How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Discord [Easy Tutorial]

Written By Steven Arends

Ever thought of sending DM’s to your friend in discord after any disagreement?

You didn’t receive any reply? Did you?

I presume Clyde Bot did not deliver the message you typed to your friend because you don’t share a server with the recipient.

Why is that so? Does that mean your friend blocked you?

There are THREE DIFFERENT WAYS! to find out if your friend blocked you or not.

But before that, you need to know:

Can you call someone who blocked you on discord?

When someone blocks you on discord, you cannot DM, call, react or pin any message. Discord app prevents any communication with friends if that person changes their privacy settings or blocks your contact.

Stay with me to find out if someone blocked you.

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Why is Discord Shaking?

The discord client starts shaking because you are trying to add a reaction to a user’s text message who has blocked you. Another prominent reason could be that the channel is in slow mode. Just wait until the timer goes to zero.

In slow mode, you can send one message every two minutes. If you intend to type any text messages every 15 seconds, you will face discord client screen shaking.

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Only moderators, admins, or owners can change the slow-mode time duration of any text channel. But do note that this issue deals with a text channel server, not with private messages.

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Can You See Who Blocked You on Discord?

There are three ways to find who blocked you on discord. The blocker will disappear from your friend’s list, and if you try to react to an old conversation, the screen will start shaking. Try sending a direct message to that person.

If the reply is from Clyde Bot, you have been blocked, or maybe the person’s privacy settings changed.

Discord maintains a neat and clean system for blocking, muting, and deafening. And a silent system like this platform removes one potential flashpoint.

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Let’s cut to the chase.

Suppose I blocked you on discord. What do you think will happen if you know about this situation?

At the very least, you will try to make something of it on another platform or turn other group members against me.

That’s why the app supports no evidence and no alertness policy for blocking others. You won’t know anything unless you are willing to know about it.

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How to tell if someone blocked you on discord

If you share a server with random people, they will send you private messages and ping you until you decide to block them.

It is impossible to call someone who blocked you other than using any other communicating media.discord-block-rules

People often want to know if there is a way to tell if someone blocked them or not.

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Feel lucky because I am going to show you three unique ways to find out whether someone has blocked you or not.

Here are the ways to tell if someone blocked you on discord:

1. React to one of their messages

If you carefully read Clyde’s bot’s message,  you will notice that being blocked isn’t the only reason for receiving any news from the bot.

The other reasons include not sharing a server with the recipient. That means you guys are not friends anymore.

Suppose you disabled direct messages from the Server Members option. You won’t receive any DM’s from them.

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So, how can you understand the fact?

Simple. Just react to any of their text messages. If the screen starts shaking, then that person blocked you. If the reaction appears as a popup then you are not blocked, and if the response disappears upon sudden shaking of the screen then you are blocked.

Do note that there aren’t any ways to find out your blocked status.

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2. Check your Friends List

When you block someone, that person won’t be on your friend’s list. Also, vice-versa. You can add them later on. Meanwhile, they won’t be able to communicate with you.

However, you can still see their online status and have access to their previous chats. Here’s a complete guide on how to fix screen share not working on discord.

3. Send Direct Messages

To find out if someone blocked you or not, send them a private message. If the reply is from a bot saying that the recipient disabled a direct message on the shared server, or only accepting a direct message from friends, then there is a 50-50 chance that the users blocked you.

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What happens when you block someone on discord?

You won’t receive any calls, messages, mentions, or reactions from the person you block on discord. The discord servers you share will hide their messages. Also, If the blocked person were on your Friends list, they will be removed immediately.

 The mechanism of blocking a person is fairly effective. I used the term fairly because of one single popular complaint from the clients.

One of the common complaints is that the person you blocked can still see your posts and anything you do on the server.

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That means, if the muted or blocked person reacts to any of those messages and the reaction disappears, they can easily find out the truth.

How to Block a Discord User

Blocking is very easy if you know the username or ID of that individual. Blocking a few individuals won’t cut money if they are annoying. The PM list has a quick-access menu to a user’s

Here are the steps to block someone on Discord:

  1. Type @username to bring up the user profile.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the blocking option.

How do you block someone on discord without them knowing?

There isn’t any way to block someone without them knowing. You can just ignore that users message. Report the account if the situation is too serious.

You might be thinking:

If every user can find out who has blocked them just by reacting, then the person you blocked can find it out as well.

Your thinking is justified.

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Others can find it out the same way you can. So, there aren’t any other options to block without them knowing.

If that user is harassing or bullying you continuously, you can report that account, mute them, or deafen them.


Question: Can people see your messages if you block them on discord?
Answer: Users can see the old conversation if you block them. But they can neither text, call, or ping you in any server chats.

Question:  Does Do Not Disturb block calls on discord?

Answer:  The do not disturb status block notifications only. The user can text, call, or ping you, but there will be no notification sound.

Final Thoughts

As the individual can figure it out if you block them, you should be prepared for this disagreement.  Remember that they will not be able to communicate with you at all, but they can still see your online activity.

Also, they can still be able to read the previous chats. Most of the time, this feature comes in handy if you don’t want messages from friends.

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