Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working [2023 Solution]

Written By Steven Arends

Are your fellow comrades unable to hear sound while sharing the screen on Discord? It’s a widespread issue that plagued millions of users globally.

But don’t you worry. This article accommodates the best possible solutions to fix Discord screen share audio problem.


So, without wasting any second, let’s dive right in.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio

To fix Discord screen share no audio issue, reset Discord voice settings and disable full-screen mode on your application. That should fix the issue for most users. Otherwise, you can check the Discord server status, run Discord as administrator, or restart your PC.

I’ve taken an easy and streamlined approach to explaining the fixes for you. You can tweak the in-app settings on macOS, Android, and iOS too. So, Let me illustrate the fixes for you.

Here are the methods to fix Discord screen share audio not working:

1. Reset Discord Voice Settings

Incorrect settings and presets can jeopardize the sound of Discord’s screen share.

Resetting the voice settings on Discord will restore the default settings and fix the audio problem. As a bonus, know that it fixes Discord headphones not working too.

Here’s how you can reset Discord voice settings:

  • Open Discord’s User Settings by clicking the gear icon.
  • Find Voice & Video under APP SETTINGS.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Reset Voice Settings.reset-voice-settings
  • Click Okay to confirm.

Start sharing your screen and see whether the sound is available to the viewers. For best results, I recommend a quick restart of the program.

With that being said you may need to reconnect the microphone for any voice transmission as you’ve restored it to factory settings otherwise Discord might give a static sound.

2. Disable Full Screen Mode on the App

Oddly enough, when you share screen on Discord running your application in full-screen mode it introduces audio issues. This is a weird bug on Discord.

As part of a trial-and-error fact check, I found apps with full-screen mode disabled have no sound issue whatsoever. Even if the stream goes on for hours.

So, before you share any application screen on Discord, make sure you turn on windowed mode whether it be a game or another program.

Luckily you are not stuck to a tiny screen surface as you have the liberty to resize the window filling the entire display as much as possible.

3. Check Discord Server Status

It is possible that the Discord server is facing an outage or going through maintenance when you’re trying to share the screen.

As the video and audio feed goes through the Discord server, any issue on the servers will impact the screen share.

Go to the Discord server status page to check if their servers are operational. You can also follow Discord’s Twitter page @Discordapp for any updates.

4. Run Discord as Administrator

Due to some privacy measures, the Discord screen share feature conflicts with the operating system.

In my extensive testing, elevating the application rights as administrator fixed the issue in several circumstances. Yes, I’m talking about running Discord as an administrator.

To run Discord as administrator, press Win+S and type discord in the text box. Choose Run as administrator from the right pane. You can also right-click on the Discord logo and run as administrator.

But with this approach, your app will gain admin access for one time only. When you go back and launch it again, you’ll have to repeat the process.

So, to eliminate the repetitive action, make Discord get admin access permanently until you disable it again.

Here is how you can grant administrative access to Discord:

  • Hit Windows+R together on your keyboard to open Run.
  • Copy and paste %localappdata% and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to Discord > app-xxx (xxx means version number).dicord-exe
  • Right-click on Discord.exe and choose Properties at the bottom.properties
  • Switch to the Compatibility tab.run-as-admin
  • Check Run this program as administrator box.
  • Hit Apply and click Ok.

From the next launch Discord will ask for admin access with a prompt screen. Choose Yes to confirm.

5. Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer is the most basic yet powerful method. A quick reboot might resolve Discord audio like many Discord users when you share the audio with your current screen.

You know, when your PC or Mac has a prolonged screen on time, temporary bugs can infiltrate any program at any moment. As a result, specific features of different applications may not behave properly.

Simple as it sounds, but a restart of the system clears all these glitches right away. After rebooting the device, relaunch Discord to check if the issue persists or not.

6. Clear Discord Cache

Temporary files pile up on the system and remain as app data. These are known as cache files.

Different features may fail such as no audio using the Discord screen share due to bugs induced by the cached data. Remove them to resolve such issues.

Here is the process to remove Discord cache & roaming data:

  • Open the Run window by pressing Windows+R.
  • Paste %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache in the text field.discord-cache-run-command
  • Hit Ctrl+A to select all the files at once.
  • Press Shift+Del to remove them permanently.

Launch Discord and log in to your account if necessary. Share the screen and check if the discord stream no audio for viewers problem is resolved.

7. Update Discord

Updating the app often fixes various issues as they contain bug fixes and patches.

Discord automatically downloads updates, but you might need to update Discord manually. Check for the latest version of Discord and it might fix your Discord screen sharing with no audio problem.

Here are the steps to update the Discord app:

  • Open the Run dialog by pressing the Win+R key at the same time.
  • Type %localappdata% and press enter.run-app-data
  • Scroll down and go to the Discord folder.
  • Double-click on Update.exe to begin the update process.discord-update
  • Wait for the update process to complete.
  • Close discord and relaunch the app.

Then try screen sharing with audio. Discord screen-sharing no audio issue might get solved.

