How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error [2023]

Written By Steven Arends

Discord is a paradise for gamers and streamers. But it can be a headache for you someday.

As you have landed on this article, you definitely have faced the issue called Error 502 Bad Gateway. I also faced it several times, and I figured out how to deal with it with ease.


What is Error 502 Bad Gateway on Discord?

The 502 Bad Gateway Error is a common issue on the internet which is an error response code when the server acts as a proxy or gateway and receives an invalid response in return. Discord runs on the Cloudflare servers, and when the server stops working, Discord crashes.

Stick around as I am going to share multiple methods to solve this issue.

Don’t miss any method as they are equally crucial cause you don’t know which one will work best.

What causes Error 502?

Error 502 occurs due to overload on the server. Every server is designed to handle a limited number of visitors at a time. If that number exceeds, the server stops responding as it reaches its maximum capacity. It often happens when many people try to access the same site. 

As of now, you already know that Discord runs on the Cloudflare network; whenever the Cloudflare goes down, Discord also stops working.

This Error 502 can pop up as-.

  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • Error 502
  • Temporary Error (502)
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  • HTTP 502
  • That’s an error
  • Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway

If you see any of those error messages, then indeed, you’re having a hard time with your Discord. Now it’s time to fix it up.

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How to fix Bad Gateway Error 502 on Discord

Discord 502 Bad Gateway error is a common phenomenon. Let’s fix it.

Here are the steps to fix Error 502 Bad Gateway on Discord:

1. Check Discord Server Status

Discord, the VoIP app, is built on Cloudflare servers and technologies. This is the main reason whenever Cloudflare crashes, and Discord also stops responding. If there will be no servers to provide information, how would a site run?

Over the years, the number of users and visitors on the internet has grown a lot. The userbase has grown a lot bigger than the servers are getting overloaded with visitors. Servers are made to serve a certain number of visitors at a time. If that crosses, the server gets into trouble.

You can check whether the Discord and Cloudflare servers are working fine or not. For this, you must visit DownDetector, a site made to find out what has been happening behind the scenes.

Fun Fact: On July 02, 2019, Discord got down because of Cloudflare’s Bad Gateway 502 Error. And the DownDetector site also was down for the time being.

2. End the Discord.exe process

If the Discord app is working fine for others, it’s just you who’s suffering; then you must look into Task Manager. Sometimes closing the app doesn’t close or ends the whole process. As Discord runs in the background, you will have to kill it from it’s core.

Follow the steps:

  • Open Task Manager
  • In the Background Processes section, look for Discord
  • Right-click on Discord and click on End Task

Now relaunch the app, and your problems with Discord will be gone.

3. Reload the page

Error 502 is a temporary issue that can be eradicated with just simple reloading of the webpage. While browsing Discord on the web, if the error occurs, press F5 and the page will reload.

4. Start Another Browsing Session

Error 502 can happen with a miscommunication between your system and the website. You can close the browser and relaunch it to solve the issue. After opening the browser, do not restore the previously opened tabs. Just simply go to the Discord website. That’s it.

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5. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

You should clear your Cache and Cookies from your browser. Old cache and cookies can be responsible for 502 Error sometimes. All you have to do is-

  • Open Browser > Settings > Privacy
  • Lookup for Cache And Cookies, Go into it
  • You will see two blue buttons saying Clear Cache & Clear Cookies. Press them both.
  • Relaunch your browser

This can be the easiest solution to resolve the issue regarding Error 502.

6. Turn on the Browser in Safe Mode

You can launch your browser in Safe Mode. Launching a browser in safe mode is not that much complicated as booting up Windows into Safe Mode.

If you do not have Discord in the browser’s safe mode, some problems could be with your extensions and other things. Try to uninstall the extensions to enjoy Discord entirely hassle-free.

7. Change DNS Servers

Sometimes, the DNS servers and the gateways clashes because of the unmatched requests from the server or user. You can change DNS Servers to solve this issue.

8. Try Another Browser

As Discord website needs some extra power as it is an interactive website on it’s own. It might happen that your browser is having some difficulties with the Discord website. You can try changing your browser and using another browser to log on to Discord.

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9. Restart Machine and Other Network Equipment

If those previously mentioned ways didn’t work for you till now, it’s better to reboot your system once. You should restart your routers and all the other networking peripherals too.

10. Contact with Discord through Mail

If your problem still has not gone yet, you can contact Discord Support. If you see that the problem is just bound to you only, then it’s undoubtedly some kind of account-related issue where you will need the involvement of Discord Support for sure.

Send an email to Discord Support attaching some screenshots and elaborating your problems with mentioning time and date.

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11. Contact your Internet Service Provider

As you have tried all the possible ways to resolve the issue called 502 Error, there could be a problem around your internet service provider as they might have seized the access of Discord for their own reasons.

Contact them to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

12. Come Back Later On

Sometimes it’s better to wait rather than get panicked. Just wait and give some time to Discord and then come back and log on Discord again to see if the problem has been solved or not.

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What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that provides DDoS mitigation services. It works like a giant VPN and acts as a reverse proxy. Cloudflare also increases the speed of the websites utilizing their multiple servers located at various places in the world. 

Is A Error 502 My Fault?

No, Error 502 is a general indicator that the website you are trying to visit is having some problems regarding it’s communication with the servers. This will be fixed sooner or later from the website end.

Why Do I Get A Error 502?

Error 502 indicates the server is overloaded. An overloaded server is the leading cause of the Error 502 saying Bad Gateway. This is where the server reached it’s maximum capacity.

What Does A Bad Gateway Mean On Discord?

Error 502 Bad Gateway means the Discord website can’t connect to the servers right now because of some connection issues. Keep patience and while the issue resolves.

Is Error 502 A Virus?

No, Error 502 is a connection-related issue called Bad Gateway, not a virus. It often occurs when the connection can’t established between the site and the server.

How to get rid of Error 502?

Clean your cache and cookies. Try reloading the page you are trying to access. Reboot your system or restart the network devices if needed.

Final Thoughts

Although Error 502 Bad Gateway is an issue that is entirely on the server-side problem, many of us, including you, might think that is an internal problem and get into panic thinking if your account and personal information are compromised or not.

But these things happen. You need to know that these things are pretty familiar in the world of the internet. This kind of gateway error can occur due to many reasons.

For example, On July 02, 2019, suddenly Discord got down. Everyone got panicked as thinking their account and personal data could be compromised during this outrage. Many users expressed their frustration on Twitter, asking what happened with their favorite place on the internet.

Discord remained outraged for a long time on that day. But the problem was not on the Discord side. The issue occurred in Cloudflare servers that Discord is served on. Cloudflare is the backbone and the server solution for Discord.

As Cloudflare got down, Discord also disappeared. Users panicked heavily. After many hours of outrage, Cloudflare and Discord finally came to light, and everything was sorted out on that day.

So, that was a complete guide on how you would handle the 502 Bad Gateway error on Discord. I hope it was helpful and informative for you. Leave a comment if you want to ask anything.

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