Reactions Not Working on Discord? Here’s Why & How to Fix it

Written By Rawnak Islam Rumi

While chatting with each other on Discord, reacting to messages with emojis can add another level of fun interaction. Unfortunately, I have seen some Discord users reporting that they can’t see or give reactions in DMs or servers.

If you’re one of these unfortunates, don’t worry. Simply go through this write-up to know why you can’t give or see reactions on Discord and what can you do about it.reactions-not-working-on-discord

Let’s begin.

How to Fix Discord Reaction Not Working Issue

The most common reason why reactions wouldn’t work on your Discord is that you haven’t enabled emoji reactions. Go to your Discord’s User Settings > Text & Images and toggle on the Show emoji reactions on messages option.

Additionally, there are some other probable causes and their corresponding solutions as well for the issue on hand. Below, I have thoroughly discussed all the steps you need to follow when the reactions aren’t working on your Discord.

Step 1: Ensure Emoji Reactions are Enabled

As I’ve mentioned before, you won’t be able to see or give reactions to chat messages if the emoji reactions option is disabled from the Discord settings. So make sure that the said option has been enabled. Here’s how:

  • Click on the Windows search bar and type discord.
  • Right-click on Discord and select Run as administrator. discord-as-admin
  • Click on the gears icon next to your profile name from the bottom left corner of the app. It will open the Users Settings.
  • Select Text & Images from the left side pane.
  • Check whether the toggle for Show emoji reactions on messages is enabled or not. If not, enable it. discord-show-emoji-reaction

That should do it. Now head over to a DM or server and see if you can see and add reactions to chat messages. In case the issue still persists, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Check if You Have Permission for Custom Reactions

Many Discord servers these days offer their own set of custom emotes/reactions. These custom emoji reactions can only be given by server members with specific roles as well as server admins.

It’s a possibility that you might be trying to use these custom emotes and don’t have the necessary permission to do so. All you can do in such a case is to request the server owner/admins to grant you permission to use the custom reactions.

Step 3: Force Refresh Discord

The Discord app can get a bit buggy/laggy, especially on slower devices. So there’s a chance that you have reacted to a message with emotes but the app itself isn’t refreshing to show it.

In such a case, press CTRL+R to force refresh the Discord app while you’re in the Discord window.

Step 4: Use Another Device

If you’re still unable to use the reactions on Discord, try using another device to see or give emoji reactions on chat messages.

Suppose you’re using the desktop Discord app to use reactions, consider downloading Discord on your mobile phone & see if you can give reactions from there or vice versa.

You can also try deleting the cache files or updating the Discord app if such an issue occurs again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Discord shake when I try to react?

Discord will shake when you try to react to a user’s message who has blocked you.

Is there a limit to reactions on Discord?

There’s no limit to reactions on Discord when it comes to free emojis. But for super reactions, you’ll only get to use 2 or 5 reactions per week depending on your Nitro subscription.

Why am I seeing the Reaction Blocked message on Discord mobile?

You’re seeing the Reaction Blocked message on Discord mobile because you’re trying to add a reaction to a person’s chat who has blocked you.

To Sum It Up

  • If the reactions are disappearing or aren’t working at all on Discord, the first thing you need to do is to check the emoji reactions option from Discord settings.
  • There’s a chance that the user has blocked you, hence you can’t react to their messages.
  • Keep in mind, you’ll need a Nitro subscription to give super reactions or certain privileges to react with server-specific custom emotes.
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