Microsoft Word Ctrl+Z not Working [100% Working Fixes 2022]

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Ctrl + Z is the keyboard shortcut for undoing the recent operations/ tasks on Microsoft Word and other spreadsheet programs. Whenever you mistakenly delete a sentence from your word document via the backspace key, you can reinstate it by simply using this shortcut.

However, it’s not that simple once the keyboard shortcut tends to stop working due to system glitches or customization issues on Microsoft Word.

If you’re also the victim of keyboard shortcuts that stopped working on Microsoft word (irrespective of the Office application version), read this article till the end. You will manage to resolve the issue effortlessly.

Let’s start fixing keyboard

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How to Fix Ctrl + Z not Responding in Microsoft Word

Corrupted directory files of Microsoft Office applications mainly trigger Ctrl Z shortcut to not working. Other than that, an outdated keyboard driver, misguided registry editor files, and an enabled sticky key for the Ctrl button can also lead you to this disaster.

Now, what’s the ideal pathway to resolve this issue? For starters, I would recommend you reboot your computer. A simple restart can resolve the matter if the shortcuts are not responding to any bug issue.

Then comes the troubleshooting part, only if the system reboot couldn’t spare you from the situation. Read the following sections and try out the solutions in an orderly. That’d help better than following every solution randomly.

Here are the methods to resolve the Ctrl Z shortcut not working in Microsoft Word:

1. Reset Keyboard Shortcuts in Word

Ctrl Z shortcut might not work if you unknowingly changed the shortcut mapping. That reason is also valid when another shortcut key is assigned for Undo option instead of Ctrl + Z.

You can reset the appointed buttons for Microsoft word by initiating a simple tweak in the program’s settings.

Here are the steps to reset Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts:

  • Launch Word from your computer.
  • Click on the File menu from the dashboard.file-1
  • Locate Options from the left menu bar at the bottom and click on it.options-2
  • Select Customize ribbon option when the new popup window appears.
  • Find out the keyboard shortcut menu and click on Customize button right next to it.
  • Select reset all to complete the process.customize-ribbon

After following all those steps, open up a word document and check whether the shortcut button is responding or not.

Execute the subsequent section if this method doesn’t bring back the undo option.

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2. Run Microsoft Word in Safe Mode

Sometimes, adding external plugins in Microsoft word generates the shortcut to stop working. To get around, you can launch Word in safe mode and disable the problematic plugins.

Launching an application in safe mode hands you the freedom to remove troublesome add-ins from the program.

Here’s the process to remove plugins from Microsoft Word in Safe mode:

  • Press Windows + R to launch the run prompt.
  • Type winword /safe in the prompt and hit
  • Try using the Ctrl + Z command in safe mode. If you can do so, there’s definitely something wrong with the plugins.
  • Navigate to File > Options from the default dashboard.
  • Click on the Add-ins tab and tap on Go to the Manage section. add-ins
  • Select the add-ins, then click on the remove button to eliminate them.remove

Once you have successfully removed the plugins, restart your Word client. Surely, your shortcut buttons will be reinstated after this solution if the problem is the additional plugins.

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3. Repair Microsoft Word

You need to repair the Microsoft Office application at least once to check whether the system files are corrupted or not. And as a bonus, restoring the program will fix the corrupted files along with the shortcut issue.

Here are the steps to repair Microsoft Word:

  • Press Windows + I to launch windows settings.
  • Go to the Apps tab from the left pane.
  • Locate the Office application in the App list.
  • Click on the three dots icon and select modify.modify-app
  • TIck on the quick repair option and follow the on-screen instructions.quick-repair

Relaunch Microsoft word after the repairing process is done. Hopefully, your assigned shortcut keys will be functional after this tweak.

There are some other tweaks that you can execute if none of the shortcut buttons are not working in Microsoft word. Check out the following section to find them.

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How to Fix Keyboard Shortcuts not Working in Microsoft Word

The sole purpose of Microsoft Word’s shortcuts is to provide ultimate efficiency so that you don’t have to lift your hands off the keyboard. If any of the keypad shortcuts cannot deliver the support you need, this section is totally for you.

You can fix the keyboard shortcuts that are not responding according to your command by following the subsequent techniques.

Here are the solutions to fix keyboard shortcuts not responding in Microsoft Word:

1. Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

Running a keyboard troubleshooter allows you to detect and eliminate keyboard errors, including the shortcut keys not working. If I were in your shoes, I’d try this method first whenever I find command alternatives are not responding in Microsoft word.

Here are the steps to run keyboard troubleshooter from your device:

  • Press Windows + I to open Windows settings.
  • Go to the system settings tab and scroll down to find troubleshoot section.
  • Click on troubleshoot and select other troubleshooters.other-troubleshoot
  • Tap on the run button when you find the Keyboard option in that

Your keypad shortcuts will probably be functional again after you run the troubleshooter. You need not worry, in case it doesn’t work out. Try the following method.

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2. Enable Sticky Keys

Sticky keys is a combination of multiple keys; after pressing it sequentially, an assigned command tends to execute. It’s an alternative for shortcut keys.

If you have a problem pressing two different keyboard buttons simultaneously, you can enable sticky keys to bypass the issue.

Here’s the method to enable sticky keys for Microsoft Word: 

  • Launch Windows settings from your computer.
  • Navigate to Accessibility > Keyboard > Sticky keys.
  • Toggle the sticky keys to on.sticky-key

Here, you’ll be able to assign sticky keys according to your preference.

These are the solutions you must try in case you can’t use the keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft word. Are you having trouble with the Ctrl + Z on different applications, even with the Windows version itself? Check out the following section to resolve.

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Ctrl + Z Stopped Working in Windows 11?

Before you get bewildered, I need to inform you that the Ctrl + Z shortcut is not only functional for Microsoft word; you can utilize the shortcut for different purposes. You can use that command in an internet browser or in other Microsoft programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.

What if you can’t use the command on any program within your current Windows version. That’s disastrous, right?

But, don’t worry. After implementing the following solutions, you won’t encounter the issue ever again.

Here are the solutions for Ctrl + Z not working in Windows 11:

1. Change Language from Microsoft Word

This problem might appear if the operating system’s default language doesn’t match the Microsoft Office application’s functional language. This happens when you use multiple languages on your OS.

You need to change Word’s language to the default.

Here’s the process of changing the language from Microsoft Word: 

  • Launch Microsoft word and navigate to File > Options.
  • Click on the Language tab from the left menu bar.
  • Tap on English and click set as preferred.set-preferred

You are all set. Restart the application and see the changes.

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2. Reinstall Keyboard Driver

In case your keyboard driver is out of date or contains corrupted files, the keyboard shortcut won’t respond as it should.

Reinstall the driver to avoid such conflicts.

Here are the steps to reinstall the keyboard driver on Windows 11: 

  • Right-click on the Windows start menu and select device manager.
  • Expand the keyboard section.
  • Right-click on your driver and select uninstall the driver.uninstall-driver
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver.
  • Restart your computer.

A new keyboard driver will be installed while the PC reboots. After that restart, your keyboard shortcuts will perform as you desire.

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The Bottom Line

As you don’t have any Ctrl + Z shortcut in real life to undo the mistakes of your life, fixing the Microsoft Office shortcut is the least you can do. And, I can assure you that following the instructions that I’ve shared here will just lead you to that.

But, if you have any other queries regarding the matter, I’m just a comment away. Don’t be shy to comment here. I’ll be very much delighted to assist you.


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