Why Does My PS5 Keep Crashing: 4 Working Solutions [2024]

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It gets annoying when you want to play your favorite game, but your console keeps crashing.

We thought now that tech is improving rapidly; all these random crashes are just way out of the books. We did give this thought a go, right?

But we are in 2021, but still, these crashes are going nowhere. Reports are coming out that PlayStation 5 is crashing randomly.fix-ps5-keeps-crashing

Why does my ps5 keep crashing?

Your PlayStation 5 is crashing randomly because of the infamous rest mode bug. Rest mode error can appear in the middle of a game and crash your PlayStation 5. One of the many solutions is to update the system or disable the feature.

I have had my own share of frustration with rest mode, and only for that; I have done a ton of research just to get rid of this problem. So I will tell you exactly how you can fix this problem.

Keep reading till the end to get your desired fix.

Is it normal for the PS5 to crash?

It is quite normal for a system to crash, considering how much background software is running. Even a little mishap can cause the whole system to crash. Also, one of the main reasons that PlayStation 5 is crashing is because of the rest mode feature.

Now you may ask, what is the rest mode feature on PlayStation 5?

The rest mode feature will run your PlayStation 5 in the background without the normal power consumption. You can download your games at a much faster pace. Also, you can charge your controller while being in the rest mode.

As I said earlier, it is very normal if your PlayStation 5 crashes every now and then. It has to do more with the software than hardware. So don’t worry about that. As of now, the rest mode feature is the culprit behind your frequent crashes.

Until now, the PlayStation 5 had highly unstable firmware. At least from the standpoint of a user. But, of all the flaws, the new PlayStation 5’s Rest mode was the most troublesome.

For starters, many users were unable to exit or enter the rest mode. And when they finally logged into the PlayStation, they were stuck in a loop.

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The PlayStation’s rest mode is very important because you get faster download speeds while in rest mode. In addition, the PlayStation consumes significantly less power when in rest mode.restore-ps5-liscense

The rest mode is quite essential. Despite the fact that I still have my PlayStation 4, gaming on that system has been inconsistent lately for obvious reasons. But it goes without saying that I adored the old generation console’s rest mode function. I mean, I used to play for extended periods of time, and anytime I wanted a break, I’d put my console in rest mode, complete all my work, and then play games again.

You’re probably wondering what my console did in the meanwhile.

It charged both my controllers and my wireless headphones while conserving power by operating in low power mode.

In addition, because the speed in rest mode is higher than in regular mode, it downloaded the game in the queue at a much faster rate.

So, if you’re playing on a console, rest mode is a must. And if it’s faulty, your gaming experience might be destroyed as a result of this flaw.

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How do I stop my PS5 from crashing?

Before going into details, you need to know why your PlayStation 5 is crashing. One of the main reasons is the rest mode error. Many users have already complained about this feature, and I had my own share of difficulty with this feature. Also, if there is no hardware issue, the main antagonist is obviously the Rest mode feature.

It is very easy to fix these problems. Just follow the instructions down below.

Here are the steps to fix your PlayStation 5 from crashing:

1. Update The PlayStation 5

Rest mode was very buggy at launch, but people are now using it at ease. So before disabling the feature, you should update your PlayStation 5.ps5-system-software-and-update-settings-options

Here are the steps to update your PlayStation 5:

  • Go to settings.
  • Navigate to the system.
  • Select system software.
  • Press x on system software update and settings.
  • Tap on update system software.
  • Update your PlayStation 5.

While the update process is going, do not discharge the PlayStation from power, or it will brick your console. After the update, the console will automatically restart. Use the console for a bit to see if there is any random crashing.

If the problem is still there, try the following method.

2. Disable Rest Mode

It is pretty evident you will solve all of your problems if you turn off this feature. At least you will be done with frequent crashing and freezing.ps5-rest-mode-bug

Here are the steps to disable the rest mode in PlayStation 5:

  • Navigate to settings from the menu.
  • Search for the system.
  • Go to Power Saving.
  • Select set time until ps5 enters rest mode.
  • Set don’t put in rest mode during media playback.
  • Click on Don’t put in rest mode while playing games.
  • Save the settings.

There you go; you are done disabling the feature. Use your PlayStation for a while to see if the problem is there.

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3. Rebuild DataBase

This is my go-to fix for the Playstation. Every time I face any problem with the PlayStation, I use this method to fix my issue.ps4-rebuild-database

Here are the steps to rebuild the database on your PlayStation 5:

  • Turn on the PlayStation in rest mode.
  • Connect your dual sense with a USB cable
  • Navigate to rebuild the database.
  • Click X to proceed.

While the process is underway, do not unplug the PlayStation 5 from the power brick, or else it will brick the console. After the rebuild, the PlayStation 5 will automatically restart. Use it for a while to see if there is an issue.

If the bug is still there, try the next method.

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4. Factory Reset The PlayStation 5

If any of the steps mentioned earlier don’t work for you, sadly, you can get rid of all these errors.factory-reset-ps5

Here are the steps to factory reset the PS5:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on the system.
  • Press x on system software.
  • Select reset options.
  • Press x on reset your console.

The system will be bricked if you unplug the PlayStation 5 from the power brick while the procedure is running.

If the problem is still there, it might be a hardware issue, so it would be better to take it nearest to sony customer service.

Now you may also ask, What happens if I reset my PS5?

If you reset the PlayStation 5, it will move into its original state, meaning it will be like fresh unboxing. All your data will be wiped out. All the settings will restore in default settings. However, the system software will be the latest one you updated into.

Why does my PS5 keep crashing mid-game?

Your PlayStation 5 is crashing mid-game because of a rest mode error. Many gamers have already noticed the error while playing Miles Morales or Destiny 2. Suddenly while you are playing your game, the PlayStation 5 goes into the rest mode, and then when you want to get out of the rest mode, the whole system collapses.

People got their fix by disabling the rest mode or updating the software. You can disable the rest mode by going into the settings and turning it off. But I would suggest updating the software first then go into disabling the rest mode.

Final Thoughts

The PlayStation 5 is still in its early stage, so it will take time to mold into a more stable software.

Hopefully, with this guideline, you can fix your problem.

And if you still have any queries, you can always reach out to us.

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