Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Error Code Caa30194 [2022]

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Microsoft Teams is reliable for providing the best security and maintaining a stable connection. People from every sector are now using Teams for remote work and its cross-platform support.

But sometimes, Microsoft Teams throws a Caa30194 error to its user when they try to connect. Usually, the error appears when you don’t use the app for a while, or multiple users use your PC.

However, we’ve discovered that the error only appears in the   desktop client. The application works completely fine on mobile and web clients. As a fellow desktop client user, I’ve also faced the same problem, and I understand your frustration.troubleshooting-microsoft-teams-error-code-caa30194

This article will help you to figure out all the reasons and the appropriate solutions to your problem. Let’s get this done!

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What is Error Code Caa30194 in Microsoft Teams?

Error code Caa30194 occurs when the user tries to log into the desktop client, but the application fails to connect with the server. When users encounter this issue, Microsoft Teams will show a We are sorry – we’ve run into an issue message and a Caa30194 code at the bottom left corner.

The problem mainly happens because of damaged temporary and cache files, corrupted JSON files, and security reasons. I’ve found that the error only shows up in the desktop client. The mobile version or web client user doesn’t face this error.

One of the main reasons can be Microsoft Teams desktop client is designed to use modern web technology. On the other hand, the web client is developed on Electron and uses Chromium for rendering.

After extensive research, I’ve found the reasons behind the error Caa30194 and the proper solutions for your problem. Read the complete article to learn about the cause and the ways to fix them.

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The Reasons Behind Microsoft Teams Error Code Caa30194

Microsoft Teams error code Caa30194 appears due to corrupted temporary files, cache, and JSON files. Also, disabling the TLS option, using incompatible devices, and damaged profiles can create a connection issue in the Microsoft Teams desktop client.

You will get a better understanding by reading about the reasons widely. Read the following passage to learn more about the reasons.

Here are the reasons behind Microsoft Teams error code Caa30194:

Corrupted Temporary and Cache Files

Temporary and cache file stores all your data and information in the Microsoft Teams installed directory. They can contain bugs & issues and may get corrupted over time. It hampers the network connection and shows errors while logging in to the Teams application.

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JSON Files Issue

Microsoft Teams JSON file contains config, authorization, settings, sessions, and updates. These files may get damaged or corrupted, which can cause a Caa30194 error after opening Microsoft Teams.

Disabled TLS Option

Transport Layer Security TLS provides a secure connection while transferring your data over the network. Your device turns off the connection when it detects any breaching or insecurity.

TLS gives security at that moment and maintains the communication. But, your device fails to establish a connection in the Teams application when the TLS option is disabled.

Compatibility Problem

Your current version of Microsoft Teams can be incompatible with your device. Also, Windows plays a significant factor in software compatibility. Your device settings can affect the compatibility with Teams.

Profile Issue

Your data and information stored in the profile can be affected by corruption and bugs. A corrupted or bugged profile can obstruct you from connecting with the network.

You will find the solution effortless after reading all the causes behind the error. Once you read the reasons, let’s jump into the solutions.

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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code Caa30194?

Error code Caa30194 in Microsoft Teams can be fixed by clearing the temporary & cache files, deleting the JSON file, and enabling the TLS option. Additionally, you can change the compatibility mode, create a new profile and reinstall Microsoft Teams apps to solve the problem.

There are additional solutions to solve the error code Caa30194 in the Teams application. Consider reading the full articles to learn about them.

Here are the steps to fix Microsoft Teams Error Code Caa30194:

1. Clear Microsoft Teams Temporary Files and Cache

Temporary files and cache in your Microsoft Teams directory can store data and information over time. The files can be corrupted, which causes the error code Caa30194 in your application. You need to delete the temporary files and cache from the application directory.

Here are the ways to delete temporary files and cache of Microsoft Teams:

  • Close your Microsoft Teams completely.
  • Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R together.
  • Paste %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Cache and delete all the files in the cache folder. teams-delete-cache
  • Navigate to the blob_storage folder by pasting %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\blob_storage and delete all the folders. teams-delete-blob
  • Go to the database folder and clear all the files. You can go to the location by pasting %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\databases in the run program. teams-delete-database
  • Open the GPUCache, IndexedDB, and Local Storage folder and delete all the files and folders. teams-delete-3folders
  • Paste %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\ in the run dialog program.
  • Locate and delete all the tmp folder. teams-delete-tmp
  • Restart the Microsoft Teams application.

Log in with your account and check if the issue is still appearing.

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2. Delete the JSON file

Some JSON files in the Microsoft Teams installation folder contain config, settings, and session information. These files can prevent users from connecting to Microsoft Teams if they get corrupted. Delete all the JSON files from the installed directory.

