Outlook Not Making Notification Sound [Easy Solutions 2024]

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How often do you check your email unless a notification sound beeps in your headset? And, of course, if it’s not paycheck time? I suppose, much more rarely.

That’s absolutely normal in this fast world. In fact, a study on 95 million email users shows that only 23% of them open the email within a working day. And among the 77%, most of them don’t even get notified.


Rest aside the fact that you don’t want to miss a deadline just because of failing to read an email; you need to ensure that you’re active in your workplace.

And you can solve all these hassles with a few tweaks that I’m going to share in this article. Just read down, and your Outlook client will make a notification sound every time you get an email.

Why Email Notification Sound is not working in Outlook?

If the play a sound option is disabled from your outlook client, you won’t get a notification even if you set a specific rule for incoming emails. Nevertheless, sound errors of your device, enabled focus assist (quiet hours) can also result in a no notification sound.

Additionally, when the Outlook mail application is not listed in the sound & notification settings in Windows 11, you might face this issue.

Also, in the Outlook client, when the message arrival checklist is disabled, email notifications won’t appear on Windows. These reasons are also valid in terms of the Outlook mobile app not getting notification sounds.

To avoid this, you must enable email notification alerts on Windows and other devices. Read the subsequent passages to get rid of the sound issue in Outlook.

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How to Fix Outlook not Making Notification Sound

Make sure you turned on the notification sound for Outlook mails on Windows 11. You can also set a new Outlook rule that makes a sound whenever new email appears. Moreover, disable quiet hours on Windows 10/11 to make the email notification sound work on Outlook.

As you know there are multiple reasons behind notification sound not working on Outlook android/ Windows. Whatever the reason or how complicated it may seem, after applying the steps in accordance with this article, you’ll surely get rid of the problem.

So, let’s not waste any of your time and fix your Outlook client not making any sort of notification sound.

Here are the solutions to apply when email notification sounds not working in Outlook:

1. Enable Outlook Sound

If you disabled the outlook notification sound due to any reason, Outlook would decline to make any sort of noise, even if you set the sound output to the maximum level.

Checking out whether the Outlook notification sound is enabled or not should be your top priority whenever you miss a notification beep for Outlook.

Here are the steps to enable sound on Outlook:

  • Launch Outlook client from your device.
  • Click on the File tab and select Option from below.options-menu
  • Select the Mail tab from the left pane.
  • Scroll down and look for the Message arrival option.
  • Tick on Play a sound in the Message arrival menu and click ok.play-sound

Exit Outlook and relaunch the application. Outlook will send a beeping sound if there are no other issues. Check out the following section in case you are not getting a sound after receiving an email.

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2. Allow Email Notification Sound

Did you, by any chance, turn off the default Windows notification sound? Check that. If you disabled that from your sound settings, Outlook will be unable to channel sound through your device.

Enable email notification through the forthcoming process.

Here’s the procedure to allow Windows 11 notification sound for emails:

  • Press Windows + I to launch Windows settings.
  • Go to Sound settings from system settings.sound-settings
  • Scroll down and click on more settings. A popup window will appear.more-settings
  • Move to the sounds tab.
  • Locate the New mail notification in the program events menu.sound-tab
  • Click on the sounds (drop-down) menu and choose a tune of your preference.
  • Click apply then ok to save the sound.

Note: You can browse and select different audio from your storage. Just click on browse and choose your notification tone.

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3. Set a New Rule for Outlook Inbox

You can add a new rule if Outlook refuses to announce email notifications. By adding a new rule, you can also determine from which sender you’ll get a notification sound and whom to your ignore list.

Here are the steps to set up a new Outlook inbox rule to get notified:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook from your PC.
  • Click on File from the dashboard and select Manage rules and alerts.
  • Select the new rules option from the left corner.
  • Click on play a sound when .. from the stay up to date section.new-rule
  • Tick on the where my name is in the to box option.
  • Select a sound in step 2, and choose a sound from the media file.a-sound
  • Click on next when you notice the assigned rule is functional.

Note: That’s the basic step of setting a rule to play notification sound. You can add or remove value according to your preference.

How to Fix Email Notification Sound not Working in Outlook

When you notice even after executing all the tweaks to fix the Outlook notification sound, you are not getting proper notification; it’s undoubtedly irritating.

To get around that issue, I’ve enlisted some 100% working methods. And for your assurance, I applied all those tweaks on my PC. Not to mention they worked perfectly fine.

So, let’s get to the solutions. But, first of all, restart your computer, then launch Outlook. After that, proceed to the solutions.

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Here are the techniques to encounter notification sound not working in Outlook:

1. Enable Outlook Notification on Windows

In the Windows settings menu (irrespective of the Windows version), you can configure applications that will give access to notification sound. From there, you can control the notification messages along with sound.

Allow Outlook notification sound from there. Don’t know how to do that? Follow the instructions.

Here are the steps to enable outlook notification on Windows:

  • Press Windows + I to open Windows settings.
  • Navigate to System settings > Notifications.notification-tab
  • Scroll down and locate Outlook from there.
  • Click on Outlook and enable the play a sound when a notification arrives option.play-a-sound

You are all set. From now on, Outlook will play a notification sound whenever a new email appears. Try the following methods if the issue persists.

2. Disable Focus Assist

Focus assist terminates new notifications from arriving on your screen so that you can focus on your current work. Enabling focus assist has its own benefits. However, in terms of Outlook email notification, it’s a pain in your ass.

Disable focus assist if you’re still not getting a notification sound from emails.

Here are the steps to disable focus assist on Windows:

  • Search for settings in the Windows search box and hit Enter.
  • Go to System settings and scroll down to Notification.
  • Click on Focus assist and set it as off.focus-assist

Note: You can edit the time and other criteria in the Automatic rules section when disabling focus assist.

These are the proven solutions of Outlook not making notification sounds when an email arrives. Make sure to execute the steps as I described, and surely then you’ll get a positive outcome.

Now, if you have any other confusion regarding the Outlook notification sound, check out the following section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Windows 10 Notification Sound Not working in Outlook?

Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar > select volume control. Put a tick mark on All devices currently playing sound.

How to fix Outlook notification sound not working on Android? 

Restart your Mobile > Update the Outlook Application > Disable silent mode on your android > Go to Outlook settings on android device > Enable notification sound.

Why is my email notification sound not working on Outlook android?

On your android device, go to settings > Apps & Notification > Tap on notifications > Enable.

Why can’t I hear my email notifications on my laptop?

Open the Windows Settings app > go to System > Notifications & Actions. Turn on the Show app notifications slider. Scroll down to Show notifications from these apps > make sure the slider for Mail is also turned on.

How do I turn on sound notifications in Outlook?

Launch Outlook > File > Mail option > Tick play a sound under the message arrival section > Click Ok to save the setting.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Outlook is designed for professionals to get informed whenever a new email arrives. Without the notification sound, you simply can’t track all the messages that arrive in your email.

By following the techniques that I shared here in this article, you’ll get informed anytime an email appears. Share this article with your friends who deal with hundreds of essential emails daily.

If anything goes wrong while setting up the notification sound, contact me via the comment box. I’ll be happy to assist.

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