How to Change Profile Picture on Discord [2024]

Written By Steven Arends

I think you will agree with me that Discord’s profile looks boring without a good profile picture. If you want your Discord’s profile to stand out from others, then I can help you out.

In this article, I will tell how you can change profile pictures in Discord and make your profile attractive at the same time.

Keep reading till the end as I have some special bonus items to talk with you about- making a custom profile picture, editing, and cropping your image most easily.


How to Change Discord Profile Picture

Discord has it’s own sets of guidelines regarding changes in the profile pictures. Discord caps the photo at 128×128 resolution. So whether you choose a high-quality photo or not, Discord will ask you to resize that and cut it to square.

Moreover, Discord doesn’t allow any sort of photos that violates their community guideline. Yes, they do have community guidelines, and every user has to keep them in their minds. Following the policies, you’re ultimately allowed to change your profile photo here.

Here are the steps to change profile picture on Discord in Desktop:

Changing profile pictures on Discord just made it more accessible and more straightforward with it’s app. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC or Mac; discord has an app available on multiple platforms.

Here are the steps to change profile picture on Discord in Desktop:

  • Open Discord App
  • Click on the User Settings (the gear icon at the bottom)discord-user-settings
  • Go to My Account, Select Edit Profile
  • Click on Change Avatar (Profile Photo is called Avatar here)change-avatar
  • Select your desired photo from your storage
  • Edit, Resize, Reposition as your according
  • Click on Apply > Save Changes

All Set, You’re Done!

If you are trying with any browser, simply visit from any browser and log on to your account. Then follow the steps discussed above respectively.

Tip: If you want to reset your Discord Profile Picture back to default, Click on Remove Avatar and Save Changes to get back to the original Discord picture as your identity.

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Here are the steps to change profile picture on Discord in Mobile:

As I’ve told earlier, Discord offers its app for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android; it’s so simple and easy to change profile pictures on mobile.

  • Open the Discord app on your phone.
  • Tap on the current avatar photo at the right-bottomcurrent-avatar-photo
  • Go to User Profileuser-profile
  • Click on the current profile photocurrent-profile-avater
  • Grant permissions to access the storage
  • Choose the photo from the gallery
  • Tap on the Upload button
  • Crop the photo according to your choice
  • Click on the Save icon (Floppy Disk Icon)

Tip: If you want to use the default Discord Profile Photo, Tap on the Remove Icon.

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Some Tips on Discord Profile Picture

If you are having trouble setting up the profile picture because of the aspect ratio or something else, these tips might be helpful for you.

Make Discord Sized Square Pictures

Discord generally allows you to set something as your profile picture that has a 1:1 aspect ratio. If your picture is not in that ratio, if that is a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio picture, you may be having a hard time cropping them with Discord’s photo editor.

You can use the 1:1 Photo Tool that helps you put your other ratio photos into a square shape adding some blank space where needed. It simply adds some white or black space and saves the image as a 1:1 ratio that can easily be used as a profile picture on Discord.

Use Vibrant Color Pictures

People are aware of colored and non-colored pictures. Between the colored and non-colored pictures, people will often choose the first one to go on. Cause it is human nature that which pleases the eyes, human goes for that first.

So if your profile picture has more saturated and vibrant colors, it will attract the viewer the most. Try to use a picture on your profile that is vibrant in color and attracts everyone quickly.

Keep Photo Background Simple

If you are using your picture for the profile picture, make sure that your picture has a simple background where you are getting the exposure correctly. Sometimes some photos might look good, but the subject lacks behind and melts with the background.

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While choosing a photo for a profile picture on Discord, keep in mind that your picture will be shown in a bit of a circle. So, please set any photo that differentiates in foreground and background.

Put something in your Profile Picture from your profession

Sometimes you might be thinking about what kind of profile photo should be settled up here in Discord. If you are aware of your job on Discord, like you are a streamer or gamer, your profile picture can reflect that.

Show Your Face

The face is the key thing that keeps us known to each other. If you use your face on the profile picture, please make sure that your face shows up at a certain distance. Not too far, neither so close; keep your face at a standard distance.

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Can I use animated GIFs for my Discord profile picture?

Yes, you can use an animated GIF as your Discord picture. But you will have to buy a Nitro subscription from Discord to use a GIF as your profile picture. Discord sells premium packages called Nitro which allow users advanced customizations.

What is Nitro in Discord?

Discord sells a package that allows users to customize their very own Discord profile according to their preferences. This is an extension tool to customize the profile as you desire. This is called Nitro by Discord which unlocks a new dimension in Discord.

Why can’t I change my cover photo on Discord?

On Discord, changing the cover photos are considered a premium feature for users. Users need to buy a Nitro subscription to avail this premium feature. If you don’t have a Nitro subscription, you cannot change the cover photos on Discord.

Final Thoughts

Stand out using an outstanding profile photo on Discord. Profile picture identifies your taste and personality. Moreover, it helps you to connect with the audience you’d love to.

A relatable and sensible profile picture can make your connections more sustainable. On the other hand, if you’re a sarcastic guy who just wants to make people happy with your sarcasm, you are welcome to use any hilarious photo on your profile picture.

It depends on you that how do you wanna represent yourself to the masses. People may find you through your profile picture. That is where you need to use something genuine and effective photo on your profile.

If you are a streamer and your profile photo resembles it, people of interest won’t have a hard time finding and figuring out who you are and what you do on Discord.

As it is Discord, the platform you have come to meet the people of your taste, it is not necessary to look at your profile some professional guy in a formal outfit; use.

Keep it simple for the audience and masses, use a profile photo that matches your persona.

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