Discord Pictures Not Loading | 5 Efficient Fixes [2022]

Written By FarhanMax

How would you feel if Discord didn’t load any pictures and you could not respond to any photos of your friends?

Quite frustrating, right?

I also had the same feelings when Discord suddenly stopped loading any pictures one day. Out of anger and frustration, I sat in front of my PC and started analyzing the reasons behind this issue. After spending a couple of hours, I finally found a way out of this annoying problem.

Why is Discord not showing any images?

Discord is not showing any images because it cannot access the media server. When there is an interruption in the internet connection like VPN or incorrect DNS settings or the Discord app, and the browser’s cache files get corrupted, Discord fails to export images from the media server.

This post will explain my findings of Discord’s inability to load pictures, and eventually, I’ll show you the reasons behind this issue and methods to fix them.

So, stay with me until the end and carefully read the whole post.discord-pictures-not-loading

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Why are Discord Pictures Not Loading

Discord isn’t loading any pictures because it cannot access the file’s storage server. It happens when there’s an incorrect DNS setting, corrupted Discord cache files, and an unstable internet connection. Any of the mentioned issues can cause Discord not to load any pictures.

There’s no doubt that Discord is a fantastic social communication platform but, issues like not loading pictures make the user experience painful.

Discord has it’s own limitations like any other desktop software, and being unable to load images is one of them.

Generally, there are some common reasons behind Discord’s inability to load pictures, and fortunately, I was able to point all of them out.

I’ve listed them below with a short explanation to help you identify your issue and which one of them is causing you the inconveniences.

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Here are the reasons why Discord pictures are not loading:

Incorrect DNS Settings

The most common issue behind Discord’s inability to load pictures is an incorrect DNS setting. If you suddenly change your DNS settings or permit any apps to do so, you’ll end up with Discord not loading any pictures issue.

DNS (Domain Name System) converts the domain names into IP addresses. It helps the users to access the websites through browsers. But, if your DNS is altered and the new DNS is incompatible with Discord’s network requirements, then you won’t be able to load any pictures on Discord.

So, an incorrect DNS setting will make Discord not load any pictures.

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Windows Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall blocks suspicious network activities of specific apps to secure Windows from viruses and malware.

But, the Windows firewall can block Discords access to the internet if it suspects its data exchange as a harmful one. In that case, the Discord app cannot connect with Discord’s media server and load the pictures in your account. Thus the Discord pictures not loading issue occurs.

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Corrupted Discord Cache Files

Corrupted cache files are another culprit behind Discord’s inability to load pictures.

Windows applications generate cache files to store frequently used data to reduce loading times. But, the previous session’s cache files can be obsolete for the next session if they are not edited or generated again. These cache files get corrupted when they are not modified on demand, and they can conflict with Discord user settings and activities, resulting in Discord not loading any pictures.

So, a corrupted cache file is another reason behind Discord pictures not loading.

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Unstable Internet Connection

Last but not least, another reason behind Discord’s inability to load pictures is an unstable internet connection.

Discord is a VoIP-based social communication platform requiring an uninterrupted network connection to satisfy the users’ experience. But, a lousy connection hampers Discord’s connectivity with it’s media servers and interrupts the data exchange. As a result, you cannot see any pictures or media files in Discord.

So, If you’re using a slow internet connection, Discord won’t be able to load pictures, and your user experience will keep getting worse.

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How to Fix Discord Pictures Not Loading | Explained

Let’s talk about the topic that brought you here. Let me show you the methods to fix Discord pictures not loading issue and end your frustration.

I was able to find out the reasons behind Discord’s incapability to load pictures. And from their list, you can see they’re related to your device’s network settings or Discord software issues.

You don’t need to worry about the solution to Discord pictures not loading anymore. I have listed all the methods below to fix Discord not loading pictures and images with step-by-step guidelines to show you how to apply them.

Go through the methods carefully before applying them. You will avoid any further complications this way.

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Here are the methods to fix Discord pictures not loading issue:

1. Reset the DNS Settings

From my explanation of the reasons behind Discord pictures not loading issue, you can realize the importance of the correct DNS settings to use Discord. That’s why setting an incorrect DNS will block you from using Discord, and it’s features. For example, sharing and viewing pictures in Discord.

So, if your DNS is altered, it’ll cause Discord not to load any pictures from the file’s server URL. But, resetting the DNS back will fix your issue.

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Here are the steps to reset the DNS settings on your device:

  • Click on the search icon on Windows taskbar.
  • Type cmd in the text box to find the Command Window.
  • Click on Run as administrator. cmd-run-as-administration
  • Click on Yes to allow the administrative permission.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns inside the command window and hit enter. flushdns
  • Close the window after the process is finished.

Now, your DNS reset is complete, and it’s back to the default settings. Open Discord and see if it can load images now.

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2. Enable Discord Through Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall sometimes blocks Discord’s connection to it’s media server if it suspects the connection as a harmful one. That’s why configuring Discord through Windows Firewall will fix the Discord pictures not loading issue and grant the Discord app to connect with it’s media server to load the image file from it.

