How to Fix LogiLDA.dll Missing Issue

I think you will agree with me if I say, missing dll files are the most frustrating issues you have faced.

Missing logilda.dll file will resist you from opening games or any other applications.


Don’t worry because this is a very common issue and you will get its working fix in this post.

So, let’s get started.

What is LogiLDA.dll?

LogiLDA.dll is a software component file of Logitech Download Assistant.

You might ask: 

Where is the .dll file located?

By default the logiLDA.dll file is located  in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Basically, logiLDA.dll contains the program code, data and resources of Logitech Download Assistant. What it does is, during startup, Logitech Download Assistant would run in the background to check for freshly released Logitech updates.

What Causes LogiLDA.dll Missing Errors

LogiLDA.dll file is linked with programs on Windows Operating Systems after the installation of a fresh Logitech hardware. For example: a Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard.

It is seen that, some computers may come with the Logitech Download Assistant software pre-installed in different OS.

The Logitech Download Assistant serves to automatically search for new device drivers and software updates.


If there is a problem regarding LogiLDA.dll file, this could probably mean that this particular file:

  • Wasn’t installed properly
  • File is missing from the program
  • A recent Windows update 

Fix for Logilda.dll Missing Error

This logilda.dll file can be retrieved very easily with some easy fixes.

Restoring the LogiLDA.dll file

By restoring the Logilda.dll file from a trustworthy source you can fix this issue very easily.

You may not be sure from which source you need to download Logilda.dll file.

It’s better if you download it from the DLL‑ Client.

To restore the Logilda.dll file with the Client you need to follow the following steps:

1.Search for Logilda.dll file on google.
2.Download Logilda.dll file from Client.
3.Type “LogiLDA.dll” in the search box of Client.
4.Click the Install button and wait until the process is finished.

This might fix the issue. If not then, you can try the next step below.

Disabling LogiLDA.dll from Startup

From Startup in Task Manager you can try disabling Logilda.dll.

Logitech Download Assistant won’t run during startup to check for newly released Logitech updates once you disable LogiLDA.dll.

To do so-

1.Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc at the same time to open Task Manager.
2.Right-click Logitech Download Assistant and select Disable to disable it from startup navigating to the Startup tab.
3.Restart your PC to check if the issue persists or not.

Deleting Logitech Download Assistant Key

After disabling the LogiLDA.dll from Startup, you may need to delete Logitech Download Assistant Key as well.

Here is how you can delete it:

1.Open the Run dialog by pressing Win+R at the same time.
2.Open Registry Editor by typing regedit and press Enter.
3.Now, follow the mentioned directory to locate Logitech Download Assistant Key:
4.Delete this key by right-clicking Logitech Download Assistant.
5.Restart your PC to check if the files are back or not.

Uninstalling Logitech SetPoint Software

Sometimes, the missing .dll files is caused by the Logitech SetPoint Software.

Try uninstalling it to see if this issue reappears if you have installed Logitech Setpoint before.

Here is how you can uninstall it:

1.Open the Run dialog by pressing Win+R at the same time.
2.Open Control Panel by typing control and press Enter.
3.Navigate to Uninstall a program.
4.Find Logitech Setpoint and click Uninstall to uninstall it.
5.Restart your PC to see if the message error is still bothering you or not.

Reinstall your Logitech mouse driver

This is the last fix to try in order to stop seeing the logiLDA.dll missing file message.

You can reinstall Logitech mouse driver to see if the message is still there or not.

1.Open Device Manager by searching in start menu search.
2.Navigate to Mouse and other pointing devices and Right-click your Logitech mouse.
3.Uninstall the driver for your Logitech mouse.
4.Restart your PC to apply changes.

Final Thoughts

Missing LogiLDA.dll file is very frustrating as it won’t turn on some important apps.

This missing logilda.dll file issue is faced by almost every Windows user.

Luckily, this issue has working fixes which are very easy to execute.

Comment Below which fix worked for you.

If you think that any other fix is working then feel free to comment.

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