Boost Your Mic Volume for Discord [Complete Guide 2023]

Written By Steven Arends

Are your friends complaining that they don’t hear you clearly enough in a Discord voice chat? Is your voice input in your microphone unclear or inaudible to your friends during a voice conversation while using the microphone on Discord?

I know the frustration when you can’t join in a Discord voice call with your buddies because of a mere mic issue.

When I first faced the mic issue, I sat in front of my pc and started researching. After a couple of hours, I finally found the reasons and fixed the problem.


Why is my mic not picking up my voice in Discord?

If your mic’s sensitivity is set to low, it’ll not pick up your voice activities smoothly. It also happens when there is an interruption, like a faulty audio port, overlapping mic access, and backdated audio driver. Sometimes, dust can clog your mic and block it from picking up your voice.

Today, I’ll show you the methods to fix them and increase your microphone volume for Discord, and all the possible reasons behind your external microphone malfunctioning in Discord later in this post.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into fixing your issue.

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How to Boost Your Mic Sensitivity for Discord

There are several ways to increase the sensitivity of your microphone in Discord if you are facing the issue of a low volume of your microphone. You can either set them up from the Windows audio settings or inside the Discord app’s settings to increase the mic volume on Discord.

You can first try moving the microphone closer to your mouth. If that doesn’t increase the microphone volume in Discord or improve the sound quality, you can move to the software fixes.

I’ve researched and found some methods you can follow to boost your Discord mic in a few minutes. I’ve listed all of them and made a step-by-step guideline for you. Follow them to fix your mic issue and solve mics volume issues in Discord.

Here are the methods to boost your mic volume for Discord:

1. Reset Discord Voice Settings

So, first, you need to reset all your previous settings to the mic gain in Discord. You need to do this because if any previous settings lower the sensitivity in Discord, you must undo them to gain the boost.

Don’t worry if it sounds complex. I have made a step-by-step guideline for you to do this task in seconds.

Here are the steps to reset your voice settings in Discord:

  • Open Discord.
  • Open Settings by clicking the cogwheel next to your username. discord-user-settings
  • Search for Voice and video under App settings in the left pane and click on it.
  • Scroll down to Reset voice settings. Reset-voice
  • Click on Reset voice settings.
  • Click Okay to confirm. Click-okay

Now your settings are restored to the default state. This may increase your audibility.  Join in a voice chat and see if the mic is functioning alright and the input is loud enough for everybody to hear.

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2. Select Input Device

If resetting your voice settings doesn’t fix your mic issue or increase your mic sensitivity, check if you’ve selected the correct input device as your mic in Discord sound settings.

It’s a common issue if you’re using a their-party microphone to communicate with your friends in Discord. Sometimes resetting the voice settings sets your device’s built-in mic as your primary input mic on Discord.

We all know that built-in microphones are not that great in terms of performance, you can work with them alright if you need to, but you have to sacrifice the clarity and smoothness.

So, here are the steps to set up the correct input device in Discord:

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to settings. discord-user-setting
  • Select Voice and video from the left menu. voice
  • Click on the selected device under Input Device.
  • Choose the mic of your choice and click on it. your-choice

Now try the selected device by joining in a call and see if the mic is working fine. If the input volume of your microphone isn’t loud enough, you’ll want to adjust the volume in Windows or Discord’s voice settings.

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3. Change Input Volume

If the previous methods don’t work for you, you need to check your input volume from Discord app settings. Sometimes input volume is set too low by default, making it difficult for your mic to pick up your voice.

To change Discord input volume in seconds, follow the steps below:

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Voice and video.
  • Adjust your preferred Input volume using the volume control slider inside the Voice settings section.
  • Increase microphone volume and make sure it is turned to 100% to increase volume to max.avoid-any

Check if your mic is performing better by making a Discord call to one of your friends to see if it increases the volume for them.

4. Disable Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity

Discord automatically determines your mic’s sensitivity to avoid high pitch sounds delivered to your buddies in a voice channel. But, sometimes, this feature lowers the sensitivity of the mic.

So, you can boost the sensitivity by disabling the automatic sensitivity from voice settings on Discord.

Follow the steps below to disable the automatic sensitivity of input in Discord:

  • Open Discord.
  • Head over to the settings.
  • Click on Voice and video.
  • Scroll down to the Input sensitivity section.
  • Toggle Off the Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity option.
  • Click on the slider and set the value to 0db.

Now your sensitivity is boosted to the maximum. Join a Discord call with your buddies and check if it has boosted your microphone volume.

5. Change Attenuation Settings

Another method to boost your system is the Attenuation settings of Discord. Sometimes your voice can be overlapped with other apps audio activity. The attenuation settings will help you overcome this issue and boost the mic performance in Discord.