Follow these steps below to allow Discord’s connection through the Windows Firewall:

  • Click on the search icon on the Windows taskbar and type Window Defender Firewall.
  • Open the first entry. Window-defender-firewall-11
  • Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall from the left panel. feature-through
  • Find Discord from the application list. (If you don’t find Discord, press Browse and find exe. You’ll find it in the default folder at C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.309).
  • Check the box beside Private and Public. 
  • Click private-and-public

Now Discord can connect with the internet through the Windows Firewall. Open the Discord app and see if it can load pictures.

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3. Clear Discord’s Cache Files

As I told you, cache files can be lethal when they get corrupted and cause applications to malfunction, like not loading pictures for Discord. That’s why clearing cache files once in a while will emit application malfunctions and keep your user experience more pleasing.

Here are the steps to clear Discord’s cache files:

Before clearing Discord’s cache files, you have to make sure that the Discord app’s processes are completely closed.

Follow these steps to quit the Discord properly:

  • Right-click on the Windows taskbar.
  • Select the Task Manager located below. Task-manager-win11
  • Search for Discord’s primary process.
  • Click on the process to select it.
  • Click on End Task on the down-right corner to end Discord’s process. end-discord-task

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Now that Discord is entirely closed, head over to clear it’s cache files:

  • Press Win+R keys on your keyboard to open the Run command box.
  • Type %appdata%/discord/cache inside the box and press the Enter .appdata-cache
  • Press Ctrl+A keys to select all files inside the folder.
  • Right-click on the selected files and click Delete. selected-files

Now rerun Discord and open an image to see if it loads and opens.

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4. Use Discord Web Version

If you’re having a hard time because of Discord not loading pictures, try using the web version to avoid this issue.

Using the web version of Discord doesn’t give you enough flexibility like the Discord desktop client but, it will help you avoid issues like not loading pictures and other media files.

Follow the steps below to use the Discord web version:

  • Open a browser on your device.
  • Head over to Discord’s website.
  • Click on login on the top-right corner of your screen. discord-web-login
  • Submit your credential and click on login. discord-login
  • Verify the captcha to prove that you’re a human. captcha-discord

Now use the web version to avoid any issues with Discord.

Remember, if you have the Discord mobile app on your phone, open the app and go to settings, click on the Scan QR Code option and scan the QR code on the web version’s login page. It’ll make the login process effortless, and now you can log in to your account without typing your credentials.

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5. Use a Stable Internet Connection

I told you that Discord is a VoIP-based Social communication platform that requires a stable internet connection. So, check your network for any hiccups like speed fluctuation or high ping issues. Otherwise, they’ll interrupt Discord to run smoothly.

If you’re using an unstable internet connection without a pleasant service, you’ll face various issues using Discord. For example, Discord’s inability to load pictures, RTC connecting issue while making a voice call, files not compressing issue, etc.

So, check your router and network settings, look if there’s an issue with your connection. If you have any problems with your internet connection, contact your network admin and ask their help to fix them.

How to Share Pictures in Discord

If you want to share a picture or a meme in Discord that’ll make your buddies burst into laughter, then this section is for you.

Sharing an image with your buddies on Discord is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t require any special skills as long as the file is under 8Mb. Discord doesn’t allow you to share an image file of more than 128*128 pixels up to 8Mb in size.

Here are the steps to share a picture on Discord:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Click on your friend’s avatar.
  • Click the Plus icon on the left inside the textbox.
  • Select the Upload a file option. file-option
  • Choose a picture from your device’s directory and select Open. directory
  • Press enter key to share it. enter-key

The picture is now sent to your friends. So, you can see that the whole process is a piece of cake!


Why can’t I see profile pictures on Discord?

To see profile pictures on Discord, rerun the Discord app or restart your device if the issue persists. Sometimes clearing Discord’s cache, resetting the DNS settings, and switching to a stable internet connection fixes the problem and loads images in DIscord.

Why does Discord take so long to load images?

Discord takes longer times to load images because it checks the image files for security before loading and shows them to you every time. To turn the safety feature off, go to Discord settings> Click on Privacy & Safety tab> Disable Keep me safe and Do not scan.

Why can’t I download images from Discord?

You cannot download images from Discord because other Windows processes shut down the image extracting process. Restarting the Discord app will fix the issue. Press ALT + F4 on your keyboard to shut down Discord. Now, rerun Discord, right-click on any image and click Save Image.

Does Discord compress pictures?

Discord compresses any image over 8MB because it only allows users to share pictures under 8MB in size. But, it doesn’t work for videos; nothing happens after clicking the Send Compressed button for videos if they exceed the 8MB quota.


If Discord suddenly stops loading pictures, it can be very annoying and ruin the whole user experience and satisfaction. But luckily, I’ve managed to find the reasons behind this problem and their solutions.

Go through the whole post, point out your reason behind the picture not loading issue in Discord from the list, and then apply it’s solution accordingly. Follow every step carefully to avoid messing things up any further.

If you have any further queries, please comment below. Our experts will get to you right away!

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