Here is the procedure to delete the Microsoft Teams JSON file:

  • Close Microsoft Teams.
  • Open the Run dialog box, pressing the Win + R button together.
  • Paste %appdata%\Microsoft\teams in the dialog box and press the Enter button.
  • Find all the JSON files and delete them. teams-delete-json
  • Open Microsoft Teams again.

Reopening the Teams application re-creates the JSON file automatically. Your problem should be resolved if the JSON files are damaged or corrupted.

3. Enable TLS 1.0 / 1.1 and 1.2

Transport Layer Security TLS is an encryption protocol to keep the data and information safe when transferred via the network. Enabling the TLS will keep your data secure if it finds any insecurity during the data transmission.

Here are the processes to enable TLS 1.0/1.1 and 1.2:

  • Search Internet Options from the Windows search box.
  • Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll to the Settings list and go to the Security tab.
  • Check all the boxes named TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.
  • Confirm the changes by pressing OK. enable-tls
  • Open Microsoft Teams to check if the issue is solved.

Generally, TLS 1.2 is enabled by default. Your Microsoft Teams should connect properly after enabling the TLS options.

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4. Change the Compatibility Mode

You may face compatibility issues because of your device configuration or changing some settings. Users have mentioned that changing the compatibility mode has fixed the problem with the error code Caa30194.

Here are the steps to change the compatibility mode:

  • Find the Microsoft Teams from the Windows search box.
  • Right-click on Microsoft Teams application.
  • Tap on Open the file location.
  • Right-click on Teams and select Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility window.
  • Check the box labeled as Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • Select Windows 8 from the drop-down menu.
  • Press on OK to confirm. run-compatibility-mode
  • Open the application.

The compatibility mode should solve all the application support issues and settings problems. Follow the procedures below if the issue persists.

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5. Reinstall Microsoft Teams

Reinstalling Microsoft Teams clears all the cache and temporary files from the installed directory. A fresh install should solve your connection problem and fix the error code Caa30194.

Here is the procedure to reinstall Microsoft Teams on a PC:

  • Navigate to Apps & Features.
  • Find Microsoft Teams from the list.
  • Press on the application.
  • Tap on Uninstall. teams-pc-uninstall
  • Visit the Microsoft website and download the latest Teams for your computer.
  • Go to the downloaded folder and install the application.
  • Open Microsoft Teams and log in with your account.

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6. Create a New Profile

A corrupted profile can prevent you from connecting to the Teams application. Users have suggested that opening a new account has solved their connection issue.

So, create a new profile to avoid any connection error.

Here is the way to create a new profile:

  • Search Settings from the Windows search box.
  • Go to the Accounts.
  • Tap on Family & other users.
  • Press on the Add someone else to this PC option. add-someone-else
  • Select the I don’t have this person’s sign-in information button. no-signin-information
  • Choose the Add a user without a Microsoft account option. add-user-withouit-account
  • Register with your username, password, and security question and finish the profile creation.

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7. Use Microsoft Teams Mobile/Web Version

After some good research, we’ve found that the error code Caa30194 only appears on the desktop client. The Microsoft Teams mobile and web versions don’t face this connection error. You can use the Teams mobile and web client to get rid of the error.

Here is the process for using the Microsoft Teams web client:

To install Teams on your mobile device, follow the procedures below.

Here are the steps to install Microsoft Teams on Android:

  • Go Play Store from your android.
  • Type Microsoft Teams from the search box.
  • Tap on Install. teams-android-install
  • Open the apps after completing the installation process.

Here is the procedure to install Teams on iOS:

  • Open the App Store on your iOS.
  • Search Microsoft Teams.
  • Tap on Get to install the application. teams-ios-install
  • Open the application and log in with your account.

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8. Contact Support

The above solutions should fix all your connection issues regarding the error code Caa30194. If you are still facing the problem, contact Microsoft support. They will provide further instructions and guidelines for your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to clear Teams cache?

Clearing the Teams cache helps to resolve the sudden log-in issue and fix the gradually worsening performance problem.

How do I clear MS Teams cache?

To clear the MS Teams cache, open the Run dialog box > paste %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Cache and press OK > delete all the files inside the cache folder.

What happens if you delete Teams cache?

Deleting the Teams cache files doesn’t clear any of your conversation or documentation from the Microsoft Teams. Teams rebuild all the temporary and cache files after reopening the program.


Microsoft Teams servers are reliable on every platform. Generally, users don’t face any downtime during their usage.

The Teams have taken the world by storm during and after the pandemic. For the massive traffic, users started facing issues in Teams.

In this article, I’ve provided the solutions to your Caa30194 error, and I believe you’ve been able to log in again in Microsoft Teams.


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