How to Redeem Roblox Toy Codes [Complete List 2022]

Written By Steven Arends

Roblox toy code provides you with the rarest items. If you don’t know how to get the rarest items using Toy codes, this post is definitely for

What is a Toy Code in Roblox?

A toy code is a 12-digit number that comes with a Roblox action figure. You have to buy the toys from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and some specific shopping malls. Each Roblox toy includes a one-time redeemable code for unlocking exclusive virtual items.

I have investigated for a week and concluded that you could only redeem the toy codes once. But, what if I tell you, there are some toy codes still unused?

Keep reading because, in this post, I will provide you a piece of overall information on toy availability, where to purchase toys, and their virtual items. But before that, Redeem Roblox codes for amazing accessories.

Roblox Toy Code Complete List 2021 (working)

Though you can use toy codes only once, I have researched and compiled twenty-four toy codes that still work. So, use them now before anyone else does! Also, check out our free Roblox admin commands list for having premium features in the game.

Here is the list of unused Toy codes on Roblox:

  1. Legendary Egg of Gygax
  2. KRE-O Battleship Admiral Shane
  3. Stationary Egg of Boring
  4. The Kleos Aphthiton
  5. Arachnix Drone
  6. Furno’s Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun
  7. Wanwood Ring of Olympia
  8. Dark Dominus
  9. Infinity Chamber

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You will get some of the active codes below. The codes are redeemable, and you can get your favorite Roblox toys from the inventory.

  • 345751485818
  • 458791592536
  • 782512489287
  • 472972046726
  • 254784612522
  • 337175458380
  • 451784195623
  • 330122092558
  • 421578416138
  • 394528723367
  • 335784913622
  • 452588860575
  • 458523258751
  • 572472610977
  • 828604017222
  • 334578158587
  • 518745326854
  • 450575358524
  • 324578381178
  • 369511887467
  • 782530522538
  • 475674886862
  • 455863283525
  • 982128882856

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How to Redeem Toy Codes in Roblox

Roblox Toys costs $3 to $100 depending on the material and accessory. When you buy a toy, the packet provides you with a small gift card. You can use the hidden 12-digits only once, and so you have to be very careful while scratching the card.

But, Before doing anything, get the latest version of Roblox download to make sure that it’s not the app that’s causing this problem.


Here are the steps to redeem toy codes in Roblox:

  1. Buy a Roblox Toy from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.
  2. Check the front of the package and detach the code card.
  3. Scratch the card to get a 12-digits code.
  4. Go to the Roblox toy code redeem page.
  5. Insert the code to redeem Roblox Virtual Item.
  6. Click on Redeem.
  7. Solve the puzzle for Verification.

Where do I find my code for the virtual item?

Check the store-bought toy package to find the 12 digits code. If you have a code for a virtual item that your account already owns, you can share the code with another user. Each code is valid for one-time use.roblox-toy

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Are the Toy Codes on Roblox Safe?

Roblox Toy Code is safe to use as Roblox allows you to redeem the code and get your Virtual gift. Your Roblox account is also safe. Like the promo codes, Roblox officially sponsors the toys.

You can buy these toys from online and offline stores as well. So why not buy a new toy from a shopping mall and scratch a card to get rewards? It only costs a minimum of $3.

The more you invest, the rarest item you get. Promo codes come with an expiry date. On the other hand, Toy codes don’t have any expiry date. Check whether you can play Roblox on Ps4.

Can Toy Codes be used Only Once?

To make Roblox items limited and rare, players can only redeem the toy once. So, no player can have the same virtual item more than once.

After that, the code will be of no use. If you are lucky enough, you can use the code twice. Chances are 0.2%. Check how you can play Roblox on Ps5.

Difference between Roblox Toy Code and Promo Code

The main difference between toy codes and promo codes in Roblox is that you can obtain Toy codes by buying online toys. Toy codes are unique and used by an individual. Whereas, Promo codes are open for all for a limited amount of time.

Toy codes contain only 12-digit codes, and promo codes have item names with a number. Promo codes come with an expiry date. On the other hand, Toy codes don’t have any expiry date.

Roblox announces new promo codes every one or two months onwards, whereas; you have to buy a toy to redeem the code.

There are two different sections for redeeming codes. Check out our separate post on how to redeem promo codes on Roblox.

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Free Roblox Toy Code Generator Scam

Many websites claim to generate toy codes for free. As a result, they will make you fill up a survey or download a file.

Always avoid those websites with Roblox toy code generator scams. It would be best if you avoided fake code generators because;

  1. No one can hack Roblox.
  2. No website can hack Roblox to get Toy codes.
  3. You can use toy codes only once or twice.

These fake websites get paid for every app you install. They won’t give you any codes. At the same time, they will want your Account name and Password.

Never provide account details to any website. Your account can get hacked. Quickly check what to do when the Roblox account is hacked.


Question: What is Roblox Chaser Code?

Answer: Roblox chaser code is a bonus code to get rare items on Roblox. Roblox Chaser code is complicated to get and comes in handy if you want to sell those rare items for Robux.

Question: Why is Roblox Dominus so expensive?

Answer: Roblox Dark Dominus cost around ten thousand Robux and is the rarest item in Roblox.

Final Thoughts

Roblox toy is fun to collect in the physical state, but it also comes with the added benefit of having a free Roblox Toy code.

Toy codes are unique. So why not buy them from a nearby shopping mall? The cost ranges from $3 to $100 only.

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