How to Make Clothes & Upload it on Roblox [A-Z Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

It is the dream of (80-90)% of Roblox fans to get a fully customized outfit for their avatar.

What if I say you can steal others’ templates and create your unique t-shirt designs for free?

That’s where my Roblox shirts template guide comes in handy. With a hefty 7 hours of non-stop research, I came up with the easiest step to design outfits for your Roblox

What is a shirt template for Roblox?

A Roblox shirt template is a universal blueprint used as a reference model while customizing avatar clothing. Those who want to create a unique shirt or pant design can use this template as a reference model.

Read until the end because this post outlines the detailed information you need to create a Roblox shirt template (with and without a builder membership).

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How to make Clothes in Roblox

There are two types of Avatar (R6 and R15), and the construction of both these avatars is different. R6 avatar consists of only six parts, and the R15 avatar splits the entire body part into 15 portions.

Due to such variations in body scaling between the two avatars, Roblox developers designed a universal template.

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There are plenty of options when it comes to creating stuff on Roblox. Out of which, making a shirt is the easiest (more on that later).

You can create your avatar’s clothes using the same method used for making a shirt. You can also, follow our epic guide to Enable bubble chats on Roblox for better communication.

Here are the steps to make clothes on Roblox:

  1. Go to the Roblox Developer option and click on the Build New tab.
  2. Select the part of the clothing you want to make.
  3. Download the original template.get-shirt-template-free
  4. Use image editors to customize the template.
  5. Save the image in png format.
  6. Upload the item from Roblox Developer Mode.upload-shirt-roblox
  7. Go to configure and select Sales.
  8. Click to turn on the Item for Sale.
  9. Enter the amount of Robux for the clothing.
  10. Press the Save button.

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How to Make a Shirt on Roblox 

The process of creating templates for t-shirts is complicated and requires creativity.

But, once you get the hang of it, you can easily create tons of shirt templates and upload them on Roblox.

Although there is a tool called Roblox shirt maker, I don’t recommend using it as it is illegal.

My best advice is to show your creativity level and create the best template out of it manually.

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Here are the steps to create a shirt on Roblox:

  1. Download the shirt template from Roblox and copy the template (check the next section to download the template manually).universal-roblox-shirt-template
  2. Download and Open
  3. Open a new page and paste the template using Ctrl+V.
  4. Tap on the Magic Wand tool and select every bodily part from the template.
  5. Press Delete and create a new page.
  6. Download any desired background image and copy-paste it to the new page.
  7. Open the Roblox template again and select all the transparent regions.
  8. Copy all the selected transparent regions and paste them into the background image.
  9. Create multiple layers for adding text messages.

Once you finalize the Roblox t-shirt template, save the design and upload it on Roblox. Check out how you can perform a successful trade on Roblox.

How to get the shirt template – Roblox?

Join the Roblox Developer group to get the shirt template on Roblox. Open Roblox Player and go to Develop > Shirts > Download template.

Important: If you are not in a Roblox developers group,  don’t worry. Save the following image below. The image will act as the reference model for designing a shirt.

According to the Roblox developers, the most comfortable clothing design is the design of a t-shirt. Create an image with the standard reference size for applying it to the avatar’s torso.

But before that, Redeem Roblox codes for amazing accessories.roblox-shirt-template

Note that: The image size should be the same as the referral size (128 x 128 pixels).

Here is the standard body scaling for the shirt template:

ShapeSize (W x H)Body Parts
Small square64 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of arms (U, D)
Large square128 × 128 pixelsFront and back of the torso (F, B)
Wide rectangle128 × 64 pixelsTop and bottom of the torso
Tall rectangle64 × 128 pixels●       Sides of the torso (R, L)

●       Sides of arms (L, B, R, F)


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How to upload shirt templates on Roblox

Go to Roblox Develop > Shirt > Upload an image to upload the template you made. Once the template is uploaded, go to configure and set the shirt price for sale.

There are some specific criteria for you to follow before posting the template in the developer’s group. Also, receive Roblox Toy codes for free.

  • The shirt template must contain your Username.
  • The template needs to be in png format.
  • Copying is strictly prohibited.

There needs to be a price tag if you are selling your shirt design. Otherwise, by default, the pricing is set to as free.  Also, check out our free Roblox admin commands list for having premium features in the game.

Do you need a Roblox premium Membership to make a shirt?

Yes. You need a builder membership to make a shirt. But you can make a T-shirt for your personal use without a membership.

It depends on whether you set the price of the shirt as free or paid. The ideal amount for Shirts/Pants is 5 Robux, and for T-Shirts, it is 2 Robux.

Robux earned by selling clothes remains in a pending status for up to three business days. This awaiting status is called escrow.

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Get Shirt Templates Without Roblox Builder Membership [100% Working]

As a pro-Roblox gamer, I tried not to use Robux for creating a cool avatar. But, It is painful to see stunning outfits that cost around 100 Robux.

So, I decided to copy other’s templates and customize the design according to my taste.

This tutorial is for those who don’t have a Roblox builder membership.

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So, How to Steal Roblox Templates?

Here is how you can steal Roblox templates:

  1. Go to Avatar Shop and find the shirt that you want.
  2. Copy the Image ID (only numbers) from the URL.
  3. Open Roblox Studio and create a random template.
  4. Load your Avatar and navigate to the right panel.
  5. Click on your Username and click on the shirt button.
  6. Navigate underneath the panel and click on the Shirt template.
  7. Delete the existing ID and paste the Image ID you copied (The ID will get modified).
  8. Copy the modified ID and type in com/catalog/XYZ (New Image ID).
  9. Save the image as a png file.
  10. Modify the template and customize the template according to your taste.


Question: Can I buy my shirt on Roblox?

Answer: You can keep your shirt only if you are a member of the Roblox builder’s club. Accounts with builder memberships can save their creations to themselves or even sell them to other players.

Question: Can I sell clothes that I bought on Roblox?

Answer: Yes, you can sell the clothes you bought. Go to your Inventory and Select the item you want to sell. Click on the sell button and type in the price. Select Update to finish the sale.

Question: How do you sell your shirt on Roblox for Robux?

Answer: Once the items template is uploaded, go to configure and set the item price for sale.

Question: How do you put a price on a shirt on Roblox?

Answer: After uploading the items template on Roblox, select configure and scroll down. Select Sell the item and set the price of the item.

Question: Can I make clothes on Roblox for free?

Answer: No. You need a Builder membership to make clothes on Roblox. But you can design your shirt for free. Download the original template of the shirt and customize the template using any Image Editor.

Final Thoughts

For beginners, making a shirt template is difficult. When I first tried to make a template, it took me two days. But, gradually, I got the hang of it. I can now create templates of any collectibles and put them on sale.

My recommendation would be to download the universal template and play around using the steps mentioned in this post.

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