Fix Win+Shift+S Not Working on Windows 11/10 [Tested 2024]

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OneNote offers a default Snipping Tool hotkey, Win+Shift+S, which helps us to capture our PC screen or a part of the screen. This feature gives us a boosted experience in our day-to-day life.



But sometimes, due to conflict between the Snipping Tool and the OneNote keyboard shortcut, Win+Shift+S doesn’t work. As a result, users can not take screenshots by pressing the mentioned keys.

I investigated this issue and formulated some working fixes that will solve your screenshot problem completely. And you can take a screenshot by pressing the Windows+Shift+S keys on your PC.

So without skipping, read through the whole article.

Let’s begin!

Why Does My Win+Shift+S Not Working?

When the Snipping Tool and the One note keyboard don’t function simultaneously, Snip & Sketch features are not enabled, then Win+Shift+S does not work. Also, this screenshot problem occurs when the Snip & Sketch app permission is restricted.

Here are the reasons why Win+Shift+S keys don’t function:

Conflict Between the Snipping Tool and the Onenote Shortcut

Occasionally OneNote keyboard and Snipping tool features do not merge; as a result, pressing the Win+Shift+S keys doesn’t work.

Disabled Snip & Sketch

When the Snip & Sketch feature of a Windows system is disabled, the Win+Shift+S key does not function appropriately.

Restricted App Permission

If your Windows system does not let the Snip & Sketch app operate and restricts its permission, then screenshot keys will not work.

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How to Fix Windows+Shift+S Not Working in Windows 11/10

Suppose you want to send your friend a product screenshot from the Amazon web page and press the Win+Shift+S key, but it’s not functioning. You will be annoyed and thinking about how to fix the problem.

Whether the case seems familiar or not, stick to the article to resolve your issue immediately.

Here are the steps to fix Win+Shift+S keys not working on Windows 11/10:

1. Enable the Clipboard History Option

This screenshot problem can arise when the Snip & Sketch settings are not modified perfectly. You must change the Snip & Sketch settings to solve this issue.

Note: The Snip & Sketch feature on Windows 10 is the same as the Snipping Tool feature on Windows 11.

Here are the steps to enable the Clipboard history option:

  • Right-click on the Windows Icon on your PC.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Move to the System section.
  • Toggle down and select Clipboard.system-clipboard
  • Enable Clipboard history.clipboard-history

Several users claim that enabling the Clipboard history option solved their problem.

2. Enable the Snipping Tool Notification Option

Sometimes when the notification preview is off, the Win+Shift+S keys don’t function. So make sure your notification preview for the Snipping Tool is turned on.

Here are the steps to enable the Snipping Tool:

  • Press the Win+I keys and open the Settings section.
  • Move to the System section on your Windows PC.
  • Select the Notifications option.system-notifications
  • Toggle ON the Snipping Tool option, which is Snip & Sketch for Windows 10.snipping-tool-toggle-on

Now check whether your screenshot problem is fixed or not. If not, follow the next method.

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3. Reset the Snipping Tool

When you reset your Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch feature, it will return to default. As a result, your problem will be solved.

  • Navigate to the Settings section.
  • Choose the Apps option.
  • Select the Apps & features option.apps-and-features
  • Search and find the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch and select the Advanced options.snipping-advanced-option
  • Ensure the Pictures toggle is ON; now scroll down and select the Reset option.reset-snipping-tool
  • Restart your computer.

This Snipping Tool modification and reset will solve your issue.

4. Uninstall and Install the Snip & Sketch

Screenshot problems may occur if the Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool feature is faulty and not correctly installed. To resolve this issue, you should uninstall and reinstall it.

Here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the Snipping Tool:

  • Right-click on the Windows Icon and select the Apps & features option.
  • Scroll down and find the Snipping Tool app.
  • Click on the three dots and select the Uninstall option.uninstall-snipping-tool
  • Restart your PC.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store and Download the Snipping Tool.
  • Install the Snipping Tool.

