Solved: PS4 Black Screen Issue [Causes & Fixes 2024]

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Annoying is an understatement when the black screen problem hits the PS4. Rather, it clouds the mind of an individual with dreadful thoughts like “Is my PS4 bricked?”.

As traumatizing as it can get, the silver lining is that the PS4 black screen is fixable right in your man cave. Hence, I’ve come up with this write-out to help you resolve the black screen of death on PS4/PS4 Pro.ps4-black-screen-issue

So, let’s jump in, then!

Why Does the PS4 Black Screen Problem Appear?

As it occurs, the PS4 black screen issue can emerge for multifaceted reasons, such as incorrect display output, abrupt power loss of the console, damaged HDMI cable or connection, and PS4 resolution unsupported by the monitor. The HDCP feature can pull up a black screen while gaming as well.

You see, the black screen problem can appear in many forms, such as a black screen after the PS logo appears on the screen or there’s no display at all while the PS4 turns on.

Besides, a flickering black screen while running a game can disrupt a playful experience fiercely. This could mean that the APU chip inside the PS4 is overheating or the memory is dying.

But the good news is that the PS4 black screen problem can easily be fixed with a proper approach. In the next section, I’ve put together every method to solve this issue.

How to Fix PS4 Black Screen Issue

To fix the PS4 black screen, first check the HDMI cable, ports, and connection between the console and the display. Also, disable HDCP, perform a power cycle, and change resolution in the Safe Mode. For a persistent black screen problem, visit a repair shop to solve hardware issues.

Below, I’ve accumulated all the possible fixes to resolve PS4 black screen.

Here are the methods to fix the PS4 black screen:

1. Check HDMI Cable, Port & Connection

Beginning with the most basic and easy step, check the connection between your TV or monitor and the PS4 console. Inspect whether the HDMI cable is connected properly.  A flimsy or loose connection can introduce a black screen on PS4.

Again check the output signal. But what is it?

Let’s say you’ve connected the cable to your monitor’s HDMI 2 but HDMI 1 is selected. You’ll get a black screen forever unless you change the output signal to HDMI 2.

Last but not least, inspect the HDMI cable and the port on both your display and the PS4. Check for any physical damage or rust/fungus that prevents the display from showing anything, hence a PS4 black screen.

2. Disconnect Peripherals from PS4

Some peripherals can thwart the PS4’s boot-up process. So it’s possible to encounter a black screen on PS4 even before you see the PlayStation logo. It’s more like a complete blackout of the PS4.

To fix this issue, disconnect every single first-party or third-party peripheral and accessory from the console. It can be a PlayStation Move or a racing wheel, and so on. Now restart the console and check whether the black screen problem is resolved.

3. Restart PS4 by Power Cycling

Due to a lack of proper shutdown, the PS4 can go through a black screen on the next boot. This can be a doing of a sudden power outage or such.

Under this circumstance, power cycling the PS4 can solve the black screen. This procedure also helps to get rid of minor glitches and temporary OS bugs.

Here’s how to power cycle PS4:

  • Press and hold the power button on the PS4 until it completely turns off.
  • Disconnect the PS4 from any power source.
  • Hold back for 15-20mins to drain the power.
  • Re-attach the console to a power source.

Turn on the PS4 console after that, and it should boot normally this time around.

4. Disable HDCP on PS4

While playing a game, the PS4 turns black randomly. If this is happening to you, the HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) needs to be disabled. This feature is put in to stop pirating content.

To disable HDCP on PS4:

  • Navigate to Settings > System Settings on the PS4. ps4-settings ps4-system-settings
  • Remove the tick from the Enable HDCP checkbox. ps4-disable-hdcp

Go back to playing games, and this sudden PS4 blackout should be resolved.

Note: Turn on HDCP to continue watching content on streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

5. Change Resolution in Safe Mode

The resolution discrepancy between the PS4 and the monitor leads to a black screen. It comes to pass when you change your display to a new one. As a result, the internal resolution of the PS4 can not synchronize with the new monitor to begin with.

Because of that, sometimes you might hear sounds but with the black screen on PS4. So, you need to get to the Safe Mode and change to a compatible resolution.

Here’s how to change PS4 resolution in safe mode:

  • Completely turn off the PS4.
  • Pressand hold the PS4 power button for 7 seconds until the second beep comes up.
  • Connect the DualShock4 controller to the PS4 with a USB cable. connect-ps4-controller-usb-cable
  • Press the PS button to go to the Safe Mode.
  • Select the Change Resolution option with a press on the X button.ps4-change-resolution-safe-mode
  • Restart the console.

On the next boot, it should show a picture on the display.

6. Factory Reset the PS4

If changing the resolution does not help, re-access the Safe Mode. This time, choose Restore Default Settings. This option will reset the PS4 to its original settings, reserving all the user data. However, for a complete wipe, pick the Initialize PS4 option. ps4-restore-default-settings

Now, try booting up the console and check whether the black screen problem is sorted.

7. Repair the PS4 by a Professional

No luck after performing everything I’ve explained above? Well, seek help from a professional who can repair PS4.

Though, if your console has an active warranty, contact Sony and claim it.


Why Is Your PS4 Turning On But Not Showing on TV?

When your PS4 turns on but nothing shows on the TV, it could be a loose connection. Plus, the HDMI cable or the port can be faulty. Again, the resolution difference between the TV and the console can cause nothing to show up on the screen.

Can Overheating Cause Black Screen on PS4?

Yes, overheating of the PS4 chip can cause a black screen. When the APU overheats, the PS4 can go black and then come back on. It’s super annoying while in a gaming session. Clean up the entire console and repaste the PS4 chip to avoid heating issues.

Can a Power Outage Damage Your PS4?

Yes, a power outage can damage your PS4. It can cause data loss and damage the hard drive permanently. Also, a black screen issue can arise if the console is not shut down properly.

Last Bit

So, that’s all about the possible black screen issues on the PS4. Follow the fixes I’ve described above, and your PS4 console should be up and running. For more queries, please comment down below.


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