How to Turn Off SlowMode Discord [Stop Delayed Reply]

Written By Farhan Max

Discord is praiseworthy among the tech communities because of its unique & elementary functions like SLOWMODE.

One of my Server’s channels is devoted to sharing immediate sales reports & SR’s current location. Thus, I had to disable the Slowmode to collect the most recent seller status & location via the

In this article, I’ll share the simple steps of turning off the Slowmode in a channel setting.

How to Turn Off SLOWMODE in Discord Server?

If another admin has handed over a server to you, and later you observe one of its channels halting the member’s replies for a certain period, it’s the Slowmode feature.

Imagine a channel continuously sending you notifications won’t you turn on the do not disturb mode?

It’s a handy feature if you want to emphasize each n every text coming from all members, but not ideal for a fast-going channel where you require a constant response. You can turn off the Slowmode then or reduce the cooldown time.

Windows & Website Steps:

The Discord users are mostly Windows or Web users. The majority of gamers are from Windows. And the good thing is the elimination steps of Slowmode in Windows, & the website is identical.

Here is the process to turn off or reduce the Slowmode in a Windows app or website:

  • Launch the Discord app or Website.
  • Open the Server, which includes the preferred Channel.
  • Hover at the right edge of a channel name & Click on the settings icon (edit channel).Discord-settings
  • Choose the Overview option from the left pane.
  • Drag to the left end of the seek bar under SLOWMODE.overview-slider-drag
  • Click on the green Save Changes button that popped up at the
  • Press the Esc key when finished.

Now, the texts will arrive from every user frequently in that discord channel. The members will no longer feel like the discord isn’t updating messages.

Smartphone (Android & iOS) Steps:

Smartphone users can turn this Slowmode off simply, but the title in the smartphone application of this feature is a little different. In smartphones, whether your Discord mobile app is Android or iOS, you’ll find this option titled Slowmoade Cooldown.

Here are the steps to turn off Slowmode for smartphone devices:

  • Open the Discord application on your phone.
  • Swipe to the right.
  • Tap on the Server, which includes your preferred Channel.
  • Touch & hold the Channel name.server-tap-hold-channel
  • Tap on the Edit Channel from the bottom appeared options.edit-channel
  • Scroll down a little and find Slowmode Cooldown with a seek bar.
  • Drag the seek pointer to the left until you see Slowmode is off beside Slowmode Cooldown.drag-left-phone
  • Finish setup with the Save button on the top-right corner.

Since the admin, owner, moderators, or admin members are immune to the SLOWMODE feature, you must run a test with the channel member. To confirm if the applied settings are currently in use.

You can turn the SLOWMODE back on again by following the exact steps. Then just Slide the button to the right according to your cooldown time preference and hit the save changes.


Is the SLOWMODE applicable to the server manager?

Any discord account with “Manage Channel” permission is privileged from the Slowmode function policy.

Can I apply the SLOWMODE for all channels of a Server at once?

You can manually configure Slowmode for each channel but can’t apply this option from server settings.

Where should you apply Discord SLOWMODE?

You can apply Slowmode for a channel where every text is crucial and requires the attention of every member.


Some features are inapplicable to every discord channel, or you may no longer need slowmode on a specific Channel. Turning such features off is as simple as turning them on from the settings. But if another management member has been dealing with it, but you must turn those settings off, this article should be appropriate for you.

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