you make a solid decision to buy the appropriate cooler for your PC.


Do you need a fancy or expensive Cooler for your CPU?

You don’t need an expensive Cooler if you are doing your usual everyday task on your PC. You can also do medium gaming with the stock cooler. But when you are using your PC for high-end graphics design or playing heavy games, you just need an aftermarket  CPU cooler.

So, Without wasting any more time, Let’s Jump into the main article.

Why Should you Use a CPU Cooler?

The key thing a CPU Cooler does is to control the temperature of your CPU, and it prevents your Processor from getting too hot. When your processor produces more temperature than 100 degrees Celcius and your stock cooler can’t control it, you should go for a better CPU cooler.

Generally, Computer components, especially the Processor, are designed to generate a little heat while working. To reduce this increased temperature, a CPU cooler is an absolute necessity.

There are two types of CPU coolers available in the market:

Stock Coolers

Most common coolers for CPU. Most of the time, manufacturers provide an air cooler to reduce the extra heat of the CPU. The Stock Cooler works perfectly on a PC that uses a computer for everyday tasks.

When you are using a stock cooler under a heavy workload, the fan runs faster to cool the CPU and makes more noise.

Aftermarket Coolers 

This Cooler is the upgraded version of your typical stock cooler. The work procedure of this Cooler is the same as the stock cooler, but aftermarket coolers change the performance of the CPU by increasing the overclocking rate. Besides the Air Coolers, there are expensive Liquid coolers available.

Aftermarket Coolers are more expensive than regular stock coolers.

You may spend anywhere from $10 to $100 on aftermarket fans. Some of them are considerably more expensive, costing upwards of $200

But many users purchase these expensive coolers for their PC.

So, there must be some reason behind it.

Actually, it depends on CPU usage.

For your convenience, here’s the list of the top 9 best CPU coolers you can get this year.

In the next portion, I will discuss about the relationship between CPU usage and Coolers.

Why Should You Purchase an Expensive Cooler?

There are a couple of reasons for using a high-end CPU cooler, and two of them are the most common.

Most of the users use a CPU cooler for these two reasons:

  • Increase the Overclock Potential.
  • Reduce the Noise of CPU Fan.why-should-you-purchase-an-expensive-cooler

Here I discuss these two facts elaborately:

Increase The Overclock Potential

If you plan to Overclock your Processor, you should use an aftermarket cooler to run your CPU perfectly.

Many users are not familiar with overclocking, so here is the simple idea on Overclocking:

Overclocking is a computing term that increases the clock rate of the Processor. It changes some inbuilt hardware limitations of your PC. You can overclock your CPU by using some softwares, and it makes your CPU run faster and increases the CPU performance.

Now back to our main topic, Your CPU will perform perfectly when the exterior heat of your CPU is between 70 to 75 degree celsius. Anything higher than that temperature will be caused a reduction of performance.

On the other hand, Overclocked CPUs require extra caution since they generate substantially more heat than when they run at the clock rates for which they were built.

When you accelerate the clock rate of your CPU, the semiconductor Devices operate at a higher frequency and voltage. That assumes more power and produces more heat.

Since it produces a significant amount of heat, it must need a better cooling system to control the heat issue.

You may use an expensive aftermarket Cooler to cool down your Processor. It also helps a processor to get the best clock rate for this kind of situation.

Otherwise, you don’t need an aftermarket cooler if you don’t have any plan to overclock your Processor. For everyday computer use, the CPU’s standard fan will be enough to decrease the heat that produces by your CPU.

Reduce The Noise of CPU Fan

When the workload of a CPU is increased, the typical Air Coolers leap into action and force the hot air out from your PC and help cool air to cycle in the PC. This process creates more noise than regular.

The manufacturers don’t focus on this issue. They only concentrate on boosting the performance of each CPU. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a lot of money invested in the cooling system.

As a result, the CPU coolers produce a loud noise, which might be distracting when you’re trying to work.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of aftermarket CPU coolers invest and research a lot to build a noise-free cooler for your CPU.

As a result, almost every aftermarket coolers are practically noise-free. They are as quiet as samurai ninjas.

If your PC creates more noise than regular for overclocking, then the best option for you is to replace the Stock CPU fan with an Aftermarket CPU fan.

These are the main reasons for adding an aftermarket fan on your CPU.

Aftermarket CPU Coolers are typically for those users who are doing some high-end work like Graphics Design, Video Editing,3D Animation, and Rendering heavy Files. 

Also, if you play games like GTA V, GOD of WAR also needs a better cooler to boost up the Over Clocking. An expensive cooler than worth it’s price.

On the other hand, if you are a regular PC user with the everyday task, you don’t need an expensive cooler because your Stock fan is good enough to control the heat issue.

But some regular PC users still complain about the heat issue and the CPU fan, that it cause overheat on their PC.

It’s an entirely wrong idea of them because the Stock  CPU cooler is not always responsible for the overheating issue.

Here are some other reasons that can produce overheating:

  • Dirty fans can produce overheat.
  • If your PC can’t ventilate heat, then the temperature will crease.
  • If your CPU is working too hard.

So, before you replace your CPU fan with an expensive one, try to figure out the reason.

If your PC is creating overheat for dirt or ventilation, then try to fix this by applying the following methods:

Clean the Inside of the Computer Casing

You should clean all your cooling fans including the CPU, GPU, and PSU coolers, as well as the case’s air intakes.

Dust accumulation is a common issue with every PC that employs active cooling, and it is the most common cause of overheating. It can also produce a clicking noise in the CPU cooler.

Purchase Case Fan

Inadequate ventilation might also be the cause of your PC’s overheating. The CPU and GPU coolers may be operating correctly, but they’re not getting enough cool air from the outside. 

The case fan cycles the cool air from outside.

This fan can boost the performance of your PC by ventilating the air perfectly, and the main thing is these fans are not so expensive.

And if you feel like your CPU cooler is not working properly, you can even replace the CPU fan with a case fan.

But, before that, do check our latest post on the CPU Cooler VS Case Fans.


There are many types of fancy CPU coolers are available in the market that you can use for your CPU. But it can cost a lot of money, even some coolers are so expensive. You need to spend 250$ to buy this kind of Cooles.

So, you should think carefully about whether you need that cooler or not.

If you use your PC for everyday tasks then you don’t need a fancy cooler.

On the other hand, if you overclock your PC for heavy work then you must need a better cooling system.

In that case, You should buy an expensive aftermarket cooler to maintain the temperature of your PC and it is worth it’s price.

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