How to Add a Music Bot in Discord

Have your voice channel got completely silent on Discord?

If you want to spice up your voice channel in discord by adding some music then this post is for you.


Luckily, you can add a music Bot to discord to solve the problem.

In this post, I am going to show you how to add a Music Bot to discord.

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What is a Bot in Discord?

A bot is a powerful tool that provides add-on features like music, chat, jokes, quotes, or other lighthearted interactions running on your Discord server.

Basically, Bots are created in Java, Python, or C++ and incorporated into the Discord app.

Users can interact with them through commands in the chat box. When any bot receives a command, it performs a specific task as programmed.

You might ask:

What is a Music Bot in Discord?

A music bot is a plugin that let's you play music from youtube, spotify and your computer storage in the discord chat and voice channels.

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Before adding any Music Bots to Discord, the first thing you need to know is-

Which Music Bots are best for you in Discord?

Well, let’s find out.

Best Music Bots for Discord

There are numerous music bots for Discord which are created by the Discord community.

In fact, all music Bots will perform the same function. The only difference is in the given commands.

Here are three solid Music Bots on Discord to look at.



Groovy is a Discord music bot that can play music on almost any website including YouTube, Spotify etc. The Groovy bot works incredibly well as I have used it on a couple of servers.

This is the most used music bot in discord but it often creates problem when you are making a playlist for your songs to play them in queue.

The commands are a bit tougher than the remaining Music Bots.

But the quality of this bot is remarkable with a very high quality playback.

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Rhythm Bot is another Discord Music Bot whose playback is of a good quality.

I found it easy to write the codes for this bot. They are simple and works the best

This Bot is completely stable and reliable and works very well.

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Fredbot is my recommendation when it comes to the best of all music bots.

Fredbot is a highly rated music bot which is better than rhythm bot and plays a good quality music.

It is completely reliable and offers a decent sound quality.

But the main problem is that, it isn’t quite easy to initialize Fredbot as Groovy Bot. And that's the reason why most people use groovy bot.

Believe me, you won't find it hard to write the commands once you get used to it.

I specifically use this bot as it can play music from every source youtube, spotify even from my computer storage.

Well, these are the most ranked Discord for PS4 Music Bots I have found so far.

If you think that there are more cool Music Bots than these 3 then, comment below and I will surely go through the Music Bot.

As for now, let’s move ahead to the topic that how you can add a Music Bot to your Discord Server.

Steps to Add a Music Bot in Discord

Adding a bot is a very easy and straightforward task.

Though the key point is that, you will need to Manage Server permission for your account.

It means that, in order to add a bot, you will either need to be the actual server administrator or one of the server’s most trusted users.

  1. The first step is finding a music bot that you’d like to experiment with (check my suggestions for choosing the best discord music bot). 
  2. Log in to the server in which you have approval.
  3. Visit the desired music bot’s website.
  4. You will see a button that says, Add to Discord. Select that Add to Discord button.
  5. Select Authorize for your discord server.
  6. Fill in the captcha and you will gain access to authorize your Music Bot.

That’s it! It’s as simple as a piece of cake.

Final Thoughts

Discord Music Bots are very easy to install.

The main fact is to choose the best Music Bot for your better Discord Server. Not all Music Bots have same commands and easy to install.

My suggestion would be to install Groovy Bot, Rhythm Bot or FredBot for better playback quality.

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