Did Discord Disable Your Account? Appeal and Get It Back

Written By Mushfiq Rahman

So, after opening Discord, you just discovered that your account got disabled. You do not remember doing anything that warrants this action. So, what happened to your account anyway?

Well, sometimes Discord places your account under suspension if they find you not adhering to their terms and condition. That is when you get the ill-fated alert.discord-account-disabled-appeal

But you can get access to your account back pretty easily. How you can do that is demonstrated right in this article.

So, let’s get started.

The Reason Behind Disabled Accounts on Discord

Discord has a strict policy when it comes to maintaining a set of guidelines among its users. That means, if someone does not follow the specific set of policies, you are likely to get a ban.

So, what are the potential red flags?

  • Spamming: You shared the same text across different servers and its frequency was high. That means the other users were not able to communicate due to your texts. This can initiate a ban from the owner of a server or from Discord itself.
  • Age Requirement: Discord requires you to be at least 13 years old to be able to use Discord. Anyone lower than that age group will require supervision from the parents to use it.
  • Sharing unsolicited content: Discord prohibits sharing images and videos containing nudity in group servers and direct messages. If they do so, your account is likely to get banned.
  • Abusing Terms of Service: Discord is a communication platform, but you should follow the rules within it. You cannot just go on a rage-fuelled rant session, obliterating anyone that comes on a Discord server.
  • Inactivity: If you did not use Discord for more than two years, then your account gets disabled automatically. It will require action on your end to revitalize it again.

These are some potential causes and most of these are common among the users. A simple Reddit search will show you how many people got their accounts busted due to these actions.

But is a disabled account the same as the ban handed out to users?

Disabled Discord Account Doesn’t Mean You’re Banned

A disabled account means that it is a temporary action taken by Discord. You will see a reason stated as you try to log in. And if you reach out to them explaining it was not intentional, or simply not done by you, you can revoke this action and take control of your account.

A ban is intended as a warning for not respecting Discord’s TOS. Most bans are not given by Discord, but by the server’s owners themselves. These need to be removed manually. And they are permanent in most cases. So you need to get in touch with the moderator to let you back in.

I got pulled into a similar situation when a moderator banned me as I shared a link to the latest patch released for the Last of Us. He flagged it as spam and boom, I was no longer able to access the channel.

Discord can also ban you, and these have time limits set to it. After that time period, you can access your account. But a permanent ban has severe implications, such as an IP ban, where you would not even be allowed to use a different account from the same internet connection.

If use Better Discord, you may question if this goes against Discord’s Terms and Conditions. We have covered this in a separate article. Do check it out.

Steps to Get Back Your Discord Disabled Account

Let’s shift our focus to your account now. As it is disabled, Discord will give you an error message whenever you try to log in back to your account.discord-account-disabled

Now what you need to do is open a support ticket on Discord’s support page. This is basically a form where you provide all the details of why Discord needs to unban you. Do not skimp on any minor details and provide evidence (if any) to make sure you have a strong case against you.

There are some complaints online where Discord did not judge appeals fairly. A particular post caught my eye where a user whose picture was used as a copyright strike against them. It is difficult to say that you will have an easy time getting your account back, but at least go through the process instead of whining.

Follow the steps to submit a request to remove Discord’s account ban:

  • Go to the Discord Support page.discord-support-page
  • Select Trust and Safety from the type of issues.discord-support-trust-and-safety
  • Enter your email address.
  • Select appeals, age update, and other questions in the next field.
  • In the next fields, enter why your account was disabled. Include evidence that supports your claim. There is an option to add attachments in the next field.
  • After filling out the form take a moment to review that all information is correct.
  • Finally, click the Submit button.discord-support-form

Now you need to wait for Discord’s email. Usually, appeals are answered within 1-3 days of filing a new request. If you get lucky and there aren’t complaints lined up before yours, you will hear back from the support team much earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a disabled Discord account back?

Yes, you can get back your Discord account. To do that open a new support ticket detailing why your account got disabled in the first place. Once the support team reviews the ticket successfully, you can use the old account again.

How many strikes does Discord give you?

Discord gives you 4 strikes with different levels of ban time. After the last strike, you will be banned permanently, which cannot be revoked by contacting Discord support.

What’s Next

If you did not mess up with your Discord account badly, chances are you will get your account back in no time. Always remember to follow Discord’s regulations so that you don’t land in the hot waters again.

Keep your conversations friendly and make sure others do the same.

On this note, it is goodbye from us here.

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