WOW Ground Mounts [All About Ground Mounts 2021]

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We know the game area can be huge nowadays. So you need something to cover the distance because if you are on foot, it will take ages to reach your destination. 

In the world of warcraft, your friend along your journey will be the ground mounts. Some vicious and some cute animals will be the ones who will carry your weight like the old dynasty days. 

You can even show off your character if you have a cool ground mount in wow.


Can you use ground mounts in Shadowlands?

Yes, you can use ground mounts in shadowlands. After the 9.1 patches of the shadowlands, ground mounts are usable. But your mount will still be grounded and won’t be able to fly if you haven’t unlocked the required skill set.

Now there are many ground mounts available in wow, and it can be confusing if you want to pick one. 

Let me guide you through. I will make sure you have the coolest ground mount in wow.

So keep reading till the end to pick your desired ground mount.

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Where can I buy a ground mount in WoW?

You can buy a ground mount from the vendor in exchange for gold. Apart from buying, you can also acquire mounts from achievements, wow store, and from looting as well. In the world of warcraft, there are plenty of ways you can acquire a ground mount. 

Before we go into how to acquire mounts, let’s go back to mount types in wow. There are typically three types of mounts available in wow. Ground mounts, Flying mounts, and underwater mounts. 

Now you may ask, when can you get ground mounts?

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In Shadowlands, When you’ve achieved level 10, walk over to your faction’s capital and interact with the trainers Bralla Cloudwing in Stormwind and Maztha in Orgrimmar.

You may enhance your mount speed up to a maximum of 280 percent by visiting the aforementioned trainers at various levels as you continue your journey in Shadowlands.

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There is a certain skill tree that you have to unlock in order to upgrade your riding skill. These are: 

  • Apprentice Riding- Apprentice Riding boosts your ground speed by 60% and is unlocked automatically if your character has reached Level 10.
  • Journeyman Riding – Your ground speed is increased by 100% when you ride as a Journeyman. The skill is available at Level 20, and it costs 50 Gold to learn.
  • Expert Riding- Expert Riding teaches you how to fly at 150 percent speed on flying mounts. The skill costs 250 gold and is learned at Level 30.
  • Master Riding– Level 40 unlocks the last Master Riding skill, which costs 5,000 Gold. It enables you to ride your flying mount at the fastest potential pace.

You can buy a mount from a mount merchant near Kildare if you’ve mastered the mount skill. There are a variety of flying mounts available for purchase in the market. But the easiest to obtain are the wind riders available in Orgrimmar; you do not need to boost your reputation to purchase wind riders.

To purchase a racial mount from another race, you must be exalted. So, if you’re an Orc looking to purchase Undead’s skeleton horse mount, you’ll need to first become exalted with Undercity. Wearing their tabard and doing dungeons is an easy method to become exalted.

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Top 5 Ground Mounts In World of Warcraft

As I said, earlier mounts are one of the key features to look cool in the world of warcraft. Your mount will decide either you are a cool warlord or a boring one. 

There are many mounts available in World of Warcraft. Keeping all the expansions in mind, I have handpicked my top 5 Ground mounts.

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Here are the top 5 ground mounts available in World of Warcraft: 

1.WOW Ground Mounts

One of the coolest and oldest mounts in the world of warcraft. This was my dream mount throughout the game, and I am sure many people are still fond of this mount. It’s Baron Rivendare’s undead horse from the end of Stratholme. The Baron from Stratholme is the one you’re looking for if you want the horse. This mount was deemed to be one of the hardest ever to acquire in wow.

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2. Spectral Tiger

Spectral tiger is one of the finest-looking mounts in the game. It used to be at the top of the list, but its popularity has gone down lately. Back in the day, this mount was introduced to people with a card game that you can play in real life. And if you are lucky and get the fires of the outland card, you will get a code underneath it, which you will have to type in-game to obtain the spectral tiger. But the card game is no longer available, so the only way to get it is if you luckily get the mount while opening a drop.

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3. Raven Lord

Raven lord is a blue-looking bird mount. Now you might think, hey, does it fly? Well, no, and that is the bad part. Even if it is a raven, it still cannot fly. Many people named the mount stupid as missing out on its core of origin. But even if it cannot fly, it is still one of the best-looking mounts in the world of warcraft. It was easier to get in burning crusade, but however, the drop rate is as low as 0. So many people still can flex that they have the most unique ground mount of the game.

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4. Winterspring Frostsaber

If you love Diego or Shira from the ice age, then this should be your go-to ground mount. This is one of the most difficult mounts to obtain. In the quest of winter spring, you have a chance to obtain this vicious monster. If you can grind like a madman, then you can obtain this in a few days, but if you are someone who occasionally plays the game, then this will take you months to obtain this mount. But trust me, the grind is worth it.

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5. Headless Horseman’s Mount

Another horse mounts at the very bottom of the list. Unlike the charger, this mount has a very unique feature. This horse will scale with your riding skill. This means when you acquire flying skills; then you can fly the horse in the outlands and north end. You can obtain the mount during Hallow’s end festival and use it in Northrend, Outlands, and Azeroth. If you are in for a mount that can fly and looks cool in the ground, then this should be your go-to mount. The grinding is going to be hard but still achievable.


As the world of warcraft is expanding every day, there will be cool mounts in the future as well. It is quite easy to grind now in wow, but people had to play 24/7 to get their favorite mount back in the day. Just like the spectral tiger, the only way to get it was to play a real card game! I wish you the best of luck so that you can land your favorite ground mount in wow.

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Are all mounts the same speed?

If you are scratching your head and thinking you have a slow mount, well, don’t worry. Because in-game, all mount speeds are pretty much the same. 

It mostly depends on your riding skill and the completion of story quests. Also, in some areas, the mount speed will be different. So don’t worry too much that you have to spend money to get a faster mount. But yes, you have to break your bank if you don’t want to grind and drop a fancy-looking ground mount. 

Now you might ask, What are the easiest mounts to get in WoW?

Hearthsteed,  Bronze drake from Culling of Stratholme, and Twilight drake from Obsidian Sanctum are the easiest mounts to get in the world of warcraft as they all have a 100% drop rate in wow.

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Final Thoughts

Ground Mounts are one of the most crucial part of your wow gameplay. If you are in aesthetics as many are then, you will love to grind and land your favorite ground mount. 

Hopefully, with this guideline, you will get all the answers regarding ground mounts in wow.

But if you still have any queries, then you can always reach out to us.

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