Windows 11 Webcam is Out of Focus [5 Easy Solutions 2024]

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In this post-pandemic era, a webcam has become a handy tool more than ever. Whether you’re learning online/ working from home, being present is not much difficult with the help of technology.

But one annoying thing happens when you’re in the middle of a video conference with someone, and the camera is out of focus.

Mostly, the slow internet connection creates this issue — your camera gets blurry while using meet/skype/zoom. But that’s not the only reason.

In this article, we’ll get deep inside why your webcam is out of focus on Windows 11. And most importantly, how to fix the fuzzy camera.

Let’s get into the topic without wasting any more

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Why is my Webcam Blurry on Windows 11?

Dust on the camera mainly makes the webcam blurry for Windows 11 – in the case of laptops. As per external webcams, a faulty cable connection is the main culprit. However, an outdated camera driver and a corrupted camera application are the reasons behind the out-of-focus webcam on Windows 11.

In-built webcams are always focused; you can’t adjust the camera focus for your laptop. There are no focus lenses, so it’s not possible to adjust your webcam’s focus.

Cleaning the dust with a few drops of alcohol on a microfiber cloth is the option you should try.

Nevertheless, there are various reasons for an external webcam to get out of focus. For instance, when your Windows 11 camera driver isn’t compatible with the cam, it exhibits vague footage.

Sometimes, using an outdated display driver on Windows 11 can also lead the webcam to lose focus.

Enough with the reasons, let’s get you to the methods that can fix blurry webcam on Windows 11.

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How to Fix Webcam Focus on Windows 11

Clearing the camera is the best way to fix the blurry webcam. Also, you might wanna try running the Windows 11 system troubleshooter when the webcam is blurry. After that, plug out and replug the camera. Also, disable the other cameras when you have multiple webcams.

That will fix the fuzzy webcam on Windows 11. Now, let’s discuss fixing the blurry laptop webcam and external webcam.

Usually, you can’t adjust the focus of a built-in webcam. But, the latest external webcams allow you to modify the focus by spinning the camera lens. Rotate the physical lens a bit if you’re using the latter one.

After applying these solutions, test the webcam online. This website will determine whether your webcam is problematic for any physical issue or if the problem is your video chatting applications.

Try the forthcoming solutions only after implementing the previous solutions.

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Here are the methods to solve out-of-focus webcam on Windows 11:

1. Run the Built-in Camera Troubleshooter

In case there are any software issues with the webcam, running the built-in troubleshooter of Windows 11 will resolve them. This is the initial stage to resolve when the webcam is blurry on every application.

Here are the methods to run the camera troubleshooter:

  • Press Windows + I to launch the settings menu.
  • Navigate to System > Troubleshooter > Other troubleshooters.other-troubleshooter
  • Locate the Camera and click on the Run
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Windows will resolve any issues and ask for a restart if there are any issues. After restarting, check whether the blurry effect on your webcam is fixed or not.

Try the following solutions in case the camera is still fuzzy.

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2. Update the Camera Driver

Not updating the drivers on your Windows PC sometimes leads to system bugs. And those bugs and glitches can cause a hazy webcam. So, update every driver from time to time. Unless you want yourself a blurred look while video calling, of course!

Here are the steps to update the camera driver on Windows 11:

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager from the list.device-manager
  • Expand the camera section from that window.
  • Right-click on your camera driver and select the Update driver.update-driver
  • Select Search automatically for drivers.
  • Follow further instructions to complete the update.

Restart your computer once the camera driver is updated. Open the camera application and check whether the webcam is still blurry or not.

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3. Check for Optional Updates

If the manual update of the camera driver couldn’t help you with a blurry webcam, try this one instead. Let’s be honest; we don’t update any driver until it’s necessary. And we don’t even open the additional update section that Windows suggests.

This approach is not wrong, but sometimes Windows recommends the best patches on the optional update section. Try updating the additions when the manual update doesn’t work.

Here’s the procedure to install optional updates:

  • Press Windows + I to launch Windows settings.
  • Click on Windows Update from the left pane.
  • Navigate to Advanced options > Optional updates.optional-updates
  • TIck on the updates you want to install.
  • Select download and install after selecting the updates.down-install

This may take a few minutes to install the updates. Reboot your computer after the update is complete. The webcam’s blurry issue might resolve after this solution.

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4. Update the Display Driver

If the webcam you’re using is world-facing and the camera is fuzzy while in use, you can update the display driver. Sometimes outdated display drivers can cause the webcam to go blurry.

Here are the steps to update your device’s display driver: 

  • Search for Device manager in the Windows search menu and hit enter.
  • Expand the display adapter option.
  • Right-click on the driver and select Update Driver.update-display
  • Follow the on-screen manual to complete the update.

This may be the most accessible guide to updating the display driver. However, if you’re using AMD / NVIDIA graphics devices, go to their support website to install the latest graphics driver.

5. Reset the Camera Application

When the camera application of Windows 11 can’t detect the webcam, it gets to a blurry or black screen. Repair and reset the camera application to avoid this problem.

Here are the methods to reset the camera application:

  • Go to Windows settings and click on the Apps menu.apps-features-option-at-the-to
  • Select installed apps from the following window.
  • Click on three dots beside the camera and select advanced options.apps-advanced
  • Scroll down and select

Note: This will permanently delete the relevant data of your device. So, store the photos and videos before resetting the camera application.

These are the proven solutions you should apply when your webcam is blurry in Windows 11.

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Laptop Camera is Blurry While Video Calling in Windows 11

Using multiple camera applications on your laptop is the primary reason behind the camera being out of focus. Additionally, the corrupted camera driver, faulty internet connection, and dust on the webcam led to the out-of-focus issue on Windows 11.

To avoid this blurry webcam issue on your laptop, first, restart the laptop. Sometimes, running the laptop without even resting can cause a system malfunction.

Shut down the laptop, wait for a while, then rerun the computer after a few water splashes on your eyes. You should find the laptop camera is working just fine.

After that, uninstall the camera application from the device manager. Go to the Device Manager by pressing Win + X > right-click on the camera driver, and select uninstall > restart the computer after uninstalling. uninstall-driver

That will resolve the hazy laptop webcam issue. Also, run Windows update to be extra sure. Go to Windows settings > Windows Update > Check for Update.

Moreover, these are the solutions to your blurry webcam issue on Windows 11. After you implement the solutions one after another, the webcam will be crystal clear again, and you’ll be able to video chat with your loved ones without interruptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Fix an Unfocused Webcam?

Close the background applications from Windows 11 task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) > click on other applications that have camera access > End task.

Why is my Camera Out of Focus?

Clean the webcam with a dry cloth > Run the camera troubleshooter from Windows 11 settings.

How do I Fix my Webcam on Windows 11? 

Restart your computer > Try different USB ports for the external webcam > reinstall the camera driver.


Throughout the article, I have directed you through the blurry webcam issues and how you can resolve them by just following a few simple methods. Start with cleaning the webcam, updating the camera driver then resetting the camera application.

Your webcam’s focus will be mesmerizing after you implement these tweaks. You can contact me via the comment box if anything doesn’t go according to plan while solving the webcam focus issue on Windows 11 computer.

Till then, peace!

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