Fix Outlook Can't Create File Error When Opening Attachment

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Like a regular day, you are up to checking your emails on Microsoft Outlook. In the meantime, you saw you have received a necessary attachment from an important contact, and you tried to open it. But an error message keeps popping up saying, “Outlook can’t create file”. You are feeling irritated and on the verge of breaking the computer.


As a tech enthusiast and an office guy, I have been using Microsoft Outlook for a while. I have faced this problem countless times and successfully fixed it.

Read the full article to know why this error occurs and how to solve this problem.

Why does Outlook can’t Create File Error Happen when Opening Attachments?

Microsoft Outlook can’t create file error happens when the Windows User Temporary Internet Files folder becomes full, and Outlook can not access the temp file linked to that attachment. Whenever you open an attachment, a temporary file is created in the Windows User Temporary Internet Files folder. When the folder gets full, then that error message appears.

In the temporary folder, a new temp file is created every time you open an attachment. No matter how many times you open the same attachment, there will be a new temp file every single time.

As the temp folder is limited by specific storage size, it becomes loaded quickly. As a result, that error message starts to show as there remains no space for the new temp file.

As you know, Outlook is a handy tool for managing emails. There are a bunch of useful features that can help you organize and manage emails like nobody else. You can even create a meeting schedule from it. Overall, Microsoft Outlook is an all-in-one tool for a business person.

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How to Fix Outlook can’t Create File Error when Opening Attachment?

There is a quick fix for the Outlook can’t create file error when opening the attachment. You just need to delete the temporary files from the temporary folder.

Here is how you can fix outlook can’t create file error when opening an attachment:

  • Open Windows Run by pressing Windows key + r.


  • Type regedit and press Enter to go inside Registry Editor.
  • Press Ctrl + f to summon the search tool in the Registry Editor.
  • Type Outlook Secure Temp Folder and click Find Next.


  • Wait for a while to finish the search.
  • Look for a similar directory like this: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\ Content.Outlook\randomnumber\


  • Go to the file explorer and navigate to that address.
  • Delete all the files in that folder.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook.

This method should solve the problem you are facing right now.

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How to Create a Data File in Outlook?

A data file in Outlook is basically a file containing your personal information like emails, works, and Outlook-related information. It is usually saved inside your storage device or on a network directory if you have a server system.

Here is you can create a data file in Outlook:

  • Select New items from Inbox.


  • Choose More items and select Outlook Data File.


  • Enter a File Name.


  • Check the Add Optional Password box to add a password.
  • Click OK.

How to Create a New Folder/Subfolder in Outlook?

If you are thinking about organizing your Outlook account, creating a folder is an excellent way to go.

Here is how you can create a new folder in Outlook:

  • Select the Inbox folder from the left navigation panel.
  • Right-click on the Inbox and select New Folder.


  • Type a name for that folder.


  • Hit Enter.

For having a more organized Outlook, you may need to create subfolders.

Here is how you can create a subfolder in the navigation panel:

  • Select the folder where you want to create a sub folder.
  • Right-click on that folder and select New Folder.
  • Type a name for that folder.
  • Hit Enter.

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How to Fix Outlook Can’t Save the Item to This Folder Error?

Sometimes you may see errors while saving an item or task. You just can not solve the problem by restarting the application.

Here is how you can fix Outlook can’t save the item to this folder error:

1.   Update Microsoft Office

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Click on File.
  • Go to Options.


  • Select Update Options.
  • Click Update Now.

2.   Repair Office

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Click Programs and features.
  • Select Office.
  • Select the Change button.


  • Select Repair.


3.   Repair the Data File

  • Close the Microsoft Outlook completely.
  • Go to the Outlook directory as below

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office19  (May differ from version to version).

  • Double-click on the SCANPST exe or executable file.


  • Select Browse and choose the Outlook Data File (.pst).
  • Click the Repair button to fix the defective files.

4.   Create a New Outlook Profile

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on File and select Account Settings.
  • Navigate to Manage Profiles.
  • Click on Show Profiles and click the Add
  • Write a new Profile Name.


  • Hit OK.

5.   Delete Corrupted Tasks

If the problem keeps popping up and you can’t save the task, then delete that task. But before deleting the task, make sure to make a copy of it. Then exit and close the Outlook entirely and restart the computer. Now open the Outlook and start a new task after the restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clutter feature in Microsoft Outlook?

Clutter is an artificial intelligence feature developed by Microsoft. When people prioritize their emails from important to less important, it learns from them and moves the less important emails to the Clutter section. In this folder, nothing is deleted. It is just a method of making the inbox clutter-free by moving those less important emails from the inbox section.

How to turn Clutter On or Off in Outlook?

First of all, Log in to Office 365 > Open the MAIL Application > Select the Settings Gear > Options > Mail > Automatic Processing > Clutter.

Now to turn on the feature, select Choose Separate items identified as Clutter > Save.

And to turn off the feature, Select Choose Don’t Separate items identified as Clutter > Save.

What is Junk Mail in Outlook?

Microsoft built this feature based on years of training the artificial intelligence. Users don’t have control over this feature as it automatically filters the emails that are considered spam. However, users can teach the mail client to get the required mail back into the inbox again.

How to Create an Out of Office Reply in Outlook?

Log in to Microsoft Office 356 > File > Automatic Replies (Out of Office) > Send automatic replies > OK.

You can select the time from the send automatic replies section.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything up, all you need to do is clear the temporary files in the temporary folder which is created by Outlook to settle the issue. As the new temporary file is created whenever you open an attachment in Outlook, it is crucial to remove that temporary file folder after a certain period.

Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully, this article gave you clear information and fixes regarding this problem. And you are now out of this problem.

Feel free to contact me if there is anything else you want to know. I’ll be delighted to help you with anything regarding technology.

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