Follow these steps to apply the attenuation settings:

  • Open Discord.
  • Open Settings by clicking the cogwheel next to your username. discord-user-setting
  • Search for Voice and video under App settings in the left pane and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Voice processing section.
  • Adjust the attenuation value to your choice by moving the slider.
  • Toggle On the When I speak option and Disable When others speak. moving-the-slider

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6. Adjust Microphone Sensitivity in Windows

Another way to improve your mic input is to boost your volume within Windows settings. It’s a straightforward process, and you can do it in just seconds. Let me show you the steps of adjusting your Microsoft sensitivity in windows with my step-by-step guideline. With my step-by-step guideline, let me show you the steps of adjusting your mic’s sensitivity in Windows.

Here are the steps to adjust the sensitivity of the mic input in Windows settings:

  • Press Win+R.
  • Type control inside the box and hit Enter to open the control panel. control-panel
  • Click on Sound. Click-on-sound
  • Switch to the Recording tab.
  • Select your preferred device and click on Properties. click-on-properties
  • Switch to the levels tab.
  • Adjust the microphone sensitivity level to your choice. I recommend 100.
  • Adjust the Microphone boost value to the maximum to get the best result. microphone-sensitivity
  • Click Ok to save the Microphone properties changes.
  • Click Ok on the Sound window to preserve changes.
  • Restart your device.

Now open Discord and make a call to see if the microphone levels in Windows are increased.

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7. Clean the Microphone Port and Hole

Another common issue behind low mic input volume is clogged mic holes or malfunctioning microphones.

If you’re using a third-party microphone device, check for the sensitivity slider and adjust the value as you prefer.

For using your microphone for a long time, dust may accumulate on its port if it is a USB microphone port.

Now, check the mic port of your device by plugging in another microphone. If the other mic is working fine, you have issues with your former microphone, and if the other mic is malfunctioning, you need to clean the port to make your microphone function properly.

Here is how to clean the microphone port of your device:

  • Turn off your device, and unplug the charger or power cable.
  • Take some cleaning alcohol and dip a Q-tip inside it.
  • Insert the wet Q-tip inside the microphone port and gently rub the inside to clean the rust and fungus.
  • Take a dry Q-tip and clean the excess alcohol from the port.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes for the alcohol to dry out.
  • Turn On your device.

Follow these steps to clean the laptop’s built-in microphone:

  • Turn off your laptop, and unplug the charger or power cable.
  • Locate the microphone position; generally, it’s on the front side under the trackpad.
  • Take a dry toothbrush.
  • Rub the toothbrush inside the microphone hole to dig out the dust particles.
  • Do the previous steps as long as the dust is not cleaned.

Now your microphone port and hole are cleaned thoroughly Join a voice channel on your Discord server and see if the mic is performing well.

Why Is Your Microphone Volume on Discord Unclear?

Let’s talk about why your mic sensitivity might be low, which makes your voice hard to hear in Discord.

Several reasons might hamper your microphone performance in Discord. Fortunately, most of them are software-related issues; you can fix them in minutes.

I’ve listed all the possible reasons below and explained them for your better understanding.

Here are the reasons which cause you microphone issues in Discord:

Inappropriate Discord Settings

The Discord app has several settings options to personalize your input device and microphone preferences.

You can customize them as your necessity. But, enabling the wrong option could result in malfunctioning input devices. Before setting up your audio devices and input methods, try to understand their consequences and requirements.

Faulty Audio Port Accessories

Discord’s not working with the audio interface is sometimes simply a faulty headphone or a loose audio port.

As a constant headphone user, I can assure you that if you plug and unplug your headphones like there’s no tomorrow, it’ll wear off after a few days, and you’ll be left with a loose headphone port to work with.

You’ll face a continuous struggle to connect your headphone properly with your pc, and with a slight movement, they can disconnect from your pc.

Faulty Windows Audio Settings

Windows has a default audio setting that includes the sensitivity of your microphone and input boosting settings. If the default settings have set the sensitivity value too low or the boost value to null, you’ll face microphone issues.

Your microphone will not pick up your voice in Discord and any software if the input sensitivity is low by default.

So, without adjusting those values yourself, Discord will continue to malfunction with mic issues.


Q: How to make your mic louder on Discord?

To make your mic better on Discord, enable the Noise Suppression feature from Discord voice and video settings. Also, try adjusting the sensitivity and the input volume inside the same settings. Using a third-party microphone will also make the audio quality rich Using a condenser microphone will also make your voice quality rich with less background noise at all volume levels.

Q: How to boost microphone volume discord?

To boost your microphone’s volume on Discord, open settings by clicking the clog icon beside the username in the lower-left corner. Click on Voice & Video located in the left menu under App Settings. Now, adjust the input volume using the sliders under Voice Settings in Discord to boost the volume.


Before wrapping things up, I’ll mention rereading the whole post to avoid any inconveniences applying the solutions to boost your microphone and solve volume issues on Discord.

I’ve saved you the time of searching for the solution for the Discord microphone booster and listed all the possible methods to boost your mic in Discord.

Read the whole post before applying the solutions; then, if you feel confident, approach the issue using the methods.

Comment down below if you’ve any questions or trouble applying the solutions. Our experts will answer any of your queries right away!

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