8. Use Legacy Audio Subsystem

Discord is a relatively modern application that makes communication convenient for gamers and professionals.

However, on some older machines updated discord audio device codec may not be supported. Hence, you experience the audio streaming issue while broadcasting on your screen.

With that being said, Discord provides a solution for this; the audio subsystem options. They make a wide range of hardware compatible with Discord.

So, try to use Discord legacy subsystem to alleviate any compatibility issues.

Here’s the process to enable the legacy audio subsystem on Discord:

  • Hit the gear icon at the bottom left corner next to your avatar to access User Settings.
  • Find Voice & Video from the left pane.
  • Scroll down and locate AUDIO SUBSYSTEM from the right pane.legacy-sub-audio
  • Choose Legacy from the drop-down.

Restart the application and try hearing the audio using the Discord app and see if screen sharing works with audio.

9. Add Software to Discord

Discord detects which game you are currently running and also acts upon it. It is a suitable feature on Discord that displays your game on Discord.

For example, if you are playing Fallout 4 and, Discord runs in the background, Discord will show in your profile that you’re playing Fallout 4 and adjust the audio accordingly.

But Discord might fail to detect other software which isn’t games. As a cure, you can manually add the software to Discord.

Here are the steps to add an app to Discord Activity:

  • Open Discord User Settings.
  • Click on Activity Status from the left navigation bar.
  • Add your game by clicking on Add it!add-game

Note: The software you’re trying to share needs to run in order to add it to Discord.

Once the software is added to Discord, start streaming the screen with audio and the audience should hear sound this time.

But, if Discord is unable to detect any game, read our troubleshooting guide on Discord game detection not working.

10. Enable Discord Audio Capture

Discord offers a dedicated option to enable audio while sharing screen. It captures audio from your screen and streams on the other end with the video signal.

By any chance, if this feature is disabled, there will be no audio present while sharing the screen.

Here is the process to enable audio capture in Discord:

  • Click on the gear icon from the left bottom corner to access User Settings.user-settings-discord
  • Scroll down and select Voice & Video from the left pane.
  • Find Use an experimental method to capture audio from applications scrolling down to the bottom of the right pane.discord-audio-capture
  • Click on the toggler to enable the option.

Restart discord and try sharing your screen on any channel you like. It should stream audio with the video feed properly.

11. Update Audio Drivers

Discord sound problems cause due to faulty or outdated audio drivers. Keeping the driver up to date eliminates any conflicts and compatibility issues.

Here are the steps to update the audio drivers:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run Dialog box.
  • Type devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager, and hit Enter.devmgmt-cmd
  • Expand the Audio input and outputs category and right-click on Sound and hardware.
  • Select Update driver and restart your PC.

updt-drvrThis step will fix no sound from Discord issues quickly. Relaunch discord and share your screen with the preferred audience to see whether it streams sound to the viewers.

12. Reinstall Discord

If none of the above solutions work, then the installation files might be corrupted making the fix a complex procedure.uninstall-discord

Reinstalling discord will remove all the bugs and corrupt installation files, and then the audio might work. You should always download Discord from their official site.

Why Is Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working?

Discord screen share audio not working as the shared app screen is in Full-screen mode. Apart from that, a muted Discord’s audio, disabled audio capture, Discord bug, server problem, and an outdated Discord app can create an issue while screen sharing with audio.

See, using the full screen on the shared screen or application conflicts with the system and Discord doesn’t transmit audio properly. Minimize the window of the shared screen and reset the Discord voice settings to default to fix problems with your audio.

Besides, the Discord Screen Share feature won’t pass any sound if the Disable Sounds option is toggled on from the Streamer Mode. An out-of-date Discord client might also replicate similar issues without a clue.

The automatic audio detection may not work and cause Discord completely to cut the audio on Windows PC. There are different ways to fix Discord screen audio feature issues and you can follow the quick fixes to resolve the audio screen issue mentioned in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to share audio on the discord screen sharing?

You have to Turn off Screen share first, enable sound mode from the application window, and click on the Share Now Button to share audio on discord screen share.

Why is there no sound in Discord?

The reason behind no audio in Discord is improper audio settings or because of bugs. Sometimes, due to faulty drivers, no audio issue will also show up.

How to stream on discord with sound?

Start Video call and Enable Screen Share to stream a video on Discord. And for sounds, enable sounds from Discord Settings.

Can you screen share on discord mobile?

Yes, you can screen share on Discord Mobile.

How to play computer audio through discord?

To play computer audio through discord, you need to enable the Voice Settings option to talk and play computer audio through Discord.

How to stream google chrome on discord?

You will have to share your discord screen to stream google chrome on Discord.

Final Thoughts

You can resolve the Discord screen share very quickly. Yet, there are some troublesome parts regarding Discord not streaming audio issues.

Follow the steps in the post carefully to solve the problem.

Discord Screen share feature is a new revolutionized feature but has some bugs too. So, it is evident that some errors like the issue of discord screen share will take place.

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