You will realize that your Win+Shift+S is now working just fine.

5. Terminate the Screen Clipping Process on Task Manager

When the screen clipping process runs in the background, the screenshot feature doesn’t work. You need to terminate the screen clipping process to fix your issue.

Here are the ways to terminate the screen clipping process:

  • Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  • Move to the Processes section.
  • Search for the Screen Clipping task; the name may differ due to system configuration.
  • Terminate the task.

I hope your screenshot issue is now solved.

6. Use Prtsc Instead of Win+Shift+S Keys to Capture a Screen

Suppose you don’t want the hassle of pressing three keys to capture a screen. You can modify the screenshot keys.

Here are the steps to use Prtsc instead of Win+Shift+S keys:

  • Go to the Search bar.
  • Type Accessibility keyboard settings and select it.accessibility-keyboard-settings
  • Scroll down and Enable the Use the print screen button to open screen snipping option.use-print-screen-button
  • Restart the computer.

Your screenshot keys are now changed, and only by pressing the PrtSc, you can capture a screen on your Windows PC.

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7. Unplug USB Devices and Plug Them in

Several users face screenshot problems when a USB device such as a game controller is connected to their PC.

You should disconnect your USB device and restart your PC to resolve this. After the reboot, connect the USB device correctly.

Now your Win+Shift+S keys will work just fine to capture a screen.

8. Modify the OneNote Hotkey with Regedit

Sometimes due to bugs and glitches, the OneNote can not function properly. As a result, screenshot issues arise; you can modify the registry editor to solve this problem.

Here are the steps to modify the OneNote Hotkey:

  • Type the Win+R keys to open the Run program.
  • Type regedit and hit the Enter key.
  • Follow HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office.0\OneNote\Options\Other.
  • Right-click on the empty space on the right side, choose the New option and select the DWORD (32-bit) Value option.choose-the-new-option
  • Name the DWORD file as ScreenClippingShortcutKey.screenclipping-shortcut-key
  • Double click on the ScreenClippingShortcutKey and set the Value data to 5A to change the hotkey as Win+Shift+Z to capture a screen.edit-dword-32-bit-value
  • Hit the OK button.

Your hotkey is changed to Win+Shift+Z for the screenshot.

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9. Disable the Global Hotkey

Disabling the Global hotkey can resolve your Win+Shift+S not functioning problem. So you can give it a try.

Here are the steps to disable the Global hotkey:

  • Open the Run program.
  • Type regedit and select the OK button.
  • Navigate to the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced.
  • Right-click on the Advanced option and select the New>String value.advance-string-value
  • Name the string value to DisabledHotkeys.disabled-hotkeys
  • Double click on it, set the Value data to S and hit the OK option.edit-string

Global Hotkey is now disabled, and it can fix your screenshot problem.

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10. Restore the system

You can always go back to a safe restoration time. To restore your system, follow through with the mentioned instructions.

Here are the steps to restore the system:

  • Type Win+R keys to start the Run program.
  • Type rstrui and hit the Enter button.rstrui-run
  • Select a preferable go back time and click on the Next option.restore-system-files
  • Wait for the restoration to complete.
  • Finish your restoration of the system.

Now your system is totally restored, and the screenshot problem is solved.


Why is my snip shortcut not working?

Due to the corrupt installation of the Snipping Tool feature, the snip shortcut may not work.

How do I take a small screenshot in Windows?

After pressing the Win+Shift+S keys, select the area you want to capture for your screenshot.

Where does the screenshot go on Windows 10?

To find the screenshot you have taken, navigate to the Local disk > pictures > screenshots folder.


When you fall into a problem like Win+Shift+S not functioning, check whether your Snipping Tool is enabled or not. Also, you can reset your Snipping Tool settings.

If you read and follow this article accordingly, your problem with the screenshot will resolve. And you can easily capture a screen by pressing the Win+Shift+S keys.

Let me know about your fixing journey in the comment section.

Peace out!

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